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Gadgets To Use Giveaway – 5200 mAh Mobile Battery For Smart Phones and Tablets

Its time to reward our readers who read our blog on a daily basis and for those as well you watch our video reviews on our Gadgets To Use Youtube Channel. We have great news for all our readers and viewers as today we are starting our giveaway series, as per this series every weekend we will give away a gadgets, smart phone or tablet accessory or even a tablet as well.

Today we are announcing the giveaway of high power battery pack which can be used to charge your tablet or smart phone or both at the same time, it is really useful accessory for every smart phone users these days as most of the smartphone and tablets run out of low battery only in one day usage of browsing web, playing music, watching videos etc. Before you participate please take a quick look over the photo gallery and video review of this extra battery pack.

5200 mAh Mobile Battery Pack Photo Gallery


5200 mAh Mobile Battery Video Review

Note: Please see this video on youtube and comment there to register your entry.

Terms and Conditions Of This Giveaway

Gadgets To Use Giveaway Rules

1. Like the video review above, subscribe to your youtube channel and share this video on your Facebook Profile

2. Send us link of Facebook Status Update on email giveaway[at]gadgetstouse[dot]com

3. Comment below the youtube video on youtube or here in this blog post under comments to answer  – Why you want to win this gadget?

4. We will close the comments on this video on 10 pm IST on 5 April 2013 to choose the winner.

Please Note: This contest is open to citizens of India only, we will choose the winner and declare the name in the comments on this video and here as well. Leave a comment here or on the youtube video if you have any questions.

14 thoughts on “Gadgets To Use Giveaway – 5200 mAh Mobile Battery For Smart Phones and Tablets”

  1. I am an iPhone user and when you are out at work without your charger in your pocket then it comes a big problem to use your iPhone with full freedom. You need to take care of the location services with the brightness factor and then close all the applications from time to time (which is really creepy). So, it will take away a big problem from my head.

  2. Very Good Review Abhishek ! I travel from chennai to my native place every weekend..Thats nearly 5.30 hours Travel..My phone battery drowns after 3 hours everytime..I badly need a battery backup …

  3. This is something that i will love to have as i am Iphone user and have to think 100 time before using 3G on my device though i have the pack activated. Its just because of the battery issue. This could really solve my net issue and then i will be available to stay tune with your channel for 24 * 7..

  4. Living in 21st century smartphone is very essential 4 everyone.From day 2 day work to entertainment name every work and smartphone is there.One tech geeky person could hardly live without his/her smartphone..But the main problem is Little Battery life of Smartphones compared to other feature phones.Today, A normal Smartphone can hardly be alive about 8-10 hours of moderate usage.Suppose,you are on your way to office or in a travel journey and the battery is running out.Thats why i need this Mobile battery pack which can give me decent battery life on the go on mobiles as well as in my micromax tab..By the way,Happy holi.

  5. As I frequent travel this would be very useful for me on the go. I was looking for this kind of charger for a while. I will be lucky if I get a chance to win this.

  6. First of all, thanks to Gadgets To Use team for the giveaway. I would like to win this portable charger to charge my Galaxy Fit on the way 🙂

  7. This is the very good gadget for a strong battery back up , so i hope to win this giveaway 🙂

  8. Shivaram Manivannan

    Hai i am from Tamilnadu currently(people in Tamilnadu forgot this word current) i am facing 16 hour power cut daily.

    my girl friend has a land line at home but i am having only mobile phone, if you provide me this gadget it will be very helpful for me, indeed i will name my son/daughter as this website name !…

  9. I have an i phone n i pod. I also plan to buy something like this. So if get this i can spend my saving in some other gadget

  10. I am having android mobile and as I love exploring new apps my battery drains very fast.
    This seems very awesome product. Would love to have this

  11. I am user of SONY XPERIA SL (whose battery runs like half a day only at most.
    This gadget will be the best thing which I can get for my mobile

    Thank You !!!

  12. I use a couple of smartphones and they drain the juice pretty fast. Having a 5200mah charging pack in a handy place will no doubt allow me to have some easy breathing regarding the abysmal battery conditions i am facing currently. Since it is not bulky, its perfect for a person like me who needs to travel a lot via trains and buses.
    Having this gadget in my bag will make me a lot comfortable than worrying about how and where to top up my phones’ battery!
    Thank You

  13. As of my touring profession(marketing) I am always facing the low battery problem every time. I am searching for a external charger who can charge my mobile and your information is quite informative for me. It is really a great and encouraging product for me.

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