Gionee Elife E5 is the second phone in the Elife series from Gionee. It was launched recently after the success of Elife E3 which is a still a decent phone with great hardware. Elife E5 on the other hand comes with a quad core 1.5 Ghz MT 6589T with 1 GB of RAM and has a 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED. Read on further to find out whether this device is worth spending your money.


Elife E5 Quick Specs

Display Size: 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen with 1280 x 720 HD resolution
Processor: 1.5 GHz Quad Core MediaTek Mt6589 Turbo
RAM: 1 Gb
Software Version: Android 4.2.1 (Jelly Bean) OS
Camera: 8 MP AF camera with HD Record at 720 and 1080p
Secondary Camera: 5 MP front-facing camera FF [Fixed Focus]
Internal Storage: 16 GB with 13GB approx
External Storage: No MicroSD card slot.
Battery: 2000 mAh battery Lithium Ion
Connectivity: 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, aGPS, 3.5mm audio jack, FM Radio

Box Contents

Handset, Battery, Flip cover, 2 Screen Guard, Headphones, Service Center Guide, User Manual, MicroUSB to USB cable and Universal USB charger.

Build Quality, Design and Form Factor

The front of the device has glass with dragon trail coating to resist the scratches and the back rear side has a very good plastic with matte finish which again gives you nice grip when you hold the device in your hand, being a unibody design the phone feels really solid and nice in terms of build quality. The phone has almost the right size of display which makes it easy to hold and gives you better grip with curved edges. The form factor of the phone is good and its light in terms weight does not feel heavy, it can easily go in jeans pocket and size is not at all a problem with this phone because of not too big or small display.

Display, Memory and Battery Backup

The display is super AMOLED HD with 720 x 1280 resolution, the viewing angles are quite wide with minimal fading of colors at extreme viewing angles and pixel density of the display is around 316 which is again quite good number for a display of this size. The in built memory of the phone is quite large in size with around 13Gb available to the user on the 16Gb model for installing apps and storing picture, videos and other data. You don’t have the memory SD card slot to expand the storage of the device. Battery backup is around one day nothing exceptional it last for around one day when we used the phone for calling for one half n hour, played some games and also watched some youtube videos for around 1 hour.

Software, Benchmarks and Gaming

The software UI on the phone is not stock android due to which there is little amount of sluggishness and lag in the UI while going across the home screen but its not much and cannot be a deal breaker. You a different style of UI based on the Amigo ROM on this phone and the UI is quite easy to understand but it might take some hours to understand the same. The gaming performance is good, it can play most the graphic intensive games without much noticeable lag and we played Frontline Commando D Day and it ran quite well.

Benchmark Scores

  • Quadrant Standard Edition: 4635
  • Antutu Benchmark: 16337
  • Nenamark2:  56.1 fps
  • Multi Touch:  5 point

Camera Performance

The 8MP rear shooter can take real good photos in day light with macro shots supported and in low light it the picture quality is quite good if not the best. The front camera is 5 MP and can do a HD video chat and can also take quite good self portrait shots with proper light and device should not be shaken while taking the photo.


Camera Samples


Sound, Video and Navigation

The sound output is quite ok but not too loud and the speaker mesh is the back side on the bottom on the rear which might get blocked when you place the device flat on the back on a table. It can play HD videos both at 720p and 1080p without any issues. The device can be used for Navigation as well with the help of assisted GPS but make sure to enable the same under location settings, see our video review for more info on how to enable assisted GPS and GPS EPO assistance for navigation.

Gionee Elife E5 Photo Gallery


Elife E5 Full In Depth Review + Unboxing [Video]

Conclusion and Price

Elife E5 is a quite decent device which comes with good amount of internal storage which will help you install more games and apps later without even thinking about storage, one may not feel the need of the memory card in this device till the time you fill around 13GB on the device which is not that easy to fill, it comes for a price 19,999 MRP but it is available for much lesser price in the market. The only thing we did not liked is the loud speaker low sound volume and design and placement, apart from that everything is good about this device.

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  1. Cn e5 handle a fall…. ?
    As it is mentioned on othr sites dt e5 ds nt hv great protection frm falling..nd in one shoulder fall it cn break d screen..
    Pls do rply …

    • yes, it can it has quite strong build and the front glass display has dragontrail glass coating but not sure how will resist to fall from more than waist height.

  2. Htc one xl or one x at&t is one hell of a phone with lot more features & is available at a price of 300$ or 18000 INR. If you have such good devices with great android experience available at the market then i wonder why you guys waste your time reviewing such low quality chinese devices which are far low on features, performance, quality, brand value & with almost no service support & forget about the resale value. Try to look at the bigger picture when reviewing gadgets as your reviews can well affect somebody”s decision making process which that person might repent on later. Its good that you review to help out people but be carefull in selections. Good luck.

    • Hi Aneek

      htc one x is no doubt a great device which is available at a decent price – but its also known for heating a lot and degraded battery backup over time and not everyone in this world are happy with or want to buy htc phones, there market share can give you a better answer, i hope this answers ur question why we review other phones.

      About chinese phones, we review these phones because our readers and viewers ask for it and we tell them whats bad and whats good about the device and it helps a lot more people out there.

      • I agree with you mate but here i was not talking about the htc One X. Perhaps, i was pointing at the htc One XL which is a 1.5gHZ dual core krait powered device instead of the htc One X which is a quad core device. Mostly the quad core devices are battery suckers & do heat up on heavy usage, but this is not the case with the One XL which is a dual core offering from htc. The One Xl though being short on specs sheet compared to the One X, is a much better device out of the two & is even cheaper in comparison. As far as market share of the brands are concerned then htc is surely way ahead of the chinese counterparts in terms of everything from A to Z. I previously had an Alcatel device which is a joint offering from Alcatel Lucent of France & TCL communication of China & now from the past 6 months i own Htc One XL. And believe me friend there is absolutely no comparison between the two. its almost earth & heaven in favour of the One XL. Gionee is no different which you will realise in the long run. Still, if you are reviewing devices on people request then keep it up mate you are doing quite well on that end.

        • and do you think chinese devices are worth considering….? if yes, then which chinese phone or a phone with a low brand value do you rate as the best including the gionee elife e5 which can compete with the big brand names in the market till date?

          • Chinese devices as if now does offer a quite value for money, they might get slow over time but its the same thing that happens with samsung phones as well. And when I say value for money I mean the hardware which you get, otherwise for the same money you get a slower and slightly underpowered phones like grand if you compare the same with canvas hd, gionee e3 or e5 for instance.

            The problem i see is not the device but the support that is really bad and some times does not even exist for the chinese phones but things should get better with time. Micromax has around 22% market share as if now, again that does not mean suddenly micromax is a better company than samsung but its because of the better value for money device they offered and people went for it.

            Again most of the phones have problems which and the number might be big in case of micromax than samsung, but the support which matters the moment you have problem with the device is definitely better if you have samsung.

  3. Got your point… so which is the best value for money device available in the market today that you suggest going by your experience with such gadgets? Please reply asap as i am willing to purchase a secondary phone that does not burn a hole in my pocket & that too without compromising much on features & performance. This would be of great help. Thanks.

  4. Hey Abhishek, a regular follower of yours. I want to ask that when will u review Lenovo phones P780 and S920..eagerly waiting.
    I asked the same question on your youtube channel but I got no reply 🙁


    • Battery life is around one day with moderate usage, and you cant replace it urself its not removable – as far as service is concerned, it shld be good we havent heard any complaint till now.

      • bro i hv never used an andriod pnn. iv some saving amount about 20000,, i liked the model watching at ur page..but im not sure aBOUT its quality .. so there is any possibility of loosing money with this phn?

        • E5 is good phone with really good build quality at the price it comes and performance is good if not the best, now its ur call, let us know if you have more questions about this phone.

    • if you have seen any benchmark that might have been done on the pre production units so it can be lower as they are lower in that case but final units which comes to india should have better scores.

    • Hi Akshay,

      How much is it cost and where did you buy?
      What is the review on performance and lag?
      Do u see lot of lag or no lag ?

      • It was a review unit, we haven’t bought it. It has little UI lag but its not much and overall performance is good.

  5. Do you think the premium for e5 over e3 is justified?
    If I had to choose between e3 @ 13k and e5 @ 17k, which one would you suggest?

    • E5 is a better performer with 1.5 Ghz Quad core and faster GPU – but battery cannot be removed and its heavier than e3.
      E3 is really light device with decent performance and 1.2 Ghz processor.

      • Thanks, now decided against e5.
        However, still caught between Zen ultrafone701, xolo q800 and gionee elife e3. Please let me know which one would you pick.

        p.s. – Have had a bitter experience with a Lava tablet which has been in serice centre for last 3 months, so not really sure about Xolo as well.

  6. Hi,

    What are the language supported in E5? Especially is it supporting Tamil?
    Does it really heat so much as the user suggests??
    Do u feel Lag on daily usage if you load with whatsapp, facebook full contacts sync and with number of games?
    I am using HTC wildfire S bought 2 years back and I am looking for a device around 15-20K .Which one will be best ?
    Does it load twitter with local indian languages or only we can see lot of boxes as I see now with my wildfire S?


    • 1. It does not support tamil by default as phone language or for the keyboard.
      2. No it does not heat much during normal usage, but with heavy games it does but again that does not make the device uncomfortable.
      3. Slight lag can be experienced but still its quite usable in such scenarios.
      You can go for Elife E5, Canvas 4 or Canvas doodle 2 as well if you want a bigger display phone.

      • Can you compare some htc device which can be priced to 20k with E5. Which one will you support ? For example desire x, xc or desire 500. I was going through lot of reviews and all are praising elife e5 . Even I see people suggesting it above micromax mobiles . Do you observe really considerable difference compared to other chineese devices or this one is bit different ? What do you see as problem in this device compared to standard brands ?

        • The reason other reviewers like Elife E5 is the great build quality, nice design and decent performance thats why its even better option than Micromax current offering, however canvas 4 is also a good option but has its own camera and software issues which i do not not see in e5.

          Comparing it with the branded HTC desire 500 and x I cant say much as I haven’t got my hands on experience of these devices.

    • This phone is pretty good on the build quality and the software is also stable and in terms of performance its a decent choice if you want a very fast phone you can wait for future phones, on durability it should be good.

  7. What would you suggest Q1000S vs. Elife E5? Gionee seem to be trust-able chinese brand, per your reviews and their strict manufacturing process. I see hardware spec are same (hence the benchmarks). Q1000S edges in both camera & battery. i am concerned about post sale support for xolo (users in internet feedback is scary). Pls. share you opinion. And, Given a choice of two, what would you choose?

    • Gionee will be a better after sales support as compared to xolo thats what I can see from the user feedback and others things. Elife e5 is a great nice build quality and decent performance device, however I cant say much about Q1000s – its coming to us in some days so will let you know more once we do the review of it.

  8. Bought it yesterday, Good phone. Games like FIFA 14 & NFS: Most Wanted looks good. Tend to heat during heavy games but not during normal use. Also great build quality.

    • Most the phones heat during heavy game play, this one too but as per heating we noticed on our unit we reviewed it does not heat that much to make you uncomfortable to hold.

  9. hey abhishek .
    i view ur reviews regularly and igyaan’s too..
    i have a huge confusion in buying a phone costing around 20k.
    i hav seen many phones with their pros and cons.
    doodle 2 canvas 4 xoloq1000s gionee e5 htc one x+ htc desire 500 htc desire 600 and many many more..i dont know what to do.please let me me know which phone should i go for..

  10. hey abhishek .
    i view ur reviews regularly and igyaan’s too..
    i have a huge confusion in buying a phone costing around 20k.
    i hav seen many phones with their pros and cons.
    doodle 2 canvas 4 xoloq1000s gionee e5 htc one x+ htc desire 500 htc desire 600 iberry n1 samsung core canvas hd and many many many more.the list goes on.i dont know what to do.please let me me know which phone should i go for..

  11. Hi
    Likewise i was also confused about the phone to purchase some 3 months back. I had till then only used nokia and blackberry phones.
    Over the counter i saw E5… N I just fell in love with it..
    I m using it for last 3 months n am glad i made my decision in favour of e5.. It is a gem… I will give 100 out of 100 to it…
    Please dont believe anyone.. At the end of it all its ur hard earned money..visit a store which has all possible options of ur choice.. Experience them n then decide… Just one advive …. Definetly try e5 as well….

  12. Hi Abhishek, please sugest me an android4.2 under Rs.15000, with 5″ display, better sound, battry >2000,
    quadcore processor >1.2 , 3g ,dual sim,with good service after sales…
    Thanks in advance

  13. Hi Abhishek, i am a regular follower of your reviews, but first time writing a comment as i want to ask some specifit query about e5
    1) As it doesnt have a removable battery than does it make any difference as far as the battery performance and replacement is considered.
    2) I want to know can we record HD video from the front camera and can we use the external mike for sound to be recorded during video shoot from front camera.
    3) Does it support USB OTG, as i have read on the site that it support USB OTG (We can plug the usb pen drive) and also support wireless keyboard and mouse.
    4) As you said E3 is also good than what is the upgraded features in E5 that made it better than E3 (with limitation of non-removal battery and 1 Ghz processor).
    5) I really love the specs of this phone that’s why i would like to know some deeper as I am looking forward for a phone with USB OTG and good cameras specially the front one because i need to do a lot of video chat, webinars and self video interview for my product and company.
    If you can answer my questions than this will the final call for me to buy E5.
    Will wait for your response. Thanks in advance.

    • 1. Battery performance is not a problem, and replacement will cost you an amount but the time for replacement wont come soon, it will last for around 1.5 years easily and at that time, you can sell it and upgrade it. But if you plan to use it for next 2-3 years then, it will give you issues and it will start losing the charge in this long time of usage.

      2. The video and sound both has to be recorded by the device itself, we dont think its possible unless you use a custom software to do the same.

      3. There is no OTG support.

      4. E5 has the same processor and GPU but they are clocked at higher frequency so the overall performance of the device will be better and also the battery on e3 is lesser when compared.

      5. Camera performance is good, the front is also decent and can take good self shots when needed. You can also do good quality of video chat from the front camera.

  14. hi abhishek,
    m quite confused grand galaxy n canvasd 4?
    which one i should buy…..have haerd alot abt poor support reagrding canvas 4 problems and poor battery lyf of grand galaxy…….
    plz reply….

  15. Hello,
    I am confused which one to buy..?
    Lenovo S820 and Elife E5.

    My focus is mainly on after sales service and the build quality.I have no idea about these two companies.
    Please suggest me…asap

    • Lenovo S820 is more beautiful on the design perspective than e5, but e5 is solid on the build quality, the after sales service is good from both of these brands – if looks matter you more we recommend you s820 otherwise e5. One more thing E5 is a better performer but is a unibody device with non removable battery.

  16. Hi Abhishek

    My budget is around 15K but i can stretch it till 17k I am thinking about buying Gionee elife E5 site price is 16999 but my main concern is the taboo of chinese phone and servicing
    what are the other phones you suggest within this range
    I want a decent battery back up
    Should play games smoothly
    Design should be good
    Plus E7 would launch in India by this Christmas is there any chance the rates of E 5 would fall any further, please suggest some other phones too

  17. hello sir do u know anything about the after service quality of gionee n should i trust this new brand the company says this phone is strong so can u do a drop test of this handset or compare it with iphone or any other big brand

  18. Hi,
    I am concerned about the camera quality.I am currently using xperia ray and like the camera quality.Can you give me a comparison or verdict about the camera.

    • camera on this device is decent, cant say about the xperia ray as if now. We will let you know once we do the full review of Xperia Ray

    • e5 is a much better phone in terms of build quality, camera but performance is same on both. but after sales is better with gionee.

  19. hi,
    can u suggest a phone with the following specs
    atleast 8 gb internal storage with sd card
    1gb ram
    2000mh battery
    under 15000rs

    • You can opt for Gionee elife E5 which may not be under 15k but near to that, most of the phones under 15k will have 4 Gb internal memory.

      • but as e5 has no removable back cover, what if the phones get stuck?. usually what i do when my phone get stuck is that i remove my battery and reinsert it.
        Also i prefer a little more big screen. any micromaxx or xolo phone???

        • you have micromax canvas doodle 2 and xolo q2000 which you can consider – in case of e5 you can restart the phone by pressing volume and power key at the same time.

  20. i saw a e5. very good design. But yet i need more time to make up my mind.
    Which is the best launcher for jellybean?
    Can we change the animations of the phone without rooting?
    i have about 17000rs. need heavy apps and games to work. and a large screen. plz help.


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