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Panasonic To Launch 2 Quad Core Devices; Reportedly Dubbed The P11 And T11

Panasonic had a rather slow start in the Indian market as far as sales is concerned. The Panasonic P51 carried decent specifications, but did not fare as well in the market as Panasonic would’ve hoped for. One reason which caused this, was the non-competitive price tag of 26,990 INR. Domestic manufacturers offer devices with similar specifications for about half the cost of this, so the average Indian buyer really did not think of the P51 as a strong competitor to other quad core phones in the market.

Panasonic would hope to correct this with the two upcoming phones, namely the P11 and T11. The phones, just like the P51, will be powered by a quad core processor and would also have the same amount of RAM, i.e., 1GB. The P11 and the T11 will feature 4GB of ROM, like we see on most budget quad core phones. Both phones will come with Android 4.1 installed, and will feature dual SIM services.




Apart from the specs that stay common, are the ones which are specific to these new devices; namely screen size, processor and price. The T11 is speculated to have a 4 inch display while the P11, a 5 inch one. The resolution on the P11’s 5 inch panel is said to be 1280 x 720 p, while the one on the P11 is not yet known.

As far as the success of these two devices is concerned, it would hugely depend on how well Panasonic prices these devices. As of yet, the P11 is purported to cost 16,999 INR while the T11 is said to be the cheapest quad core from Panasonic at just 10,499 INR. This move is a reflection of Panasonic’s investment of 1500 crore in India. What this also means is that Panasonic is seeing India as a very healthy market, which should be a big plus for technology enthusiasts based here.


Panasonic P11 is now availabe for preorder on Flipkart for a price of Rs. 16890

Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar

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