Autumn is here, and cooler weather means spending more time indoors. For many, the days of surfing, picnicking, and relaxing in warm sunlight are gone—until next year. This season is the perfect time to get back into gaming.

Certain titles are built for certain months of the year. A bevvy of fresh holiday games arrives every December. Dark and spooky games are essential for getting into the Halloween spirit. Below are the top three games to play this fall. They’re not linked to any specific holiday, but they’re great for enjoying on a cool, autumn afternoon.

Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers packs a big punch in a free, lightweight package. It is a first-person shooter (FPS) with extremely fragile characters—eggs. The name is most certainly a play on words, as eggshells try to shellshock each other. There are plenty of additional puns for trigger-happy wordsmiths.

Each character carries a food-inspired weapon. The Soldier is armed with an EggK-47 assault rifle. The Scrambler hauls a Worcester Dozen Gauge shotgun. The Free Ranger kills from afar with the CSG-1 sniper rifle. Character classes are unique only by weapons, not by individual egg skills. Each gun has specific damage, accuracy, the rate of fire, and range attributes.

For a free game, Shell Shockers has Grade-A graphics and gameplay. Animations and camera motions are smooth, and the collision detection is large without flaws. The game lacks detailed textures, but the bright environment is appealing enough. Shoot a rival eggshell to watch it burst into a pile of yolk. comes from a long line of successful multiplayer games. True to the .io genre, this title features ridiculously addictive eat-or-be-eaten gameplay. The goal is simple: sneak up behind other animals and attack. In the beginning, all creatures move at the exact same speed. But, just like in the real world, evolution comes into play.

Gamers can evolve their agility, lunge, spit, and sprint attributes. The opportunity for evolution comes at each new level. The animal must eat food in the field and defeat other creatures to qualify for the next round. looks very similar to other games in its class. The tried-and-true top-down view is bordered by a familiar interface. View the map to plan your next attack, and oink your way to the top of the scoreboard.

The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz is not impossible; it’s just extremely hard. This classic game makes regular trivia seem dreadfully boring. Right from the opening fart sound, players will know that they’re in for a silly, fun time.

No two types of questions are the same. Some require true logical reasoning, and others are purposefully misleading. Players must think carefully at certain times and be reckless at others. Thankfully, correct answers will earn “skips,” which let gamers pass certain rounds.

There’s not another game like The Impossible Quiz. It will test your ability to deduce, remember, and think creatively. When spending time indoors this autumn, have a gas with The Impossible Quiz.


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