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Spice Pinnacle FHD Mi525 Quick Review, Price And Comparison

The Spice Pinnacle Mi 525 is the latest phone on the block to offer a full HD display along with an attractive price tag. The phone is a quad core device with 1GB of RAM, and is primarily targeted at multimedia and gaming lovers. At a price point of 16,990 INR, the phone gives you a lot of bang for your buck, almost enough to make Chinese manufacturers green with envy.




Let us proceed and speak of the phone’s specifications and comparisons.

Camera And Internal Storage

The FHD device features an 8MP camera, just like we see on a range of other similarly and lower-priced devices. The camera is assisted by LED flash and includes other common enhancements and features like geo-tagging, face detection, autofocus, etc. This 8PM unit is also capable of recording video in 1080p HD.

The front camera on this new device is a 2MP unit, which should suffice for most users today. Although we have seen many better sets of cameras, we do feel that an 8MP+2MP combo is enough for an average user in today’s date.

As far as the storage is concerned, the phone comes with 8GB of ROM which definitely is an improvement over the usual 4GB we are used to seeing, from domestic and Chinese manufacturers. The phone has a microSD card slot, which is capable of using cards up to 32GB in size, which means storage won’t be a problem for most users.

Processor And Battery

The phone comes with a 1.5 GHz quad core processor. Although the make of the processor has not been revealed as of yet, we would assume that the chipset comes from the very popular Mediatek. The 1.5 GHz processor does sound good and given the usage pattern of most users today, we would assume buyers will be happy with what they get.

This processor is coupled with 1GB of RAM, which means the phone will not only have an amazing FHD screen, but will also be snappy and fast, and would be able to handle many apps running at once. Only extremely hard-core multitaskers would feel the need for more.

Display And Features

This phone, like the Zopo ZP980, features a Full HD IPS panel which brings the ppi to a very respectable 441 pixels per inch. This means that viewing pictures and watching videos would be a pleasurable experience, and gaming should be enriching a well. Not many domestic manufacturers are providing a full HD phone at the moment, and this should play in Spice’s favour as far as the success of this phone is concerned.

Although the idea of a full HD phone sounds very exciting, it should also be noted that the high pixel resolution is taxing and might put the CPU+GPU combo under much stress, which in turn might end up slowing down your device. Although this is only a speculation, but it shouldn’t be ruled out.


This new device from Spice does not currently have too many threats in the market. Some of the phones which might be competitors include – Zopo ZP980, UMI X2, etc. However, in the coming few weeks, quite a few FHD phones are expected to be launched, so the competition is bound to be extremely exciting. Although the Canvas 4 does not pack a FHD display, it still manages to be a strong competitor to the Pinnacle Mi 525. The comparison can be read here.


Being one of the first Full HD phones from a domestic manufacturer, the Pinnacle Mi 525 is bound to enjoy some success at the top. However, with the passage of time and release of new FHD devices from the likes of Micromax and Lava, it would be interesting to see how the device fares. In itself, the phone carries more than decent specifications, and is available for a very good price of 16,990 INR, making it one of the cheapest full HD phones in the market today.

13 thoughts on “Spice Pinnacle FHD Mi525 Quick Review, Price And Comparison”

  1. Its a great phone but since its processor make is still concealed, it is difficult to predict the performance. Though, for a price tag of only 16,990 I don’t think people would want/expect more from this device. In one word, its a complete phone that a typical Indian smartphone user aspired for long.

  2. Hii
    this is no doubt a great phone with great specs. but what i am worried is with a powerful processor of 1.5Ghz + 1GB RAM,screen size of 5″ with resolution of 1920*1080, will a battery of 2100mAh be enough to last one day??

    so could you guys please have a detailed review of this phone.

  3. Spice Pinnacle FHD Mi525
    does it inclued compass sensor

    i m confused between lava 504 and spice 525 fhd
    which sould i buy

  4. Spice Pinnacle FHD Mi525
    does it inclued compass sensor

    i m confused between lava 504 and spice 525 fhd
    which should i buy

  5. there is nothing called compass sensor but its called Magnetometer or Magnetic Field sensor. Both of these are good phones, we suggest you wait for our review of spice FHD to compare both of these devices.

  6. Dear bro,
    any body tell me that spice pinnacle fhd has magnetic sensor or not?
    Thanks in advance…

  7. Dear bro.
    thanks, when I contact spice customer care they given me information that Spice Pinnacle FHD has magnetic sensor but i want to confirm by any user who are using the same smartphone.please confirm it …

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