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Alienware 14 and Alienware 17 Gaming laptops for Rs. 113,990 and Rs. 129,990

Dell Inc. has unveiled two Laptops today in India, Alienware 14 and Alienware 17, which promise to take your gaming experience to the Next level. Dell has finally brought Alienware experience to India. Alienware 14 is available in India at a starting price of Rs. 113,990 whereas Alienware 17 is available in India at a starting price of Rs. 129,990. These Laptops have been designed for enthusiast gamers and will provide you with desktop grade performance.


These Laptops offer excellent durability with 60 percent of the mechanical components, more prone to abuse, made of metal. Both Alienware 14 and Alienware 17 come with an elegant design with anodized aluminum shell and magnesium alloy body. The keyboard is also protected with a reinforced plate to ensure durability as this part is under significant stress during extensive gaming.


The Alienware 14 comes with anti-glare LCD display with wide viewing angles for reflection free gaming in all lighting conditions. It also comes with premium Full HD panel option with IPS. This laptop support full voltage Intel Core i7 processors, and NVIDIA GeForce 700 series graphics. DDR3L memory provides exceptional bandwidth with lower voltage requirements designed for increased battery life, and it now provide for three storage derives.

Alienware 17 has an option 3D panel for an even more immersive visual experience. This too comes with full voltage Intel Core i7 processors, and NVIDIA GeForce 700 series graphics. You can add up to four storage drives on the Alienware 17.

“The new products allow us to bring the exciting nature for 3D and high-definition immersive gaming for the passionate gamers. These come packed with extraordinary performance in bold new designs that will take gaming to the next level”, said Mr. Shishir Singh, Director, Product Marketing, Dell India. “The devices have been crafted with meticulous thinking put to every minute detail to give our customers the most powerful gaming laptops.”

Alienware command center also comes with various custom configurable tools. It also allows customers to make their own lighting themes and special effect. It incorporated more than 60 game titles including various popular cames like XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Neverwinter including independent titles like Anomaly 2 and SMITE.


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