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Lenovo P780 with 5 Inch Screen, 4000 mAh Huge Battery Coming Soon in India

It seems that 5-inch screen phone is raining these days and we have seen almost all types of variants under this screen size. With the Micromax Ninja A72 and Umi XE5 we saw the cheapest Android smartphones with the 5-inches screen and then we saw some powerful phone boasting about their processors and RAM like Xiaomi X3, Umi X2 and similar others. Now we have something new in this category which has been launched by Lenovo named as Lenovo P780 and it has got an outstanding battery backup.


Usually with such screen size smartphone have the battery in the range of 2000 mAh to 2500 mAh. Samsung Galaxy S4 has the battery backup of 2600 mAh (which is considered good for a phone with such power and display size) but this Lenovo P780 offers you the battery strength of 4000 mAh something which we see in 10 inch tablets (which are made for the purpose of reading and watching videos while travelling).

So no matter how many aggressively you use this phone it will surely last for more than 1 day and that is the best part about this battery specially when all the Android users are never satisfied with their battery. Complete specifications of this phone are not available about this phone but the leaked specs tell that it will have a Quad Core Processor by Mediatek with the architecture of Cortex A-7, So they are also not down in terms of power.

The pictures were leaked about this phone with NBA basketball star and we expect it to be released by the end of second week of May (but it will be available be available only in China, so in other countries it may take a while).Well the phone is worth to wait because it will be equipped with high-power and such a great battery backup then I think it will be great Android phone for all the users.


Abhinav Singh

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