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Zopo and Umi Service Centers list released

Users are really looking up to the phones like Zopo 980 series and Umi X2 and Umi XE5 but as we mentioned earlier retailing of these products in the Indian market is bit of a risk for any Mobile seller as they are not much established brands in the market. To get over such problem Androidguruz were about to enter the market but it seems that due to some untold reasons there has been some delay in their landing up in the market.


To help this problem Zopo and Umi have come up with their list of service centers where the customers can go and get their device repaired if any issue is encountered. Now this will surely help them to increase the customer reliability on these brands specially when there are total of 42 brands of such mobile phones which will be fighting for the Indian customers.

Both Zopo and Umi share the common list of service centers and they are not much but at-least something is better rather than none of the service centers. The new upcoming brands which are competing with Micromax will have to do such things apart from providing the good products as the after sale service also matter a lot.

All of these service centers will be live by end of May, if you happen to visit any of them after that period then please let us know if any of these are left still unactivated.

Click here to find the list of Umi Service Centers

Click here to find the list of Zopo Service Centers


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