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Karbonn A4+ Quick Review, Price And Comparison

The Karbonn A4+ is another entry-level phone from their A series and is the successor to the previously launched A4. The A4+ comes with an impressive price tag and comes with a dual core processor. This device would make a good phone for people who do not use their phone for extended durations, ie, moderate usage.

This device will have a few competitors from other brands, let us proceed with the quick review and see how the device fares in terms of specifications.


The Karbonn A4+ comes with a 3.2 megapixel rear camera, and does not sport a front camera. Altough 3.2MP cameras are a thing of the past now, but considering the price tag the A4+ comes with, we would not say it is a bad offering. The A4+ has a rival in the form of Micromax Ninja A89, but the A89 costs almost 1300 INR more than the A4+.

Since the phone does not have support for 3G, we think the non-inclusion of a front camera is not very bad because you will not be able to make video calls anyway.




Processor and Battery:

The A4+ comes with an impressive 1GHz dual core processor, something we have only been seeing in phones costing 10,000 INR plus in the past. A dual core processor phone at a price less than 5,500 INR sounds like a very good idea to us.

The battery is a paltry 1250mAh unit,  which should really prove to be the weak link of this phone. The screen is not very small either, measuring 4 inches diagonally. The 1250mAh battery will have a tough time taking you through the day.

Display type and Size:

The A4+ comes with a 4.0 inch TFT display which also serves as a capacitive touchscreen. This should make the phone pretty handy as most other phones we see in the market today come with 4.5+ inch screens, often making it tough to move them around.

The 4 inch screen will have a WVGA resolution of 800×480 pixels which is not very bad, since the target audience will probably not look to do gaming or any other multimedia related stuff on the phone. Upon calculating the pixel density, it was found that the phone has a ppi of 233 which is not too bad.

Karbonn A4+
RAM, ROM 512MB, 139MB ROM expandable up to 32GB
Processor 1GHz dual core
Cameras 3.2 MP rear, no front camera
Screen 4 inch TFT
Battery 1250mAh
Price 5299 INR


Conclusion and Price:

We would say that the A4+ is a phone meant for people who do not spend a lot of their time on the phone. Karbonn have given a good processor and decent RAM just in case people do hardware-intensive stuff on the phone. The only downside of this phone is the battery – we honestly think this is a deal breaker. The phone also does not feature 3G, which although shouldn’t be a problem considering the price, but would have been a very nice addition.

Apart from these facts, the phone looks like a solid contender in a market already flooded with budget phones.

The phone can be bought from the Saholic website.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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