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Google Glass Specs Expected Price at 1,500 USD – Will It Be Worth ?

Google Glass has been in the talk for a very long period of time and now has revealed the specs of Google Glass but nothing is of much surprise when it comes to hardware because we have been hearing much of it in the phones being released daily. But what makes this thing exciting is about the way we are going to use it the way you will be experiencing 25-inches of display in front of your eyes right through that small piece of glass, the way you will be able to capture everything that comes in front of you eyes, the way you will not have to look at your mobile phone screen all the time and it will always be present in front of your eyes. So, these are some of the unimaginable experiences which the users would love to try.


Talking about how the users will be able to use this device with their smartphones, then this device has an application on Google Play Store named ‘MyGlass’ which is as of now not available in India and till now this application is available only for Android platforms so it is obvious that Apple iPhone users, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry 10 OS users will not be able to use this device as of now. Let us take on the hardware specifications of this device.



In front of your eyes the display will be high-definition and it will have the width of 25-inches seen at the distance of 8-feet away from the screen. Camera will be of 5MP and it will be able to do the HD video recording with the quality of 720p.

The best part is that you will not have to hear the audio through earphones which might be creepy for many of the users who avoid them as it jams your ear if you use it for a very long period of time. Then another question arises that how are you going to hear the voice out of that device, the answer is bone Conduction Transducer. Have you ever given a though that why it feels different when you hear the playback version of your own voice because it different from what you are habituated to listen.

What is Bone Conduction Transducer ?

When we speak we hear our voice through our ears which is coming to our ears through the air but our voice also travels through the bones of our skull and it reaches to our ears, which is the lower version of our actual voice and that is the reason even if we close our ears completely we will always listen our voice. So, this process by which voice reaches our ears by travelling through the skull bones is called as Bone Conduction which is used by Google Glass to produce the audio from that device and they have used a Bone Conduction Transducer for the same. The internal storage of the device is 16GB out of which 12GB is usable and we do not have any info where it will upgradable or not.

Price and Availability (Estimate)

It will have micro-USB port for getting charger and as of now we are not sure whether you will be able to connect it to your laptop or computer. The ‘MyGlass Companion’ application will be available for the Android smartphone users only (for the phone which have Android 4.0.3 or above) and as of now for few countries only. The battery strength has not been mentioned in terms of mAh but they have assured that it will run throughout the day and as far as the price of this product is concerned then you can expect it at 1,500 USD approximately which is really expensive.


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