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Buy iPhone 4 India at 19,500 INR or 16,500 with Smart Phone Exchange Discount

We have already started hearing the rumors about the new iPhone but we know that Apple as always will release their new IOS which will be iOS7 and I really hope to see highly innovative features specially when they are about to compete with the new software features available on Samsung Galaxy S4. Whenever iPhone plans to release their new phone it stops the production and selling of the oldest model of the iPhone which was being sold prior to the entry of a new version of iPhone and in this case if we see iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 after few months then iPhone 4 will not be sold anymore.


So, in order to increase the selling of iPhone 4, now they have started offering the users with an exchange discount in which you will have get any smartphone which were using before and Apple Premium Sellers in India will provide you the discount of minimum 7000 INR but if you mobile is somewhat new and the current depleted value of your mobile phone is more than 7000 INR then they will provide you with that amount but iPhone 4 will not cost you cheaper than 16,500INR.

iPhone 4 has the 5MP camera on the back and VGA camera on the front and it has the retina display of 326ppi with 4inches in size The processor used is of 1GHz along with 512 MB RAM but this power is sufficient as iOS does not ask for much power to be stable at provide fluidity with the best animation effects. We are unclear about the criteria which they will follow in assessing the amount which is supposed to be discounted but in any case you will get at least 7000 INR discount on the actual price of iPhone which is 26,500. So, at any time you can get an iPhone in your hands at 19,500 provided you are already using an smartphone.

This type of strategy was also used by Aircel and Airtel to sell off their Apple iPhone 3GS and it really proved out to be a great strategy as they were already out of stock within 15 to 18 days from when this offer started. Now, To avail this offer, reach out to any of the Apple premium seller showroom with all the documents and details of your current phone. You can check the Apple Premium Store outlets here.


Abhinav Singh

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