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BSNL Joins Hands with Champion Computers for Entering Gadgets Market

When others are targeting the Indian market for the smartphones then should not the companies at home should do the same, especially when they can do it better and with low efforts. Keeping the same idea in mind BSNL has taken the help of Champion Computers to land up in the Indian smartphone and tablets market.


You must have not heard the name and neither have I but it can be predicted that the tender for this project must have gone to Champion Computers and they have the good opportunity to goof up their name in the market.

The specifications of the proposed gadgets are not out. This initiative comes from the fact that BSNL is now trying to promote 3G throughout the country by providing special 3G packs for tablets. There are mainly 2 packs which include 500MB + 50 min on voice video calling to be free for first 6 months and the other pack offers the 500 MB 3G for straight 12 months.

So, if they are already promoting 3G packs for the other tablets then why not to go for releasing the new cheaper tablets and smartphone which will encourage the usage of such devices in the common mass and also easily help the tech-savy consumer markets to meet their requirements easily. Stay tuned to know about upcoming BSNL gadgets.


Abhinav Singh

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