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HTC One Postponed to Last Week of May

Now when Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched in the Indian Smartphone market with Octa-Core Processor users are looking towards it competitor and the best competitor available globally for this phone is the HTC One which beats out Samsung Galaxy S4 (with their Audio Beats feature) in many feature like sound quality or display clarity.


But the worst part is that HTC One is being dangled in terms of availability in India, few days back we reported that it will be available by the first week of May but as mentioned by Amit in the comments section it seems that they will de delaying it again by 20 days and it will be available in the India Market by last week of May.

HTC has got the screen size of 4.7 inch (something almost similar to Samsung galaxy S4) and the PPI index is 490 which is much better than that of Samsung Galaxy S4. Again this is not certain, sources at HTC have made their statement before and now they have switched from that too. So we can hope for HTC to be available in the India market by the end of the month.

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