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Nokia Asha 501 Images Leaked [To Be Announced Tomorrow]

Well, as you know we will be going live for tomorrow for the global event by Nokia and we has our suspicions that Nokia will be talking about their new phone in the Asha series named as Nokia Asha 501 and it seems that evleaks has leaked the images of that particular.


On the Nokia Official Blog ‘Conversations’ they updated about the info of the event which will be held tomorrow and in that post they have mentioned an image showing a small button of the phone and luckily the leaked images by evlaks also show the same button on the new Asha 501.

From the image you can make up that the screen will be small and it will be nearly 3-inches, rest of the specs about this phone is you unknown as of now and we will updating you about it tomorrow as the event starts.

So, we are almost sure that tomorrow Nokia will be talking about their Asha 501 in their global announcement, but still we do not know that what else do they have in their for tomorrow’s event.

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