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Logitech Launched Ultimate Ears – 5 New Audio Devices

Logitech, the famous computer peripheral manufacturer, has launched an array of audio devices including Bluetooth speakers, ‘Boomboxes’ and earphones. Logitech have launched these products, 5 in all, under the new ‘Ultimate Ears’ range, which promises to make even audiophiles happy with the sound quality. The products under Ultimate Ears or UE are – UE Mobile Boombox , UE Boombox (both Bluetooth speakers), UE6000 and UE 9000 (both are over the ear headphones) and quad armature wired earphone UE900.

To summarize the 5 audio devices,

UE Mobile Boombox

UE Mobile Boombox: The UE Mobile Boombox is a portable Bluetooth speaker, which can be used with any Bluetooth device such as your phone or tablet. The device can connect to up to 8 Bluetooth devices, and music switching can be done between any 2 devices at a time. The UE Mobile Boombox comes in an array of different colours as one can see in the picture, and has grip-action rubber casing for better grip, and comes in a metal finish. The UE Mobile Boombox can also double up as a mobile phone Bluetooth speaker, and has a built-in mic for voice calls.

The UE Mobile Boombox is available in the market for 8,995 INR.


UE Boombox

UE Boombox: Another one from the UE range is the UE Boombox, which is a full featured Bluetooth with a built-in battery which promises 6 hours of uninterrupted music. The UE Boombox can pair with up to 8 devices and can simultaneously play music from 3 of the paired devices. The device is handy due to the presence of the aluminium handle which is integrated into the design. The UE Boombox promises great audio quality with the presence of 8 custom tuned drivers fitted in the unit.

The UE Boombox is available in the market for 21,995 INR.


ue 6000

UE 6000: The UE 6000 is a wired, noise cancelling headphone which also features a built-in amp to improve the quality of the music. The UE 6000 comes in an around-the-ear design, and features a splitter so you can easily share your music. The material used on the cans are plush memory foam cushions, and that around the rest of the build is a material dubbed ‘breathable, soft-as-leather’ by Logitech.

The UE 6000 is available in the market for 17,995 INR.


ue 9000

UE 9000: The UE 9000 is a Bluetooth headphone which can connect to your Bluetooth device, and also features cable connectivity for when you run out of juice. These headphones can also be folded flat when not in use, so that they can be carried around easily. The UE 9000 also feature controls on the headphones, so you can switch songs and take calls using the controls.

The UE 9000 is available in the market for 31,995 INR.


UE 900 Earphones

UE 900: The UE 900 are high-end in-ear-monitors or IEMs, with a quad-armature design, out of which 2 are for low-end (eg. bass), 1 for mid-range (eg. vocals), and 1 for high frequencies (eg. treble). The UE 900 feature noise-isolation and come with 8 pairs of in ear cushions and 2 detachable cables. These plugs also feature an in-line mic and in-line controls, using which you can answer calls and change tracks seamlessly.

The UE 900 is available in the market for 34,995 INR.


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