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5 Must Have Travel Gadgets and Apps To Use 2013

As most of our readers know we publish reviews and news of the latest gadgets and smartphones here on this blog. This time we decided to do something more than just a review. So, I selected 5 of favorite gadgets and apps and went for a day trip in Hauz Khaz Village to relax over the last weekend and I decided to use these gadgets and apps. As even when I am on vacation or holiday I cannot stay away from technology completely.

5 Must Have Apps and Gadgets To Use on Travel [Video]

Now let me describe what all gadgets and apps I used during the day on my Tech Holiday and how they helped me to capture the things in the tech way I wanted to.

1. Lava Iris 504Q [SmartPhone]

The first device I selected was Lava Iris 504Q and I selected this device as it is one of the most affordable smartphones which comes with great hardware at a right price. Also it has some good features like Gesture Motion Technology which allows you to take photos from rear camera with gesture with your hand and you can also browse images in the gallery without even touching the device.


To know more what this budget android smartphone can do, you can read our full review of Lava Iris 504Q

2. Opera For Android [ App ]

Opera for android is one of the best browser which really cater to my browsing needs when ever I am on the go. I like Opera for android as it allows me to save my data by compressing the webpages before loading my smartphone screen through the off-Road browsing feature.

Opera for Android

To know more about Opera for android, you can read more about it here

3. Evernote for Notes and Capture Data  [ App ]

Another app which I selected for capturing all the info and other data on the go during my day trip was Evernote app for android, it allows me record memories in the form of pictures, audio notes, text notes etc and later I can access them anywhere with a evernote which can be installed in a mac or a PC.

evernote for android

4. UE Mobile Boombox [ Portable Wireless Speakers ]

UE Mobile Boombox Bluetooth speaker sports an improved design and slightly better sound than last year’s Mini Boombox. These portable speakers does provide a good quality of sound and much better features as it allows you to listen music streaming for a connected device even with 50 feet away and it can be paired upto with 8 devices.


To know more about UE Mobile Boombox speakers, you can read our full review coming soon.

5. New Trent Battery Pack Charger

If you are the one who like to carry gadgets with you, the primary problem every one faces is that all these smartphones and gadgets like portable speaker are power hungry devices. So, after some hours of usage you will see these device running out of battery and that is when you need some additional battery power packs like the ones I have used my day trip to charge up your multiple devices on the go.


I hope you like the gadgets and apps I have used in my day trip, please let me know if I miss anything or if there is any other gadgets I should include in my list as per you. Also leave your comments, suggestions and queries in the comments section below, thanks for your time spent while reading this post, I hope this will help some people out there.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar, a known technology blogger & YouTuber from India. A Software Engineer by qualification, now he works as the editor-In-Chief, Webmaster, & Managing Director at Gadgets To Use. He runs a number of other technology websites as well.