Winner Announced: Congrats to Yash Khatri who is the winner of iPhone 3GS in our giveaway. We will contact the winner on his email very soon.

iPhone 3GS Winner

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Update: Thanks all for participating in our giveaway, for everyone expect the winner we would like to tell you about some series of giveaway for phones, tablets and other tech gadgets coming soon on this blog and in every giveaway after this one we will have 10 runners up who will also get a gadget goodie from us. So, stay tuned for the next giveaway.Β 

Update: The comments on this blog post has been closed the winner name will be announced on 2 July 2013, stay tuned.

It been more than one year, since we started Gadgets To Use – now we are a growing community of like minded geeky and non geeky people who are fascinated about technology changing our phones, tablets and others gadgets and how is that making our life difficult.

We have decided to reward our readers of our blog, viewers of youtube channel and fans on our facebook page with nothing but gadgets on weekly basis, so we have decided to run giveaway of various gadgets like smartphones, tablets and other gadget accessories. To start with, we are today announcing the Giveaway of iPhone 3GS any of our reader, viewer or facebook fan can win this by doing simple things mentioned below.

iPhone 3GS Photo Gallery


Steps Required To Participate in iPhone 3GS Giveaway

Gadgets To Use Giveaway Rules e

1. Like This Video shown below on youtube [click over video to watch it on youtube], Subscribe to our youtube channel and Share this video on your Facebook Profile

2. Leave a comment at the end of this post with a reason why you want to win iPhone 3Gs and also add the link of Facebook Status Update

3. We will close the comments on this video and website on 12 pm IST on 29 June 2013 to choose the winner.

Please Note: This contest is open to citizens on India only, we will choose a random winner and declare the name here on 30th June 2013.

Gadgets To Use Giveaway iPhone 3GS Video

Terms and Conditions

1. The contest will end on 29th June 2013

2. You do not need to share this blog post but share the video on your facebook profile.

3. You do not need to repeat the action items to win it, once done you are eligible to win the iPhone 3GS

4. The iPhone 3GS we are giving away is a review unit we purchased, some months ago its nearly in like new but not new.

5. Winner cannot claim money in exchange of their prizes.

Resources Help For Winning iPhone 3GS

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Youtube Channel To Subscribe –

Our Facebook Page You Can Like –

Please Note: Use the raffle copter widget to do all this quick and easy.

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  1. i want to win this iphone because
    this iphpne is used by technixmedia team
    and it has been well kept
    and jailbreaked too
    which is dangerous
    but such tech geeks from technixmedia can do it easily
    it will be an honour to use a phone of such tech geek

  2. I need this phone as I hav never used a iphone
    and I love ios but I am not able to afford.
    Hope I can get it n experience my dream os n phone!

  3. I had always a dream of an iPhone cause most of my friends have an iPhone but unfortunately I can’t afford that… But if I win this I will be grateful to you.

  4. i would love to have an iphone as i am a hardcore apple fan because of their awesome hardware and software but can’t spent that much money for that . It will be really cool if i win . Also i am following your channel for around 3-4 months and found your reviews really amazing . Thumbs up for ur good work and keep it up

  5. i would love to have an iphone as i am a hardcore apple fan because of their awesome hardware and software but can’t spent that much money for that . It will be really cool if i win . Also i am following your channel for around 3-4 months and found your reviews really amazing . Thumbs up for ur good work and keep it up

  6. I’m Actually Smartphone Freak…
    Well in inspection to your video I’ve recently ordered Wammy Passion Z…
    So, I guess I should get Iphone 3GS, I want to have one since a year… May be this is my turn….
    If you wish…

  7. Hi gadget to use team,

    I want the Apple Iphone 3gs so that i can always remember the great Steve Jobs, whi was the most idealistic person in world and a great entrepreneur.
    Moreover i would love to have it to become a part of gadget to use team.
    Keep it up…!!

  8. apple is always amazing ………..i love technixmedia videos i have watched almost all of them …………..and i would also like to add that that phone was creator steve jobs …….a geneous who invented apple i would to have this beautiful device with me life long πŸ™‚

  9. I want this phone because technixmedia is the best gadget expert and i would like to use a smartphone gifted by them….

  10. The Tagname of Apple is a sufficient reason for my desire of having this phone.. hope i get it this time.. πŸ™‚

  11. I am a budding gadget freak.. loving to just read all new released mobiles, its features.. and yep Loving to own one.. πŸ™‚

  12. I would like to win this smatphone, because I would like to give to charity my phone and another one (they would be so happy), but I just have one, and no one wants to participate with me in this good will action. Good luck to all of you ;D and I shared the video on facebook πŸ˜€

  13. Hi Abishek, You know me, I;m a huge apple fan, I’m not going to make up any stories, I want it because I honestly love apple and it’s products. πŸ™‚

  14. i want this phone becoz i love apple product! i have one ipod shuffle which works great. As dad doesnt buy me a new phone. I wish I have smartphone. Please giveaway this phone to me.
    Thank you

  15. because i can not afford this and i am following you since half year and i am your great fan

  16. It would be a reward for the royalty and loyalty a fan has been showings for his most beloved tech geeks…

  17. i really want this i need this i am unable to buy my own and i need to contact my family and friends

  18. i need this mobile because till now i dont have smartphone i am using nokia c5 05 its an ordinary mobile by gods grace if i won the mobile this mobile will be my first smartmobile ever

  19. i need this mobile because til now i dont have any smartphone.i have nokia c5 05 its a basic gods grace if i won this mobile this will be my first smartphone ever

  20. *FINGERS CROSSED* Honestly my parents can’t afford one so this would be nicee for me. A phone is a phone doesn’t need to be too fancy i would be appreciative

  21. First of all i want to say about this site i.e
    1.faster than any other website. uploading of news or review of any new device. channel is more responsive.

    Now i want this iphone because i`ve never used an apple product and also i`d love to use an ios operating system.As you know that this products are costlier than any other products i`d love to participate in this give away.Thanks


    I’ve been an Apple fanboy since the first generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. I was a kid back then, but being a gadget freak all my life, I knew something revolutionary had been invented. Since then, subsequent iPhones kept getting launched and I would frantically read anything I could get my eyes on about these phones. It was rather ironic that me being such a crazy fan, I couldn’t ask my parents for one, because of, of course monetary reasons.
    I remember, the first time I actually got to touch and feel how a real iPhone was, my cousin had bought one, back in 2010. It was like I had my dream phone in my hand. No other feeling could have ever replaced that feeling!
    Then in college, most of my friends kept getting iPhone 4,4S and then one guy bought the iPhone 5! I made sure that I used their phones and learned everything there was to learn about them.

    My friend told me about this giveaway, and naturally I was exited. I apologize if this post was long, but honestly, I needed to tell everything about my love for iPhone!


  23. I want this iPhone because i am an now going to collage and I need a smartphone and i dont belong to a very rich family and I know that they cant affoad me this much expensive phone so I ha sad all the thing so plz give mr this plz πŸ™‚

  24. I would love to have this iPhone 3G, because ever since I became aware of mobile and gadgets or smartphone , I’ve been hearing only one big name and that’s ‘iPhone’! As far as iPhone 3G S is concerned, it might get old and outdated, but it will remain marvelous piece of innovation in the smartphone industry! I’m a student of 12th grade and I can’t afford an iPhone device as a student! I’m a huge fan of Steve Jobs, a visionary man, he is the one who has inspired me to think Different ‘. Even if I won’t be able to buy an iPhone in all of my life, it’ll be great to have something as souvenir from you guys, you’ll be remembered for lifetime!

  25. apple has become a part of our everyday life.he take the help of apple for most of our purpose, general or special. we need the help of apple, at all times. abuse of apple can be checked by creating a strong public opinion all over the world. leaders of peace should keep alert and active to do the needful in this respect. lastly i convey “the best feature of apple can never stop”….

  26. an iPhone is an iPhone,everybody wants to have one.where technology meets the innovation.i would like to have an iPhone because i would like to experience one of the technical brilliance.

  27. i would love
    to have an
    iphone as i am a hardcore apple
    fan because of their awesome
    hardware and software but can’t
    spent that much money for that . It will be really cool if i win . Also
    i am following your channel for
    around 3-4 months and found
    your reviews really amazing .
    Thumbs up for ur good work
    and keep it up.
    What ever version of
    apple is best than others. So i want to win this mobile.

  28. Its my dream to have an Iphone and i would like to start with this one.
    My friend have an iphone i truly want to win this.
    Thank you

  29. I love gadgets…my fav. Gadget is iphone i want iphone but i cannot afford it. i m willing to have an iphone for three years but this is an golden opportunity for me…. Thank u..:)

  30. I want iPhone 3gs because i have only a Bar phone and my parents don’t give me multifunctional phone and my friends have also multifunctional phone they are trying to showoff to me ,how their multifunctional phone work they are trying to jealous me, if i get this phone i make their mouth shut.

  31. Before commenting, i went through other comments, i felt others deserve more than me.

  32. Iphone has always been my dream. Wish this time it comes true. I am using an old nokia as of now.

  33. I always love innovations and iPhone is an innovative gadget. I will feel lucky to have innovation(iPhone) in my hand. πŸ™‚

  34. iphone adding a new awesome phone like iphone 3gs its amazing & i really want it . its a very ggod site for all generation who luv & interested in gadget . Always my wish with this site .

  35. I just love apple products but, can’t afford it. If i win then it will be big thing for me. Fingers crossed.

  36. no silly reason truly honest I can’t afford to or won’t be able to buy an iphone so i would love to have one.

    yash khatri

  37. Wow that was great to see an Apple Iphone as a giveaway may be its first in India.
    I love apple & Technixmedia. Their giveaways are great and genuine.
    Iphone helps me in my dental profession with great apps.
    Thank you.


  39. I’ve never been an iPhone user and desperately want to be one. What could be better than (fingers crossed) winning this giveaway. πŸ˜€
    Thanks & you keep up the good work, there are not many of genuine reviewers like you on the web.

  40. I never used an Iphone and I feel proud holding it in my hand and ofcourse it is a status symbol. I don’t mind using a used phone after all it is tested and maintained by renowned techies in technix media. Therefore it would be a definite suprie for me.

  41. just because i can’t personally own this, & i want to experience the iphone, just

    kiti mahajan

  42. I am in need of a new phone because my samsung galaxy y had his days over, so i think this phone will do to change the old one. Besides, i really want to have those!

  43. Before I tried my luck here, I have asked my father many times to get me this phone. He didn’t even responded. I was depressed but determined.
    Then comes this offer on your YouTube channel and within no time I made my entry here with full faith in my luck.
    To kya hua dadddy ji ne mana kar diya… internet to hamare saath hai na. πŸ™‚

  44. i want to upgrade myself …. and i want to have the best cell in the world πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ ..

  45. I want Iphone to chat with my dear girlfriend and to make awesome iPhone apps to create social apps to help my friends πŸ™‚

  46. iPhone is iPhone there is no word to describe it, no matter which version of iPhone you had, if you had iPhone then you had iPhone

  47. I have iphone. I need to win thos i phone because i love to oprate 2 iphone at same time.

  48. Its one of the best phones ever. I purchased some smartphones after watching out the reviews made by Gadgets to Use official channel of youtube, I would like to have this because its reviewed by Gadgets to Use.

  49. I am a great fan of gadgets! But for my eonomic condition I can’t get many!! Hope this time I get to use a Iphone its , been a dream for me!!

  50. Very few good websites offer these kind of freebies.
    A phone as a freebie, wow, if it really is like what shown.

  51. Update: The comments on this blog post has been closed the winner name will be announced on 2 July 2013, stay tuned.

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