Devices with the powerful MT6589T have finally started rolling out, one among these being the Wammy Passion Z Plus (Z+). The device is the successor to the previously launched Wammy Passion Z. The MT6589T is the updated version of the MT6589, and runs at a faster frequency of 1.5 GHz per core as opposed to 1.2 GHz per core on the regular version. Apart from the faster CPU, the MT6589T also carries a more powerful GPU, which means gaming performance will be better. The phone is slated to compete against a whole lot of devices from Indian and Chinese manufacturers.

Wammy z 3

Camera And Internal Storage

The Wammy Passion Z Plus gets a camera upgrade from the Passion Z’s 12MP unit. The device carries a 13MP camera which is quite impressive for a device costing under 20,000 INR. The 13MP camera is autofocus enabled and features BSI technology which lets you take clear pictures in low light conditions. The front camera stays the same at 2MP, which is quite average for a smartphone.

The phone comes with a standard set of memory features including 1GB of RAM and 4GB ROM, like most other Mediatek based phones. One pro here is that the phone supports 64GB microSD cards, which should be helpful to people who have a lot of media files on their device.

Processor And Battery

The processor is the phone’s USP. The MT6589T is the current flagship of the Taiwanese low-cost chipset manufacturer, and is powerful enough to rival many mainstream and international chipset brands, and beat them at times. Being based on the Cortex A7 platform, not only is it one of the most advanced processors, but is highly power-efficient. The chipset packs 1GB of RAM which allows for smooth multitasking, and will be enough for most users out there, from intermediate to advanced. Only heavy multitaskers will feel the need for more RAM.

The device gets a 2500mAh battery which should suffice for a majority of users. We’ve been used to seeing 1800-2200mAh units on budget devices, so a 2500mAh unit should come as a relief. You can expect the phone to do one full day with quite a bit of ease, and the rest would depend on the usage pattern as well as OS optimization by Wickedleak.

Display And Features

Another feature which the phone uses to advertise itself is the display. The phone is one among the very few ones with a Full HD display from a domestic manufacturer. This should especially appeal to gaming heads and multimedia freaks, since the phone’s Full HD display on a 5 inch panel means that the pixel density will be extremely high at 441ppi. This is the same resolution we see on the Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4, apart from the HTC One, but at almost half the price point.


Wickedleak is a relatively new manufacturer here in India. Thus, the phone is bound to lose some points to well-known manufacturers here. The device will face some stiff competition from Micromax Canvas 4, Spice Pinnacle FHD Mi525, Zopo ZP980, etc. It must be noted that the Wammy Passion Z Plus is one of the cheapest phones to offer an MT6589 processor, beating the Gionee Elife E5 by a margin.

Key Specs

Model Wickedleak Wammy Passion Z Plus
Display 5 inch Full HD
Processor 1.5 GHz quad core
RAM, ROM 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM expandable up to 64GB
OS Android v4.2.1
Cameras 13MP rear, 2MP front
Battery 2500mAh
Price 15,990 INR


It can be said that the Wammy Passion Z Plus is one of the most price-efficient phones in the market. For just 15,990 INR, you get a taste of the latest technology including a 13MP camera, a Full HD screen, etc. The only gripe here is that Wickedleak is still in it’s initial stages; they are yet to gain massive popularity. Once that does happen, we are sure their phones will sell in huge numbers.

At the moment, not many people know of this brand. Also, there are no TV commercials like Micromax, so gaining popularity will take time.

The phone can be ordered on for 15,990 INR and deliveries are scheduled to commence on July the 25th.


  1. Hi Abhi,

    It seems the phone is quite good but after sales service is a big question mark. As you know we have been chasing for wammy titan 2 4.2 review and i have also been following for this from 2 months and they keep on saying it wil be done tommorow and even after 2 months its not done. They are not at bothered to help at all. If such customer service is provided than investing in this is just waste.

    • Their after sales service is a pain for many customers out there, they does provide good hardware device but in case of problems customers has to suffer.

      • Hi Abhi,

        Just suggest me which one is much better videocon A55 hd or lava iris 504q? Also do you have any idea when micromax a120 pro HD will be launched?
        I will buy only from above 3 option as per your opinion. Kindly let me know.

        • Lava iris 504q is better out of all these 3 and videocon a55 hd is also good if you prefer the phone to look more premium and awesome look – lava iris 504q has some features like gesture motion it may not look as good as videocon a55 hd but certainly has same power.

          Canvas 4 I dont recommend if you are considering the above two.

  2. Hey Abhi,

    Thanks for you valuable opinion 🙂
    Last question i thot pro hd a120 and canvas 4 are different and most article said that it has 5.5inch screen 2gb ram, 2.0ghz processor etc.
    So is canvas 4 and pro hd a120 is same? If not is there any budget phone for me with 5.5inch screen and same faetures as lava will do?

    • pro hd a120 has not been confirmed by micromax till now – its a rumored device – canvas 4 is something which is confirmed and available.

  3. Is this a good and can it be trusted for such a price wid these stuff I doubt about the quality of this phone…….so cn u pls tell that I buy this phone or not my only fear is the company and if its trustworthy ill buy 4 such phones…..

    • The phone is good on hardware and decent build but after sales may not be that good, so its ur dice to play we like the device but cant comment as if now on after sales and company reputation.

  4. Hey Abhi,

    WIll it be worth buying. I love the specs, but i am just worried to spend 16000/-, if it doesn’t work atleast for 6-12 months.

  5. hey abhishek
    Love the fact that u’r replying to everyone unlike many bloggers

    mera dil Z pe aaya toh hai..but Iv seen alot of bad reviews specially from those who’v bought it
    the camera they say isnt upto mark and iv seen iamges clicked..the lowlight images suck alot
    also its slow and may hang

    anyways…how is UMI X2

    my budget is 15000

    i want

    – excellent camera – u ever noticed the 5MP of sony is ebtter than sm 8MP ones..I want that quality…even if its 8 MP..but i’d love more 😉

    – DURABLE – i tend to drop my phone a lot..or should i just get a cover in case they’r all vunerable

    – GOOD DESIGN N LOOKS..silver color if availbe as well

    – AVG TO GOOD BATTERY and nice intertnal space

    – SMOOTH running f apps games wtevr

    – iv heard XOLO dont have FM .. taht I wd love FM


    • Thanks for the kind words! We try and make it a point to reply to all queries/comments.

      Well, you can expect the 1.5GHz processor on this one to be snappy and fast – don’t think there will be lags.
      Compared to the UMI X2, I think the Passion Z Plus would be a better choice, due to the 1.5GHz processor+local warranty in place.
      You can go ahead with this phone, the build and camera of the Passion Z impressed us, so we can imagine the Plus version will only be better!


  6. Hai Abhishek,
    I would like to know wheather the mobile screen is protected by Dragon Trail-2/Gorilla Glass-2. Plz. tell me the quality of images,colour reproduction,vived details,contrast ratio of the display screen.Also does it have a seperate charger or integrated with USB Chord.


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