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UMI X2 Deliveries Start In India

People who pre-booked the UMI X2 should finally have the good news of the deliveries being started. UMI India updated their Facebook Page earlier today mentioning the deliveries that have taken place.

By the looks of it, a few buyers were so impatient that they chose to pick up their device from the regional office instead of the regular process of getting the device via post.


UMI india


As you can notice from the picture posted above, UMI India have completed a few deliveries and the remaining ones should be completed soon too. Although it took quite some time for deliveries to start, customers are indeed very happy to finally have the device in their hands. UMI India have also posted a few pictures of the customers with the device in their hands.

The UMI X2 made waves when it was initially unveiled a few months back. The phone packed features which were unheard of in the price range, which included a full HD display, 13MP camera, 1/2GB RAM, quad core processor, etc. UMI is a relatively new handset maker based in China, and is brought to India by the AndroidGuruz chain.

UMI India also posted pictures of customers with their UMI X2 in their hand, which also served as proof for people who had apprehensions believing in the same. Here we post screenshots of the same:

umi deliveries


umi deliveries 2


We would hope UMI India keep the good work going and the rest of the customers get their devices soon.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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