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ZTE–Open with Firefox OS Hands-On video and images

So for a change a new mobile OS is seen at MWC but I don’t have huge specifications to talk about, as it is obvious this OS has been launched just now and as of now it does not even have a full fledge market of application. So, a high-end costly phone will never ever attract customers due to high risk factors and thus ZTE has introduced a low-end phone having Firefox OS on its phone. Let us talk about the specifications of the phone.


The best thing about this Smartphone OS is that you all the applications are available on HTML5 interface making it really easy for the developers to code ( as they will have to use the standard web codes rather than learning about a totally new platform) and not making any difference on the users end. The market is getting quipped with the applications slowly and sooner it will be common among the users.

Specifications and Key Features

  • Screen is of the size of your iPhone 3GS, Samsung Galaxy Y which is 3.5 inches and that too with the resolution of 320×480.
  • 3G support with WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1 is available with this phone.
  • Primary camera is of 3.15 MP and no secondary camera is available (so no video calling also)
  • Mozilla has signed up with Qualcomm Snapdragon for the processor and it has got cortex A-5 1GHz processor with 256 MB RAM.
  • Storage capacity comes with inbuilt memory of 512 MB which can be further extended with the external memory slot.

Hands-On Video

Hands-On Image






Firefox has partnered with Huawie, LG, ZTE and Alcatel to manufacture their phone and next 3 manufacturers are lined to release their next phone. If you notice then all of them are the struggling mobile players in the market. So, this is the first edition which has been revealed and no details have been said about the pricing and shipping of this smartphone.


Abhinav Singh

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