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Android User Interface Design of Facebook Phone [Leaked]

Earlier today we reported about the ‘HTC First’, the phone which is about to be revealed at Facebook event which is going to be held tomorrow, we also mentioned about the hardware specifications of the phone which are available in the rumors. We also shared our speculations and it seems that most of them have come out to be true and now evleaks have shared their new leaked images with 9to5Google and it mentions about the new Android skin which Facebook will be revealing tomorrow.


As per the leaks the skin looks great as you can see the text message with the missed call and a notification from Instagram are displayed on the home screen. Moreover we also loved the shape and design of the phone. You can also see the menu section (in the screenshot mentioned below) of this new skin where you will always have the option to update your status to post anything and to check-in anywhere. The screenshot at the top also shows in very minute detail that the newsfeeds will also be displayed at the top of the screen.


Most of the looks of this Android skin is new but then you will have some resemblance with the HTC sense the icons for sharing, deleting these are some of the basic feature which keep contact throughout any skin on Android. The look of this UI is great, we will update you with the fresh news revealed tomorrow, even if this rumor gets out to be true we still have good news. I just wish the price of this phone should be low.


[Via 9to5google ]


Abhinav Singh

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