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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 VS LG G2 Comparison Review

We’re sure this is a comparison post which many of our readers would have been looking forward to. The Galaxy Note 3 (Quick Review) and the G2 are two of the most powerful devices which have seen Indian shores in the recent past. Both carry 5+ inch screens, which makes a tussle between these two devices as eminent as it gets; and we’re going to speak of nothing other than that!

If you missed it, GadgetsToUse got their hands on the LG G2 much before the competition, and here’s our review of it – LG G2 Full Review.

Weight and Dimensions

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 being a 5.7 inch phablet measures 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm and weighs a hefty 168g. On the other hand, the smaller and more compact LG G2 which comes with a 5.2 inch screen measures 138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9 mm and weighs 143g which is quite a bit lighter than the Note 3.

While users of the Note 3 have reported that the device is much easier in the hand that you expect it to be, we feel that the G2 is much better in the handling department thanks to its smaller size, thinner bezels and the cut down weight.

Display and Processor

As mentioned previously, the Note 3 and the LG G2 come with 5.7 inch and 5.2 inch screens respectively. However, both devices feature the same resolution, i.e. 1080p full HD. This brings the ppi meter to a stop at 386 on the Note 3, while the LG G2 does a little better and takes it up to 424 ppi. Videos and images are supposed to have the extra bit of punch on the LG G2, however we’re not sure how many users will be able to differentiate between these.

The Indian variant of the Galaxy Note 3 features the same ‘octa-core’ Exynos 5410 seen on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Although there’s no doubting the prowess of this powerful chipset, the Snapdragon 800 does seem to be the more powerful one out of the two. And due to it (Snapdragon 800) being used on a variety of other devices, you can expect better app compatibility too. However, the Note 3 makes a return with 3GB of of RAM as opposed to 2GB on the G2.

Camera and Memory

Like any other flagship phone of this year, both these devices come with 13MP rear units. You can check the performance of the G2 in our review. As you would’ve read in the review, the camera on the G2 is pretty impressive. We expect a similar level of detail in pictures taken from the camera of the Note 3. However we will not be surprised if the unit on the Note 3 is not as good as the G2.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 wins the storage battle. Not only does the device come in an additional 64GB variant, but it also features a microSD card slot for further expansion. A 64GB variant and microSD card slot are two features will you will not be able to find on the G2.

Battery and Features

Both these devices are neck to neck on the battery front. The Note 3 features the bigger battery out of the two which was expected thanks to it’s larger footprint, but the LG G2 packs an impressive 3000mAh compared to Note 3’s 3200mAh. You have to keep in mind that the Note 3 is a much larger device with its 5.7 inch screen.

However, although LG have been able to cram a 3000mAh unit into the body, it will only be a non-removable one. On the other hand, the Note 3 comes with a regular removable battery which you can switch on the go.

On the backup front, the G2 might have an upper hand. However, a lot will depend on the software optimizations so we can’t say much right now.

Key Specs

Model LG G2 Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Display 5.2 inches full HD 5.7 inches full HD
Processor 2.26 GHz quad core 2.26 GHz quad core
Internal Storage 16GB/32GB not expandable 16GB/32GB/64GB expandable by up to 64GB
OS Android v4.2.2 Android v4.3
Camera 13MP rear, 2.1MP front 13MP rear, 2MP front
Battery 3000 mAh 3200 mAh
Price 41,500 INR (16GB)
44,500 INR (32GB)
49,990 INR


Firstly, it has to be said that LG have done a rather impressive job making the phone available at a much more affordable price. 41,500 INR looks much closer to the 40k INR mark than the 49,990 INR of the Note 3. LG seem to have understood that India is a market which is very sensitive to price.

If given a choice, we would wait for about 2 weeks to see if there are any gitches with the two devices. And if not, the G2 would make for our ideal choice. However, the Note 3 will be a much better device as a multitasker, thanks to it’s multitasking-oriented UI and the 3GB of RAM. So, make your choice keeping in mind your usage style.

LG G2 VS Samsung Note 3 Comparison Review, Specs, Camera, Storage, Form Factor and Value For Money [Video]


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