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Nokia Catwalk aka Nokia Lumia 925 with Pureview Camera Leaked Photos

Well within few hours Nokia will be up with their event in London and as we expected that Nokia will be coming up with 2 major announcements, one of them could be Nokia Lumia 928 and the other one could be Nokia Catwalk. Now the Nokia Lumia 928 has already been revealed completely by both the means officially and unofficially but we suspected as per the sources that another announcement will be made to keep the suspense of this event.


The famously known Nokia Catwalk or Nokia EOS was behind the curtains till last night unless, the famous leak source evleaks came with their images. We are not certain that it will be the so called Nokia Catwalk or Nokia EOS or Nokia Lumia 925 (mentioned by evleaks), name may vary but the looks might be the one mentioned in the images.

Looking at the images you can see that the volume rockers and the button used on this phone are similar to the phones which have been covered under the ‘E’ series of Nokia. The phone seems to give the metallic feel as per the looks and it has got the rectangle edges (something quite common in the Lumia series).

Well the images do not say everything and moreover we do not have the back panel of this phone. He video embed in this post say that this upcoming phone will have an awesome camera, so we can presume that this Lumia will be using the Pureview Camera Technology (and why not Pureview 808 was sold only due to its awesome camera and now when they seem to combine it with the Nokia Lumia series then it will do wonders for them).

The video talks little bit about the back panel where you will see that the camera will be using the Dual LED Flash and as the Nokia claims ‘the camera will see more than your eyes can see’. Well, we will be updating you with the live coverage of this event, so please stay tuned with us on our live Blog.

[Image Credit: evleaks]


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