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Videocon A55 HD Review: Features, Benchmarks, Gaming, Camera and Verdict

Videocon A55 HD was never expected form a company which is not so well known for smartphones to come up with a high end smartphone at the right affordable price but Videocon has done it this time by launching A55 HD which has a 5 Inch HD display with OGS and all other hardware and performance you would expect in a high end smartphone including the build quality, in this review we will tell you how and why we say this.


Videocon A55 HD Quick Specs

Display Size: 5 inch IPS LCD capacitive touch scree with OGS Display at 720 x 1280 HD resolution
Processor: 1.2 GHz Quad Core MediaTek Mt6589
RAM: 1 Gb
Software Version: Android 4.2.1 (Jelly Bean) OS
Camera: 8 MP AF camera.
Secondary Camera: 3.2 MP front-facing camera FF [Fixed Focus]
Internal Storage: 4 GB with 1.76 Gb user available
External Storage: Expandable up to 64GB
Battery: 2000 mAh battery Lithium Ion
Connectivity: 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, aGPS, 3.5mm audio jack, FM Radio

Box Contents

The box has handset with 2000 battery, Universal USB Charger, Micro USB to USB 2.0 cable, Leather handset Pouch or carry case, user manual, standard headphones, screen guard pre installed.

Build Quality, Design and Form Factor

The build of Videocon A55 HD is really nice, it comes in shiny black which really feels really classic and has really good design with curved back cover, but the back cover is glossy in nature so it will attract fingerprints very easily. The design seems to be inspired from HTC Butterfly but it still it really feels unique and great to hold in hand and really feels like a premium phone. The form factor of the phone is good because of the curved back and feels little big but its not heavy in terms of weight to hold and you will get used to the size of the device in some days of usage.

Display, Memory and Battery Backup

The display is quite good and sharp in colors, the viewing angles of the display are good from right and left as we tested while playing a HD video on the device, it can play HD videos at 720p and 1080p without any issues or audio video lag. The in built memory of the device is 4 Gb internal out of which 1.76 GB and you have support for expanding the memory with SD card and you can also install apps on the SD card and you can also move apps from phone memory to SD card for supported movable applications. The battery backup is around 1 day like any other smartphone but with extensive usage it will be little less than one day.

Software, Benchmarks and Gaming

The software UI is almost stock android we did not face any customizations but there are some new apps like V store which is app store by videocon and Funzone which is another app for alerts, you have 5 home screens which you cannot increase or decrease. The Benchmark scores are given below.

Benchmark Scores

  • Quadrant Standard Edition: 3978
  • Antutu Benchmark: 13146
  • Nenamark2:  35.7 fps
  • Multi Touch:  5 point

Camera Performance

The camera performance is quite good in daylight but in indoors you will see certain amount of softness in the photos, it can record Full HD 1080p video at 30fps from back camera

Camera Samples


Sound, Video and Navigation

The sound quality of this phone is good from the loudspeaker and through the earphones and the loudspeaker is quite loud as well. Most of the popular video formats are supported. You can use the device for navigation as well with the help of assisted GPS on the device but you need to enable the specific settings for the same, see more in our video review below.

Videocon A55 HD Photo Gallery


Videocon A55 HD Full In Depth Review + Unboxing [Video]

Conclusion and Price

Videocon A55 HD comes for a price of Rs. 13499 INR and its worth the price as per the hardware, design and build quality you get.The only drawback for this phone from us would be slippery glossy back cover and little bit thicker than the equally powerful Lava Iris 504q which we have reviewed earlier.

Note: we are also coming up with a full comparison of Lava Iris 504q and Videocon A55 HD here on this blog and please leave a comment at the end of this post if you have any questions, thanks.

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74 thoughts on “Videocon A55 HD Review: Features, Benchmarks, Gaming, Camera and Verdict”

  1. abhi bro can u please tell me as i am going to buy a smartphone this week which one to buy zen utraphone,lava iris and videocon a55 hd i want gud camera and i have also seen in other websites that in images clicked by lava iris got blurred background?

  2. all these phones have almost same type of camera quality, more you can find out if you read our detailed reviews we have written under Full Reviews >> Smartphones category reachable from website top navigation menu.

  3. how about customer service ? can it play high end games like max payne without any lag ?can games downloaded able to move to sd card?

  4. Customer service is there but not sure how strong it is. There is little lag while playing some graphic intensive on this device but most of the games run fine without much lag – yes you can move apps and games from phone memory to SD card.

  5. Does this phone supports the otg ? also does this phone has the capability of obtaining updates over the air ?

  6. mayur shankar bhardwaj

    SIR I AM CONFUSE WITH Celkon A119Q Signature HD , Videocon A55 HD ,& XOLO Q1000. WHICH IS BEST MY BUDGET IS 13,600.
    I call the mobile shop
    prices are celkon-12,500rs , videocon – 13,490 , xoloQ1000-13,999

  7. which one is better in camera quality and performance this one or the Lava Iris 504q, camera is a priority!

  8. camera is equally good on both of these phones in day light and in low light you will see some more noise on videocon a55 hd

  9. its mediatek 6589 – you can confirm the same in our video review where we ran the quadrant to show the system hardware config on this phone.

  10. you can check the same kind of camera samples in the full reviews we have written for both the phones.

  11. I am purchased this phone 2 days ago.every time switched off automatically while pressing the on off button.can any one tell me can solve this problem?

  12. Hello Abhishek sir,

    i want to buy a new phone,plz suggest me one of them in following phones:

    1) Micro max canvas HD A116
    2) Micro max canvas 2
    3) Videocon A55 HD

    i shall be thank full to you for this act of kindness

  13. 1. A116 if you want good performer in games but it has limited internal memory.

    2. Canvas 2 if you want good value for money phone with decent hardware at this price.

    3. videocon A55 hd if you want the best hardware and screen display and good looks out of above two.

  14. Gaming performance is good if not the best at this price point and camera performance you can find out in this article where you have commented. We have added the camera samples in our review.

  15. Hey abhishek sir, you have to tell me (i know you could say all are equall, but you have to tell EVEN 0.1% difference)

    Please only fill in the blanks and paste it.

    Please give points in termes of camera out of TEN.

    1.videocon a55 – (_ /10)
    2.Zen 701HD – (_ /10)
    3.Lava 504q – (_ /10)
    4.xolo q1000 – (_ /10)

  16. I can only give my views on the top 3 as 4th one i havent reviewed. All the three phones are good but Videocon a55 has better display, Zen 701Hd has better build quality and Lava iris 504q has better software features – performance wise they are quite close to each other, you can select anyone out of these 3.

  17. Ok thanks sir, but i prefer better camera.
    Which is good in termes of camera.

    ONLY IN TERMES OF CAMERA. Because as u said all are equally good.

    Please please please tell me atleast listwise like 1st,2nd,3rd

  18. Hi Abhishek,

    I took Videocon A 55 HD, i wanna know how to take screen shot in this.


  19. I purchased the Videocon A55HD cell but right now i want to update my android version to 4.2.2 jell bean so what is procedure for the same…and in this cell there are not software update option like other android phones

  20. Software update is normally pushed by the cell phone manufacturer, so whenever videocon pushes 4.2.2 – you will get it over wifi and 3g through a notification or you can also go to about >> software update under settings to check the same.


    Micromax A116 Canvas HD
    Micromax A110Q Canvas 2 Plus
    Lava Xolo Q1000
    Lava Xolo Play
    Lava Iris 504Q
    Karbonn S5 Titanium
    Intex Aqua i5
    Zen Ultraphone 701HD

  22. You have a long list, first tell us requirement like processsor, ram, display size, display resolution and price budget.

  23. Hi Abhishek,
    I’m looking for a smart phone with good features under 15k range.
    I shortlisted lava iris 504Q , Videocon A55 HD , micromax canvas HD A116 , Huawei ascend P1.
    I’m confused which to buy. Also is there any good smart phone with NFC credentials under 15k ?
    Please guide me in choosing a good smart phone within 15k !!


  24. None of the above phones has NFC, which phones suits best for you depends on your requirement, so please tell us that first and then we can suggest which one out of these will be best for you.

  25. Hello, Mr.Abhishek after having review i finally decided to purchase Videocon a55HD but i want to know about something.
    1- How about the pictures taking in flash mode. Is the flash has much light to take a good picture in low light?
    2- I want to know how is sound quality on having a talk on phone call ?
    3-Can we customize the interface like applying themes ?

  26. 1. Yes flash provide good amount of light for low light scenarios.
    2. In call sound clarity is good but not the best.
    3. Yes you can, but the in built UI is stock android.

  27. Abhi sir, i also confused to buy a phone among these;
    Lava iris 504q, videocon A55Hd, spice pinnacle pro Mi 535 pro & xperia M !

    My requirment is ;
    A good processor, 1 Gb ram, should play almost hi end games and game should be movable if bcoz low storage…and most a very good camera and display 🙂 &wat abt customer service of dese phones.

    pls me out am researching for d best from couple of months…pls do reply…waiting for ur valuable suggestion

  28. All these phones have 1 Gb of RAM and performance wise they come very close to each other.

    Lava iris 504q – better in box accessories and software features
    Videocon A55 HD – better and bright display
    Spice Pinnacle Pro – great build qulaity
    Xperia M – better after sales support among all the others.

    Now you can decide based on these factors, do let us know if still you have any confusion.

  29. Hi, i want to know hows the performance of the canvas hd A116? can we store n play the games on sd card?

  30. Gaming wise canvas Hd a116 performs well and you can store apps and games on sd card as well, but only apps and games which are supported to run from sd card will get stored on the same.

  31. Micromax has a bad image when it comes to after sales support as per the consumers feedback we have and for Videocon we are yet to see the response as they are growing in budgets android smartphone segment, so with in some months it will become more clear how good or bad is the customer support for Videocon.

  32. Hello, Abhishek
    I want to know the GPS review on Videocon a55HD as well as want to know how is the camera video quality.
    It will be better if you provide some video samples of it on youtube.

  33. Hello Abhishek,

    I read all the reviews of yours above, So just couple of reviews of this fone are left:

    1) How about Headfone quality and Do they come like in-ear type like Samsung?
    2) During Call, you said that sound in good, not Best… But is the Sound Clear and Noiseless?

    Your earliest response is appreciated..!!

  34. Hello Abhishek,
    I read all the reviews of yours above, So just couple of reviews of this fone are left:

    1) How about Headfone “Quality” and Do they come like “in-ear type” like Samsung?
    2) During Call, you said that sound in good, not Best… But is the Sound Clear and Noiseless?

    Your earliest response is appreciated..!!

  35. 1. Headphone sound quality is good but not too great and its not that good as we have heard on in ear type on samsung.

    2. Yes, sound is clear and noise free on earpiece.

  36. Hello Abhishek,

    1) Is the Samsung Headfones compatible with Videocon A55 HD? Can we plugin that headfones and will it give the same effect of samsung’s quality?

    2) The design of Videocon A55 HD headfones is “in-ear” type or Flat type?

  37. Honestly from this 2 mobiles, which one would you suggest. (Forget about price, performance, etc)
    Just by over-all conclusion, which one will you suggest?

    1) Lava Iris 504Q
    2) Videocon A55 – HD

  38. Both of the are equally good. We can only tell you as per the requirements of yours.

    Lava Iris 504Q

    Better in box addons
    Light Weight
    additional features with proximity sensors

    Videocon A55 HD

    Better camera
    Nice looks – but glossy finish at the rear of the device.

    You can take the decision based on the above points.

  39. 1. I think you may not be able to use the samsung headphones with this device.

    2. It comes we in ear type headphones.

  40. Hello Abhishek Sir,
    actually i want 2 buy a smartphone with in 12500 rupees….. I’m vry confused …..i want a nice 5 inch display with 1 gb ram and good camera also….i request u sir…..plz.. plz.plz…. advise me, which will better form me……!

  41. Hello Sir,
    Request your Advice to buy a Mobile from listed below.
    * Canvas A116
    * XoloQ800 / Z1000
    * VideoconA55Hd
    *Intex Aqua I-5

    My requirements are: Good Performance, Good Camera Quality, Good Customer Support, Long Product Life (Quality Product) – Price between 10 to 13K

    Request to suggest a Model from above or others too. Appreciated your quick response.

    Thanks in Advance

  42. Canvas A116 will be the best choice out of the all these, you can also opt for Gionee Elife E3 which is also a great device in almost the same price segment.

  43. you can use the phone for GPS navigation with the help of assisted GPS, it will take some time and internet connectivity for locking gps coordinates.

    We will soon upload the HD video sample we recorded from the device at the time of the review.

  44. Sony Xperia M Dual is a good phone with NFC, and with other good features. It is also priced under 15k.

  45. which is the best mobile for high end games like nfs under 18000 . can nokia 625 play high end games and videocon hd 55 ?

  46. Hey Abhishek,

    How about iBall Andi 4.5 K6 ?

    How is this phone in Performance wise?

    Its having the Price Range under 8k.

    So please give a short details about this phone here as soon as possible bro..


  47. Dear sir,
    purely in terms of display quality which one is the better among
    panasonic p51, videocon a55hd, lava 504q, xolo q1000.
    display sould be bright and natural and should have pure milky white which is very pleasant and should not have warmer tone or reddish or brownish tinge.
    please also comment on sound quality through earphones.
    Thanks in advance.

  48. my videocon A55HD mobile phone display and touch screen is broken and i have given it for service 2 months back only in customized service center.. they were telling that parts are not available..i am really tired of it.. can u please tell me wt is the price that costs it and where all the service centers in banglore..

  49. hii sir
    maine videocon a55hd lene ka socha h but maine kbi nokia n samsung ke siva our kisi brand ko use ni kia kya mujhe vdocon lena thk rahega

    our kya ye snapdeal ya flipcart ye sb se ordr krna safe rehta h
    plz rpl soon

  50. Get it repaired from local market then service center, they will do the job at low price but make sure that you go to trusted known shop through your friends.

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