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Kindle Fire HD with 7 and 8.9 Inches HD Display Launched in India Staring from 15,999 INR

Finally the Kindle HD with 7 Inches and 8.9 Inches display are now available in India and they will be available for shipping soon from 27th June onwards. Both have been unveiled quite a time back but now they are also available in India and that too with the customized Android version which means that like the other tablets you will not be able to use Android Play Store to access and download the applications. Rather Amazon App-Store will be available and it will offer you the applications from its store.


Both of these tablets are available in 2 variants of their internal storage as these tablets will not be having any available slot for the external microSD card. So the variants of 16GB and 32GB will be available for both the edition of tablets. Now let us take them one by one starting with Kindle Fire HD 7-Inches tablet.


This will have the display size of 7 Inches with the HD resolution so it will adequate for browsing and then reading books as this clarity is more important when you are watching HD videos. With the 1.2GHz Dual Core Processor and 1GB RAM I don’t expect this customized Android skin to trouble the customers much due the UI Lag. Another version is equipped with the display size of 8.9 Inches with the same resolution and with a better processor of 1.5GHz Dual Core supported by 1GB RAM.

With the help of HD Front facing camera available in both the devices you will be able to go for video chatting or taking photos. The best part which comes for the users with this tablet is the free cloud storage account for all the Amazon Kindle data and that too with no limit so why you are on Wi-Fi you can keep the syncing ON and thus you will not lose any of the stuff from your tablet ever.

Another common thing between the two is the Dual Band Fastest WiFi which makes it really quick for you to download the applications and eBooks on your tablet. Both of these are also accompanied by Dolby Sound Dual Driver Stereo speaker which will produce the surround sound from the tablet.

As we know Kindle tablets have always been about the book reading comfort for the users and these applications and Android games will be an added incentive. So, with the help some new features like X-Ray for the books which will tell that which characters are being talked about on which page and similar others features will help you to enjoy reading with a new experience. The prices and link to buy them are mentioned below.

Kindle Fire HD 7 Inches (16GB) @ 15,999 INR

Kindle Fire HD 7 Inches (32GB) @ 18,999 INR

Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Inches (16GB) @ 21,999 INR

Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Inches (32GB) @ 25,999 INR


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