Sony recently launched the Xperia M, which is a device that offers some serious value for money. The phone comes with a dual core processor and 1GB of RAM, which makes it one of the cheapest dual core devices with 1GB RAM, among popular international manufacturers.

The device comes with a price tag of 12,990 INR, and would be competing against a host of budget quad core devices from domestic manufacturers and a few dual core ones from international manufacturers.

Let us go ahead and talk about the specifications of this device in more detail.

Camera And Internal Storage

The phone features a standard set of cameras in a 5MP rear and a VGA front. Although many budget quad core devices costing about the same amount come with 8MP rear cameras, you can expect the 5MP on the Xperia M to be as good (if not better). This is because, picture quality doesn’t solely depend on the resolution, but many other factors including aperture, sensor quality, etc.

Sony could have included a 1.3MP instead of a VGA front, but given the other impressive specifications of this device, we would take a VGA any day. And, practically speaking, a VGA unit should probably be enough for video calls, unless it is very dark.

Like most other devices in it’s range, the Xperia M features 4GB of on-board storage. You can extend this up to 32GB via means of a microSD card.

Processor And Battery

The Xperia M shines in this department. The device sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8227 chipset, which houses a dual core 1GHz processor on it. Not only does the phone carry a powerful processor, but it also comes with 1GB of RAM which is really a plus point for a device from a reputable manufacturer like Sony.

Why we say this? Because most other devices like the Galaxy S Advance, HTC Desire X, etc. which are priced at about the same mark or more, come with 512MB or 768MB of RAM. Sony is bound to catch a few eyeballs with this wise decision of including 1GB RAM.

Some might feel the phone comes with an underpowered battery, rated 1750mAh. However, thanks to the moderate-res screen, the phone might probably take you through one day without much of a hassle.

Display And Features

The device comes with an average display of 480 x 854 pixels spread across a 4 inch screen. You can’t expect the device to have HD quality playback, but for the price, you can’t complain.

This display will be powered by an Adreno 305 GPU, which again, isn’t from the top-line of GPUs, but suits the device, given the category it fits in.

The device comes with a standard connectivity set including WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, 3.5mm audio jack, etc., and also has the required sensors like the proximity, accelerometer and compass sensors.


There are a few mid-ranged dual core devices in the market, but hardly any of those offer 1GB of RAM. Some phones from domestic manufacturers do feature 1GB RAM, however, in most cases carry Mediatek processors which aren’t up to the Qualcomm level as yet.

However, some devices which can give head-on competition to the Xperia M are Huawei Ascend P1, ZTE Blade C, and a host of other devices from domestic manufacturers.

Key Specs

Model Sony Xperia M
Display 4 inches, 854×480
Processor 1GHz dual core
RAM, ROM 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM, expandable up to 32GB
OS Android v4.1
Cameras 5MP rear, VGA front
Battery 1750mAh
Price 12,990 INR


Solely for the fact that the Xperia M carries 1GB of RAM, we give it a thumbs up. If you’re looking for a phone costing about 12-13,000 INR, you’ll have two very clear choices; you can either go for a domestic brand like Micromax and get a quad core and a better screen, or, you can go for the Xperia M. The latter would give you a much better build quality and assurance in the form of a much better after sales service record.

In the end, it would come down to what you’re looking for. We would definitely recommend the Xperia M, though!


  1. I like this review, particularly the tone. It seems very fair and un-biased. This is hard to find in the online tech. world! Many reviewers compare in phone terms – Ford Fiestas with Ferraris which doesn’t make sense, these users are not in the same market. You don’t! Good job.

  2. You do make it sound like it falls short in the GPU department when its clearly not true. First, fix the category which you already have and then compare the models within that category. There is no other offering at that price. It may not be top-of-the-line but It plays almost all the regular games and even the heavy duty ones however there is a bug in the game GTA Vice City where you get stuck jacking the car. I don’t know for sure if it affects all units worldwide but definitely there is a glitch.

    On second thoughts you have done a great job but I must say your USP seems the layout aspect. I’m impressed with such designs. Neat. Easy on the eyes. Functional.

    On a scale of 10.
    7/10 for this great quick review.

  3. Hi,
    iam planning to buy sony xperia M or samsung galaxy core.
    I saw lot of reviews mentioning hanging restart issues with galaxy core.
    how is the xperia M performance wise, battery, games, camera, call quality aspects compared to galaxy core..

    Also heard xperia M has less camera quality. so is it very bad. or average.
    .please suggest which is better buy

  4. Xperia M nd galaxy core….I am confused between them….i want to better internet experience nd games…which one better plz suggest……

    • xperia m is a good device and comes with good build quality as well, galaxy core on the other hand might become sluggish and slow more quickly as per the hands on experience we have with the device.

  5. hi, pls compare camera quality of xperia M with galaxy core. i need descent camera. which color of xperia M will looks good for men…

  6. Hey, I’ve been researching the Sony Xperia M quite a bit and found that the sound quality of calls incoming and microphone quality is not great! Do you have comparison for Experia M and Galaxy Core on sound quality??

    • we don’t have any of these devices with us, so we cant compare as if now – but if we get these devices for review we will keep you posted.

  7. Just nw i bought xperia M ,initial 2-3 hrs it was doing well, i can able to make call nd thus incoming calls r also good..
    but now i dn’t know what happened, incoming calls r not happened,it says user busy…even i can make calls but… When i insert the sim in other norml cell phone, both incoming and outgoing calls r going well,

    I have problem with incoming calls.plz suggest anything.

  8. Just nw i bought xperia M ,initial 2-3 hrs it was doing well, i can able to make call nd thus incoming calls r also good..
    but now i dn’t know what happened, incoming calls r not happened,it says user busy…even i can make calls but… When i insert the sim in other norml cell phone, both incoming and outgoing calls r going well,

    I have problem with incoming calls.plz suggest anything fruitful.m worried 🙁

  9. I strictly do not recommend using the Samsung phones.
    I had the Galaxy S duos in which there is a motherboard issue and i had visit service center for two times.
    After researching on the Internet, I came to know that it has manufacturing defect on it and most of the Galaxy S Duos phone users are facing the same issue.
    I asked the Samsung support people for a replacement and they had rejected it.
    I suggest to u people go with any other company which provides you better after-sales support like Sony or Apple.

  10. M wishing to buy experia M..but internal memory is worring me… If m not wrong its about 2gb (user available) will it b sufficient ?as ill b using big apps nd games..nd wht abt durability?

  11. hii,. i just want to know which phone is more better in between xperia M or galaxy quattro ? please help , m cnfuse..
    many thanks


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