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Zopo ZP990 Quick Review, Price And Comparison

Chinese manufacturers have played an integral part in making the latest tech affordable to the common man. Dual core, Full HD, etc were terms and feature dealt by only the nerdiest and the wealthiest of techies in the country some time back. However, the low cost of manufacture in China and the entrepreneurship of the optimistic Indian has allowed this to be accessible by the masses.

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One example of such a manufacturer is Zopo Mobiles, a company based in Shenzhen, China. They recently rolled out an array of devices for the Indian market, out of which the Zopo ZP980 did manage to make waves. And now, the company has grown into a much mature unit and has come out with another innovative device – the Zopo ZP990.

Let us talk about the device and the specifications it carries.

Camera And Internal Storage

Zopo phones have always been the first ones to have the latest imagine hardware. This trend started with the ZP980’s 13MP unit is more or less taken forward by the ZP990 as well, which features the same 13MP unit, on the rear of the phablet. The sensor has an aperture of f2.2, which will let you take wide angle shots right from your phablet.


On the front, the device packs an above average 5MP unit which should be more than sufficient for most people who use their phone for video calls. On the other hand, the 5MP unit is also bound to impress users who are into self-portraits.

The device, much like it’s sibling (ZP980), Comes with  32GB ROM edition with 1 GB/ 2GB RAM. This is seen as a very smart and wise move, which gives users the much needed flexibility in pricing as well as the specs. Both versions will have the ability to have their storage expanded by up to 64GB via microSD.

Processor And Battery

The device sports the latest quad core from the MediaTek bandwagon – the MT6589T. This processor comes with 4 powerful cores clocked at 1.5 GHz each, and a PowerVR GPU which is capable of handling the latest graphic-intensive games at a high resolution. The specific model of this GPU is PowerVR SGX 544.

You can expect this processor to be as good as the Exynos 4412, which we saw last year in the popular Samsung Galaxy S3. With 1GB RAM, the device will have some left for user applications, however slight lags might be experienced during voracious usage. However, the 2GB RAM variant would take care of this and wouldn’t let the user experience any sort of lag.

The device will have a battery of 3000mAh, which does sound impressive for a 6 inch phablet. Android users have always complained about the low battery backup, and Zopo would hope to change that with the 3000mAh unit on the ZP990.

Display And Features

The unit will feature a massive 6 inch TFT LCD display, which will come with an impressive resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, which is translated to Full HD in layman terms. You can expect fluid picture quality on this device. If you don’t mind a 5+ inch screen phone, you should really wait for the Zopo ZP990. We say this because the ZP980 also had a full HD screen, and did manage to impress us big time.

Among other features, the device has support for dual SIM, something we’ve seen in most phones coming from China.


The device doesn’t have many competitors in the market as of now, and Zopo would hope to make an impression by exploiting this very fact. However, there are a few 5.5 inch phones such as the Lenovo S920, Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy Mega series from Samsung, etc. which might give competition to this device.

Key Specs

Model Zopo ZP990
Display 6 inch Full HD
Processor 1.5GHz quad core
RAM, ROM 1/2GB RAM, 32 GB ROM, expandable by up to 64GB
OS Android v4.2
Cameras 13MP rear, 5MP front
Battery 3000mAh
Price 18,700 for 1 GB version 22,700 for 2 GB version


Given the improving reputation of Chinese manufacturers in India and around the world, the bar of expectation has definitely risen. We were, indeed, impressed by the ZP980 from Zopo a few months back, and we hope to have a similar reaction towards the ZP990 as well. Although the screen size might not suit everyone, people who do not mind the 6 inch form factor might just be in for a treat. Extra 4000 INR for 2 GB RAM version is a little more than what we expected. you can Buy ZOPO ZP99O from official ZOPO India store for Rs. 18,700 (1 GB RAM) and 22,700(2GB RAM)

9 thoughts on “Zopo ZP990 Quick Review, Price And Comparison”

  1. Despite other’s negative reviews (not in here of course) I think this phone is great. When I saw this at I was kinda hesitant because it’s my first time to be using a “phablet?” and when I received mine I’m pleased with its performance and network frequencies are working smoothly. Yep I think this is for keeps! 🙂

  2. I read somewhere that the phones running on the 1.5 MTK processor are having trouble with 2GB RAM. Could you share your views on this?

    Zopo India says they’re opening service cenres all over India(like Gionee), so would it be wise to go for the ZP990? (I’d be thrilled to see the full HD display on a 6″ screen, where it’s actually noticeable).

    What about the issues like GPS fix, sim compatibility etc?

  3. we have tested some 1.5 quad core devices till now, we did not faced any such issue during our review and testing. We cant comment about Zopo 990 we still need to review it.

  4. I had placed an order for ZP980 32GB ROM model, and after a 45 days wait, decided to cancel the order because they were forever giving silly reasons for the delay. Now I wonder if these are available readily or if they will repeat the same story. Thoth the specs look impressive, I am very skeptical about placing an order.

  5. I have one on order (2/32Gb) and OTG is also mentioned on the specs, allowing me to connect a range of USB devices – a serial converter for connecting to Cisco switches for example.
    I would be interested in battery life, 3G performance, GPS speed (and any included maps!) and whether I can use my bluetooth headphones with it.

  6. I have impressed with the specs Zoppo mobiles but there is problem in delivering the mobiles to customers and poor customer service,this is the feedback given by the old customers.Still is it the same situation or any improvement. Do u suggest to buy the ZOPPO mobiles

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