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Know How Your Phone Will Work Again After Submerged in Water Pool

One of the biggest threats to our electronics devices is the water around us, you must be knowing that even if your gadget is under warranty it gets void if the gadget has been damaged due to water. The water available around us has a corrosive nature and as soon as it hits the vital chips of your gadgets it destroys them within few hours and this resulting in killing of that device, this is due to the corrosive nature of the water which create a green layer over those chips.


There are many cases which make it water proof by blocking the flow of water from the external sources inside the gadget but today in this post I will be telling you about a way in which you will not have to cover your gadget with any case and still you will be able to protect you gadget from any of the water damage.

HZO uses a water block technology wherein they cover the gadget with a Nano-shield; they fume the bonded molecules on the chips and all the important electronic ports thus making it water-resistible. They do not stop the water entering the case rather they have focused on stopping the interaction of water with the important circuits thus making the gadget completely resistible to the dips in water, moisture attack.

Now even when water interacts with those electronic parts it does not corrode them rather it does not touch them at all. So, this coating will not only save you gadget against few sprinkles of water but even if you dip your gadget inside a water body nothing will happen to it. So, to get your phone covered with this non-layered cover you will have to take your phone to their defined centers.


Well this is obviously a much better technology than the plasma coating and other techs being used for water proofing and we hope that the mobile phone manufacturer firms will be using it while manufacturing the phones, rather than leaving that part for the customers to go to the centers specially to this coating done on their phones because mass implementation of this will be economical for the ends rather putting it on customers.


Abhinav Singh

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