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[How To] Fix Sudden App Crash and Misbehaving Apps on Android

In this post we will tell you how to fix your Android Frequent App crashing problem. When your android device gets old and you are one of those users who installs and uninstall apps quite frequently you are most likely to face this problem of application lag or crash, which is in fact quite irritating.

Before you install task killers, which you should abstain from as they can kill some important system apps and are mostly not required try some of the following simple things.

Why you shouldn’t be worried about running out of Cache Memory

With time app writes stuff on your phone and uses the very precious System cache during the process. Later Android versions have in built mechanism to deal with this. It clears cash when it requires some and you don’t have to worry about running out of Cache memory. Retrieving data from permanent storage takes more time and consumes more battery. For this reason the data you use very often is stored in the Cache memory which is faster to access. Thus to clear cache of all App very often is not a great idea, because then the CPU has to do all the hard work again. Unused cache is wasted cache. Your android reserves some for system processes and will free more RAM/memory when required.

What to do when an App Misbehaves or crashes?

When a particular App misbehaves it might be because of temporary files stored in the Cache. Follow the following steps.

1) Go to the setting option

2) Tap on Apps

3) Find the misbehaving app from the list (slide the top menu option to All Apps if you can’t find it)


4) Tap on the App and hit the “Clear Cache ” option

5) If the App still doesn’t work you can click on “Clear Data”. This will work same as installing and uninstalling an App.

What to do when you can’t pin point the misbehaving App?

When you can’t pinpoint the Misbehaving App you can opt for clearing cache from all Apps. This will tedious to do manually for every single app. Playstore is full of Apps which offer to clear your cache at one go. You can download App Cache Cleaner

1) Go to Playstore and Download App Cache Cleaner (free)

2) Tap on Agree to and you will see list of all Apps along with their Cache Memory usage.


3) Tap on Clear all and you are done

You can also go to settings and schedule to automatically clear cache, but we strongly recommend against it. It can very well cause system apps and many more to misbehave.

How to pinpoint performance degrading Apps in Advance

Your Speed is mostly affected because of Apps that over engage your CPU and not your cache or RAM. These Background Apps like your chat messenger Apps and Mail host Apps engage your CPU regularly for seeking updates and other tasks. If a particular App is degading your system performance you can identify it by following steps

1) Download Watchdog Lite (free) from Playstore

2) You will see the list of Apps and their CPU consumption after you agree to terms and conditions


3) You can go to Preferences and Check “Include Phone process”, “Monitor phone process” and “Display phone process”

4) You will receive an alert whenever an App Misbehaves

This app is quite light and won’t take much of your system resources. This is always a better option and you will be warned in advance. Many users do have the urge to clean their Cache every 4 hours or so but that is not advisable for above mentioned reasons. If you find this article Helpful in speeding up your device let us know in the comment section below. If you are still facing some problem, you can mention that in your comments and we will try to sort it out.


Deepak Singh

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