Gionee Elife E6 is the latest flagship phone from the Giant China Manufacturer which has made different statement in indian market in recent months with some successful products likes Elife E3 and E5 which are the top selling phones in their product line up. It only 6 months for this brand to come to india and it has been believed as one of the trusted brand these days when it come to budget android phones in india. In this review we tell you all that Gionee Elife e6 comes with and how value for money the device and its associated features are, read on further to know more.


Gionee Elife E6 Quick Specs

Display Size: 5 inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen with 1920 x 1080 HD resolution
Processor: 1.5 GHz Quad Core MediaTek Mt6589
RAM: 2 Gb
Software Version: Android 4.2.1 (Jelly Bean) OS
Camera: 13 MP AF camera.
Secondary Camera: 5 MP front-facing camera FF [Fixed Focus] e
Internal Storage: 32 GB with Approx 25 Gb user available
External Storage: No MicroSD Slot
Battery: 2000 mAh battery Lithium Ion
Connectivity: 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth with A2DP, aGPS, 3.5mm audio jack, FM Radio
Others: OTG Support – No

Box Contents

Handset, Headphones in ear with metallic heads (Good Build Quality) with tangle free cable, Flip Cover, 2 Screen Guards, Service Center List, Warranty Card, User Guide, Elife E6 Stand, MicroUSB to USB 2.0 cable, Universal USB Charger.

Build Quality, Design and Form Factor

The build quality of the Gionee Elife E6 is a best seen from the manufacturer till now as far as Unibody plastic phones we have seen earlier, it does not feel cheap quality of plastic. The back finish of the black version is matte but on the white one its glossy and this makes the white version looks more premium and black looks classy in looks. The design seems to be inspired from iPhone to some extent but when you hold both the device together, Elife E6 does stand out and create a unique image of its own. The device is around 7.9 mm thin which is really nice to see in a 5 inch display phone and the weight of 128 grams with this much display may surprise you. The form factor of the device is quite good as its slim profile and not too big in size makes it easy to hold and carry around and one handed usage of the device is also quite good but you may not able to use it with one hand all the time.

Camera Performance


The rear camera on the device is 13MP shooter with LED Flash and Auto focus supported. The rear camera performs great in day light and indoors as well the camera performance is pretty good, more you can get to know once you check out the camera samples below. The front is fixed focus 5 MP which is pretty good in terms of colors and details for a HD video chat.

Camera Samples


Display, Memory and Battery Backup

The display is a 5 Inch IPS LCD with resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels with pixel density of the 441 pixels per inch, you will not notice pixilation on the screen with naked eyes and the viewing angles are also quite wide, browsing web or watching videos is a great experience on this full HD display. The in built memory of the device is around 32 GB out of which around 25Gb approx is available to the user for installing apps, storing pictures, videos and other data as but you can also use the phone storage of new apps which you will install. As it’s a unibody device so you cannot remove the battery outside the phone and there is no microSD card slot so you cannot expand the storage but in built memory is quite huge on this device. The battery backup is around 14-15 hours with full charge on moderate usage which includes little games play like Temple run oz, subway surfer for little time, 1 hour of web browsing, social media applications usage like Facebook, Twitter with 3G on but for heavy users who watch a lot of videos, play heavy graphic games it will be considerably less and power saving feature on the phone helped us to get more backup as well.

Software, Benchmarks and Gaming

The software UI is completely optimized in terms of the look and its little sluggish as well at times but not that much which could annoy a user. UI on this phone is a single level UI in which you have all apps installed shown directly on the home screens, you get 3 default home screens which you cannot increase it will auto happen as you install more apps, there is no app drawer. Some good things about the UI is that you can use the camera on the phone directly from the lock screen as well by using the camera widget. Gaming wise the device is good as it can play most of the graphic intensive games however you might notice little graphic glitch in some of the heavy graphic games and casual games like Temple run Oz, Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers etc runs fine without any issues. Benchmark scores are given below.

Benchmark Scores

  • Quadrant Standard Edition: 4666
  • Antutu Benchmark: 1st Run: 14838 2nd Run: 15353
  • Nenamark2:  34.5
  • Multi Touch:  5 Point

Sound, Video and Navigation

The sound quality and loudness of the loudspeaker is pretty good and it does not get blocked when you place the device on a table. You also get good quality of sound from the in ear headphones which you get in the package of this device. It can play HD videos at 720p and 1080p without any audio or video sync issues. You can use it for GPS navigation as well and but make sure to enable it on the device under location settings and GPS locking took around 2-3 minutes for us on the device we reviewed.

Gionee Elife E6 Photo Gallery


Gionee Elife E6 Full In Depth Review + Unboxing [Video]

Conclusion and Price

Gionee Elife E6 has been launched for a price if 22,999 MRP but its available at online retailers for a lesser price of around  20 to 21k which again is little bit more for this device but per the build quality, the form factor combined with decent hardware and customized software it’s a good deal at 20k if you can get it. Some things which we do not like about the device is slight lag in UI and non removable battery and no memory card expansion slot but the in built memory is quite good to make you forget the memory card. To finally conclude we liked the device form factor, light weight and it’s a good performance on the application and gaming front.

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    • Hi Bhavesh,

      Hope you remember me. Can you share me your email address so i can let you know who i am?
      Its been long you left cotton green.


    • There is a slight lag in UI when you switch in between home screens – it can handle games including the casual ones and heavy ones as well, but you might notice little glitch in some games you play on this device, applications run fine with no lag.

  2. Dear Abhishek, nice review overall. just got a few doubts.
    1. u mentioned lag in the UI, which I already asked for in the preview if u remember, just wanted to know where all u felt the it too much annoying??
    2. Do we have notification tray in this amigo UI.. u never showed any demo of it??
    3. I would like to install widgets esp calenders in my homescreen, is it possible to install widgets as in vanilla android..
    4. last question gionee elife e6 vs LG nexus 4..which one u would say..

    • 1. The Ui lag is there while switching across home screens but its not much to annoy the user.
      2. Yes you do have notification tray on this phone.
      3. You do not have widgets support on the AMIGO ui on this phone.
      4. Elife E6 is a good device and LG nexus 4 is good but its a older device with average camera, I would suggest you Elife E6 in this case with better camera and display and decent performance.

  3. Dear Abhishek. Thanks for review.

    1. Where I can buy elife e6 in Mumbai? Is it only available online? Will it hit stores anytime in mumbai?
    2. who are the serious contenders of e6 at this price point (with 2GB RAM and FHD)?
    3. Keeping in view likely launch of canvas 5 and nexus 5 in Oct, is it worth to wait?

    s s kedia

    • 1. I think right now if its not available through offline stores, you can buy it from online stores. I think it will take some time before you see it in the offline stores.
      2. Intex Aqua i7, Smart Namo Saffron 1 etc
      3. Canvas 5 is coming in november and Nexus 5 will come soon but to come to india it will take some to be available here.

  4. Hey Hi abhishek
    i have got some doubts about this phone
    1.Sim is Micro sim or Normal one… ??
    2. Which GPU does this phone have ?? is it PowerVR SGX544 ??
    3.does the web browser supports flash ??
    4.what possiblities do u think that the phone will be released in Dual Sim also by Gionee..??
    5.Does it Supports NFC ??
    6.Have u played these games on this phone
    ASPHALT 7,
    If u have played please tell us the review about graphics and performance of GPU..
    7.the most importantant question :- Does this phone have over heating issues ???

    • 1. MicroSIM
      2. PowerVR SGX544
      3. No Flash support by default.
      4. it wont come in dual sim in future.
      5. no nfc support.
      6. I have played frontline commando d day and asphalt 7 – high end graphic games will show slight lag at times while running on this device.
      7. Device does heat a bit but nothing abnormal or uncomfortable in terms of heat temperature on this device.

  5. hi abhishek good to see a honest review from u,
    actually i want to know about elife e6 music out put quality through ear phone,
    actually i’m music lover should i buy this phone for music?

  6. hello sir,
    can u plz tell me which phone to chose between elife e6 and lenovo k900???? as both of them are around 23k, have same 13mp camera and full HD display. so i am confused between these two phones. also can u please tell which of these phones has the better game play experience????

    • We are testing the lenovo k900 and will let you know our response on the same, both of these devices are good and we will soon be coming up with lenovo k900 and e6, stay tuned.

  7. Hello,

    Can you please compare e6 with iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 and let me know which one is best for the following?

    1. Sound quality
    2. Games
    3. Camera quality
    4. HD video quality
    5. UI
    6. Outlook design

    • iberry neclea n1 cant be compared to gionee e6, that device shuts down while playing games, hangs everyday and has very cheap back cover. u can compare iberry n1 karbonn phones below 10k.

  8. Hi Abhishek..
    Which is better in all sides(Camera Quality,,,,Music,,,Processing Speed,,,,,Battary,,,,Screen Clarity)
    Nexus 4,Gionee E6,Iphone 4s…

    • Camera – iPhone 4 > Gionee E6 > Nexus 4
      Music – No idea
      Processing – It depends on the task, all these phones are equally good to use.
      Battery Backup is a also good on all these phones.
      Screen clarity equally good on Gionee e6, iPhone 4S and Nexus 4

  9. Does this phone support live wallpapers and widgets and can we root this device or install custom rom like cyangenmod

    • By default on the AMIGO UI it does not support Live Wallpapers and Widgets but you can root the phone, but how I have no idea on this.

  10. Hi Abhishek..
    iam confuse between lenovo k900 and lenovo p780 and gionee E6
    Which is better in all sides(Camera Quality,,,,Music,,,Processing Speed,,,,,Battary,,,,Screen Clarity)

    • we have tested Gionee E6 only out of these two, so cant comment – but very soon we will let you know more about k900

  11. hi abhishek, one more thing i want to ask about gionee elife e6, is it possible to root the phone ? if yes then is it be a stock android phone?

    • I m zero on rooting – so I request all the rooting experts reading our website to help you here. I think rooting is possible, but how no idea.

  12. Dear Abhishek sir

    I am enjoying your tech and gadgets post.

    Please let me know that
    1. Does Gionee Elife E6 have better sound output?
    2. Can we add new home screen without apps?
    3. Give your comments on Web Browsing (Smooth or Leggy)
    4. Which one is more better overall in terms of performance not price E5 or E6?
    5. Can we play normal hd games smoothly?
    Thank you sir…

    • 1. Gionee Elife E6 does not have too loud sound output, its good level for me but many people louder sound levels in this device.
      2. You cannot add more home screens but installing more apps you new homescreens gets added automatically.
      3. Web browsing no issues – pretty smooth with UC browser(comes preinstalled)
      4. E5 is better performer for gaming and E6 is a good performer for apps and day to day usage with Full HD display.
      5. Heavy games like asphalt 7 does show some graphic lag and gravity sensor is also not very responsive while playing it.

  13. Hi Abhishek

    1. Can you pls compare this device with Zopo zp980.
    2. Is this phone’s internal memory partition in two one for apps and another for data like Zopo zp980 ?

  14. Hi Sir,
    Thanks for the review.
    I’m thinking of buying Gionee E6. Have you any other better suggestion under 25k? Or if there’s other better devices to be launched in next 1-2 months?

    • E6 is a great device for any kind of apps or day to day usage but dont expect a great gaming performance from it. You can consider Elife E5 if you like to have a better device, Canvas 5 will be launched soon in november you can wait till that comes out.

  15. Dear Abhishek sir.

    As my budget is 20,000 to 22000 for new smartphone. I wish to know the best choice for me for my budget.

    My Preferences includes:

    1. I want HD / FHD Screen.
    2. Good Battery Back up and Camera
    3. Decent Audio Quality of Loud speaker
    4. 4.5 to 5 inch screen

    Suggest your views…Thanks

    • 1. Most of the phones in this price budget have HD or FHD screen.
      2. I would suggest you to get Elife E5, Intex Aqua i7 or xolo q1000s out of all the options.

      • need ur expert advice i am getting lumia 920 and gionee elife e6 both at 22000 ..

        so which one should i choose ..????

        • The answer to ur question is quite simple I guess, as if you like a windows phone go for Lumia 920 or If you want android go for Gionee Elife e6

          • well i havent used any of them so plz suggest me .

            my preferences are :
            1.good low light photography.
            2.lots of apps ,flexible and user friendly OS because am enthusiast
            3.beautiful screen .
            4.good battery backup.
            5.future updates because i have to use it for 3 years

            and by the way great review u r doing a great job keep going…:)

          • 1. low light photos looks good taken from the back camera
            2. yes you can install lot many apps and games as in build free storage is around 25 Gb which is fair enough for user needs.
            3. Display on this phone great in terms of colors and brightness both.
            4. battery backup is quite ok not too good and with moderate usage you can use it for almost one day with full charge.
            5. You will get future updates over the air on this device through wifi.

            I hope this helps.

      • Thats the most irritating part of chinese phones, i can charge my nokia lumia 820 in an hr………

        Abhishek is it the issue with charger or anythg else…………

        • Yes, sometimes the issue could be due to charger, lose power grip on the phone microUSB port and wrong output current also can be responsible for this.

    • You can opt for Gionee elife e6, Sony Xperia SP – let us know ur complete requirements so that we can help you better.

  16. i really was interested in this cell but i wanted a good camera on this i really am waiting some one tell me how good it stands against samsung S3.or sony experia ZL.

  17. Hi Abhishek,

    Are there any devices with 2 GB RAM in the same budget as gionee e6?
    Is the battery back up good with 3G ??

    • Intex Aqua i7 available for a price of around 20k approx, but we haven’t tested the device till now but, we will review it soon.

  18. does elife e6 has good service center in india?
    what is the best mobile phone in range of 20 to 22k?
    i am looking for good camera,battery,performance and best features provided with in this range.

    Thanks in Advance…

    • Gionee has service centers in india for E6 and their other products. You also have the option of Intex Aqua i7 which has similar specs, we are also coming up with a full review of it.

  19. hi abhishek
    really like ur review on this phone…..!
    appreciate the goood job……!
    well i very much interested to buy this cell phone buh before that…
    few queries
    1. is gionee a brand i cant trust ..?
    2. does he 441 ppi ips display better than 344 ppi on sony xperia z ultra x reality engine display….?
    3. is MediaTek Mt6589 goood as compared to qualcom snapdragon ?
    4. is the screen shatter proof or scratch proof ?
    5. can u tell me wads the difference between ips display, amoled, super amoled , super amoled & tft which one is better and why ? there any expectations in decrease in the price tag of e6 ?
    7. last buh not the least …. wads ur preference black or white and why ? ^_^

    thank you soooooo much in advance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 1. Gionee is a better trustable brand as compared to Micromax, Lava and Xolo etc.
      2. Display becomes more sharper with high pixel density, but with naked eyes you wont make out the difference easily. Both of these phones have good display to used.
      3. It depends on which snapdragon chipset you are comparing it – in all MT6589 is the most popular chipset from the company till now and its a decent performer at the right price available.
      4. Its not shatter proof but scratch proof to some extent.
      5. YOu can refer the link below.

      6. the price should go down in next 2 weeks.
      7. I would recommend you the black one as it wont attracts dust and has a matte finish at the back side, will give you better grip in your hands compared to the glossy white version which will attract dust and will be slippery as well.

  20. Hey, Abhishekh please upload images taken in low light, in night and from front camera… I am waiting for u to upload these images. And please upload sample video taken in night..

    • Will upload the night light images from back camera and front camera, also will upload the night light video captured form the rear camera soon.

  21. Hello Abhishek,

    I have been following your reviews and was really impressed by your work. I bought the phone few days back as discussed earlier by several people that the sound is not very loud.

    One thing I noticed that when I play a song and keep my hand on the right set of speakers at the bottom of the phone the sound gets blocked but the left speakers does not have any effect when I keep my fingers on them.

    Does that mean the left speakers are not working ??

    Pls can you confirm that in your review model .

    Thank you

    Kaustav Banerjee

    • The left speaker mesh is just for the uniformity, there are no speakers behind the left speakers mesh. The loudspeaker on the phone is not very loud its just average on the volume department.

  22. Hi Abhishek……

    I am confused between samsung S3 and Elife e6. Which one is better and more durable? I am looking for at least 1.5 year.
    How is Gionee as a brand worldwide?
    What is future plan of Gionee for India?

    • S3 is far stable and better performer than E6 – s3 will last even more than 2 years if you use it wisely. Gionee is a better brand than other chineese players we see in the market, atlest they make thier own phones and sell them but if you consider Gionee device we suggest u to consider E6 only if you want a styish looking device with decent performance but not so good gaming performance, if you want a phone with better gaming experience then go for gionee e5.

  23. Thanks for the review. Can you please tell me if not being able to replace the battery might b an issue? Coz after all if my battery gets damaged, the phone wont be of any use.

    • Yes if the battery is dead then you cant do anything on the phone including the reset and format even when you have connected to the PC.

  24. wow i am now very confused …samsung S3 / lenovo k900/ geonee E6..just two days away from purchase and i really dont knw which to choose…i want very good camera..i dont play games at all.cant say after buying any one..and good battery life…presently having lumia 710..please suggest.budgest arround 20k -23k..s3 is old , e6 looks good and k900 feel could be one having average of both..only abhishek can actually tell…i never had hands on on e6 nor k900..

    • I think the battle for you is in between e6 and K900 as s3 is old. On camera front E6 is better, battery life is good in e6, display looks good on e6 and k900 both, but pixel density is higher in e6 being inch display phone and its becomes sharper display but with naked eyes you wont notice this difference.

      In all
      Pros – if you want a better design, if you want better camera, if you want a great display, if you want some gestures features.
      Cons – Low volume loud speaker, Plastic type build, some what laggy UI.

      Pros – If you want better build quality, if you want fast UI, if you want better gaming experience.
      Cons – Heat up a lot while gaming, camera performance is average

  25. Hi Abhishek, I have some question for you about gionee e6 and e5 and :-
    1.Which one have stable OS ?
    2.I like to apps and game
    on smartphone so which one can handle both of it well ?
    3. What about disply and camera ?
    Hope you’ll help me !!!

    • 1. UI is more snappy and less laggy in Elife E5
      2. Apps and Games both can be handled well on Elife e5
      3. Display better in Elife E6 and Camera is also better in Elife E6

  26. thanks abhishek…heard that k900 has got best camera with there own lense f 1.8.and cmosR sensor from sony although sony lense in there cell has appreture of 2,2…even in review of k900 camera was praised a lot …only two drawback came 1 was limited storage 16 gb and heating up…now when u say that e6 is better…i will definatly try my hands on geonee e 6…again one thing odd in recent tech guru it was clearly stated that they were un impressed by E6 carema only drawback they clamed..they said it has very ordinanry camera….

    • Elife E6 also has a sony camera btw, we have tested both – they are good but photo quality is slightly better on e6 – however the difference is not much to keep K900 aside.

  27. Hi Abhishek,
    i Have studied about Elife e6 and have used galaxy s3 before which was stolen.
    Now i want to buy a phone and after checking all reviews and videos its between s3 and elife e6 again.
    please suggest which one to choose and whose camera performs better. is gionee reliable and seem to last. finall just which one to choose s3 or gioneee elife e6 and why???
    should i consider xperia zr coz sony phones to me seem little less durable

    • E6 is good device, display is great, performance is decent, gaming performance is not soo good, durability is going to be good.
      S3 very nice device, little low in display, performance is ok, gaming is ok too and durability is better than e6 – after sales support better than e6.

      sony Zr is good, we haven’t reviewed it so cant comment much about but sony phones are equally good they will last for years and we are saying this as per the user feedback we have got from consumers.

    • We have mentioned the SAR value in the unboxing and full review embedded in this post, you can watch the video to get the info. Yes, its under permissible limit.

  28. Hi,
    1. I saw that E6 has some UI lag. As I understand Gionee has plans for regular updates to the phones , probably every month. Are there possibilities to fix the UI issue with any of the updates in future ? Has Gionee provided any details on this issue and fixing ?

    2. I saw one of the users who has bought E5 has reported in his comments on your website that E5 gets hot very soon after using for half an hour or so..Is that true for E5 and any reports of such cases for E6 also ? As I plan to buy one either E6 or other brand, I am looking at issues being reported

    3. I prefer to go for dual SIM and USB OTG support with decent camera and thin profile (less than 9mm / 130 g), with budgets up to 25K. Are there any alternatives now or should I wait for another wait ? Anything in pipeline for better options ?


    • 1. Elife e6 does has some UI lag, it might get fixed in the OTA Update but we are not sure, there are no details from gionee about this.

      2. E5 does gets hot while playing games but its fine for day to day usage and even while gaming it does not heat that to make user feel uncomfortable to hold. E6 does heat while playing games, but again its pretty ok to hold the device at that time.

      3. We can suggest you Gionee elife e3 – Its slim dual sim phone, it has got lot of positive feedback as well from consumers.

  29. If we have to compare Elife E6 and Lumia 920 (or Lumia 925), which phone according to you is better considering the phones actual performance and not just what they say on papers?

    • Elife E6 is a good in overall performance and display and same goes for the Nokia Lumia 920 – there is difference in form factor, weight and design to some extent on these phones, but performance wise both Elife E6 or Nokia Lumia 920 or 925 are good.

  30. I want to get the Gionee e6 but I’m concerned with the laggy issue and inability to use widgets besides in the near future if the efficiency of the battery drops how do I change it and would you recommend this for a freind?

    • Elife E6 is no doubt little laggy at times , but its not much and the overall UI is good not too much laggy. Yes, you cant use widgets. The battery is non removable on this device so if goes dead which wont happen soon, but in that case you will need to get it replaced from the service center.

  31. Hi Abhishek,
    I read all the comments over here and i am really very impressed with your explanation.
    I am thinking to buy Gionee Elife E6.
    I did a detailed study by referring many websites. But still under confusion.
    My budget is 25,000/- Rs.
    This is my smartphone.
    The only doubt I have with Elife E6 is, Gionee is a chinese company, can we Trust in terms of reliability. My doubt is almost cleared by going through your blog. Still I want to confirm.
    I want good camera, good music quality, good performance, good display and looks, and durability.
    which one is better among these phones. please help me out.
    1. Lenovo k900
    2. Intex aqua i7
    3.Nexus 4
    4. Sony Xperia SP
    5. Gionee Elife E6
    or if you know a better mobile in this range happily accepted.
    Thank you in advance!!!!

    • Gionee is another Chinese manufacturer but they are still better as they are dealing with you direct, unlike some other local indian companies who are middle people as they are getting their phones manufactured, but gionee on the other making their phones and selling them. You can trust gionee but make sure to locate a service center and ask for the consumer feedback before you buy gionee device.

      1. Lenovo K900 – great build quality, amazingly thin and a good performer, but some graphic games may show a UI glitch.
      2. Intex Aqua i7 – specs for this looks good, we still need to review this so will let you know our detailed feedback on this once we review it in next 2 weeks.
      3. Nexus 4 – its a good device, recently price dropped – decent gaming performance, but bad camera performance.
      4. Sony Xperia Sp – is a good choice, decent performer and good build quality as well.
      5. Elife E6 – Great display, good camera and premium looks, but no so good gaming performance.

      Battery backup is decent for all of these phones around one day, best we have seen is in Lenovo K900 and Elife E6 out of all.

      I hope these points can help you take the decision but let know if you have any more doubts or questions.

      • Thank you very much Abhishek.
        Your feedback was useful. 🙂
        I have gone through some more websites and got to know there are 4 service centers in Bangalore.
        51 centers all over India. And referring to another blog I got to know that Gionee’s after sale service and customer care is really good, can be compared to so called Branded companies if I am not wrong.
        I am thinking to buy Gionee Elife E6, but I never ordered anything online.
        So little concerned.
        You had mentioned that white color attracts dust and finger prints. So my last question is if I don’t use flip cover then will those finger prints spoil the beauty or premium look of the phone?
        And can regular caring (cleaning) will help? Because I am more impressed with white one for its premium look.
        Looking forward for your valuable suggestion.
        Thank You!!

        • Finger prints and dust can go away with regular cleaning but scratches does not, so I suggest you to use the flip cover with the device instead.

  32. Abhishek.. I have read your comments all over. You seem to confuse me and everyone.

    When people ask you Which one to choose S3 OR E6.. You answer both have strengths and weaknesses. Which further increases the confusion. Please answer clearly.

    I too have the same confusion. S3 or E6. And after reading all your comments, I am still confused.

    • The reason I highlight the good and bad points of the both the phones, so that users can take the decision based on the points as per what matters to them, we cannot be biased saying one device is better than the other.

      As a reviewer i bring out the points on the basis of which you can take the decision and I try to answer in as much detailed way possible, in the end the consumer need to study abt the device to take the right decision rather than following the advice of reviewer blindly. I hope you got my point. 🙂

  33. Hi Abhishek,

    I am planning to buy Elife E6 from Flipkart today, as Cashback Promotion is going on.
    Just few questions in my mind:
    1. I couldn’t find Store/Service Center location for Ginoee in Pune, if you have any idea please share link/information with me.
    2. Black/White which one should I opt for. As I have not seen the cell personally in any showroom so I am not sure which one would be better.
    3. Do I need to add scratch Guard to it and do you have any idea from where I can get Flip Cover for it.
    4. This would be the 1st time I am buying cell from Online store and that too a Chinese Cell. So I am a bit concerned. As they are providing only 10 days return policy, so what are the things I need to check/test once I get the cell, to confirm that everything is working fine.

    I know I have asked too many questions, but I am really concerned about it, looking for help from your side.

    Thanks in Advance

    • 1. You can call the support center to know if there is service center in your city.
      2. Black has matte finish – gives you better grip when you hold it one hand – White – has glossy finish will attract fingerprint but there is flip cover in the package – white looks more premium.
      3. You get the flip cover for free in package
      4. Return policy you need to check with them, if you read this review from top to bottom and watch the video review – ask me any questions you have – then you are good to go and buy if you satisfied with the device specs and features.

  34. Respected Sir,
    I want to know the music quality of this phone, because I am music lover I need high quality output.I have faced serious issues in music playback in some Chinese phones like huawei. So to be better safe than sorry,I need you to please clarity my query as soon as possible.And just for info how does its camera handles low light photography ?
    You are doing an awesome job,I am a regular visitor here 😉

    Thanking You
    Guddu The Great.

    • Music playback quality in terms of sound from the loudspeaker or through the headphones is average not too good or not too bad either. Low light photos are decent in terms of illumination – although you can notice the noise once you take a closer look on the photos, there are some low light photos in this review as well.

  35. I am a music lover,how is this mobile in the music department. I use Tekfusion – Twinwoofers In-Ear Headphones.But i’ve heard complaints that chinese manufacturers don’t pay attention to music and user experience…..all they care about is the specs. Is it the same case here.

    • Music experience is average and you have heard right, most of the Chinese phones are not too good on the music experience.

  36. am sorry but i own a responsibility towards abhishek so writing…after lots of thought i came to conclusion i should go for lenovo k900 as geonee still cant provide u cell not even in metro cities.u have to go to delhi to see it…lenovo has good camera ,if u are not a cell freek than most of the purpose should be handled smoothly lenovo is in india to stay..they making profits…they atleast cant run away…and at 20k none off cell option can match specification of k900 or geonee xreia ZL/samsung note2. are better but 10 k costlier..these day tec changes each day…and i even do have doubts over reviewers being biased over claims of geonee E6..may be it has to do with sponsored trip to china..but i can completly be wrong and end of day ..too much of wrong knowledge can make u confident of taking decision but that cannot insure u did right..

    • s3 is good and e6 seems to be better, in daylight there is not much difference but in low light e6 camera is better as per our test.

  37. i am using the E6..but do i need screen guard on this device?…as it comes with gorilla 3 glass..i dnt like screen guard but afraid of stretch..

    • The screen on Gionee Elife e6 is scratch resistant not scratch proof, you also get screen guards and flip cover in the package, you just need to use any of these to protect your elife E6 display.

  38. Hi Abhi,
    A lot has been mentioned about the UI lag in the E6.
    Can you please tell me if the phone can be installed with stock android.
    Also can you please comment on the video playback quality.
    How about the navigation and sensors?
    Does it support USB OTG?
    Will the update to kit kat be made available.

    Thank you!!

    • Yes, you can once the stock ROM is available for the device.

      Video playback quality on the Full HD display is good enough.

      You do have sensors required for navigation.

      It does not support OTG.

      We expect to see kitkat on this device, but all depends on gionee – lets see how long does they take.

    • yes it has LED and front camera is good, if not the best and at least looks better than s3 as per the photo samples we had taken with both.

  39. i want to take mobile on this diwali pls suggest
    galaxy s3 or gionee e6
    i heard gionee e6 have lag in touch UI ,is that true ?
    and how is battery backup for e6 compare to s3?
    iam not gaming freek but temple run 2 is my favourite game is there is any lag issue with this game on e6?

    • Galaxy S3 would be a better choice if it is available, yes gionee elife e6 have UI lag, battery backup is average but can one day for moderate user. Temple run 2 runs smoothly on both of these phones.

  40. Hi Abhishek,
    I ordered Gionee Elife E6 yesterday.
    I saw in some reviews that its battery backup is very poor.
    Is it that low to annoy user?
    And I read in official website that it has Gorilla glass class 3. Is it true?
    Please help.
    Thank you.

    • Battery backup is around one day as we found in our 2 weeks review, but if you dont optimise by disabling features and things it will be less than one day. we cannot confirm about the gorilla glass 3 as per our info it has dragon trail glass.

  41. Hi Abhishak,
    I am planing to buy new mobile …Please suggest me between Intex aqua i7 & Gionee Elife E6 both have same specification on paper but i am not sure how is the exactly performance. Further i have heard the name of INTEX (as its known brand of Computer peripheral). Also Gionee E6 dont have removable battery, I am not sure how is the normal battery life. but it will go dead when the battery stop working well. ( I am Expecting at least 2.5 year life from phone). By look i m very impressed with Gionee E6 but now sure how is the Gionee, after sale service and all in Delhi.

    Please suggest which is the best option between these two. i know you have a lot of query in your queue to answer but please response to my query on asap as i lost my phone and i have to buy phone asap. just waiting for your response 🙂

    • Gionee Elife e6 – great build quality, decent performer, camera performance good, battery backup is around day, but with limited recharge cycles it will go upto around 2 years not more than that – then you have the replace the battery with the help of service center as you cant remove the same, its sealed inside and gaming performance is average.

      Intex Aqua i7 is a great, almost same as E6 in specs but we need to find out more as we are getting it for review soon, so stay tuned for the full review and comparison

  42. Hi!
    Got the phone yesterday and pretty satisfied overall. However can figure out how to use that vacuum stand that comes in the box. Can you help?

    • You can stick it to the back and make use it like a stand for phone in vertical and horizontal position at times of watching a video on the phone.

  43. Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for your review and the feedback on Elife E6. I am very keen to buy this phone from the time I read and saw the videos about this phone. However off late am seeing reviews which are not much in favor of the phone, issues like UI lag, volume issue and average battery life.

    I am a moderate user, looking for good call quality, good build, durability, good battery life, overall good performance. Can you please suggest if I can go for this phone as am in dilemma after few reviews I read.

    Appreciate your response. Thanks

    • You can either go for Lenovo K900 or Intex Aqua i7 or Intex Aqua HD as well – lenono k900 will be best option as per the above requirement but it will have limited internal storage of 11Gb which cannot be further increased.

  44. I got this mobile yesterday.
    Display and look is just awawesome.
    All smart gestures and air gestures works pretty well. I did not feel any considerable lag in UI.
    Its camera is good. I played subway surfers. There was no lag. It was smooth.
    Sound quality is good but yes its not that loud.
    I have not yet analysed battery backup in detail.

  45. Hello Abhishek,
    Your review was very interesting and I really liked the phone as seen on the internet but I am confused should I go with this phone or I should take something else in the same price??
    I like playing heavy graphics games and other then that I have average uses.
    Pls suggest which phone should I go with??

    • This phone is not good for gamers as it will give you lag in heavy games, I suggest you got for Gionee elife E5 – thats is another good device and will have much better gaming performance than this one.

    • If gaming is something more important for you then don’t go for elife e6 else its a great device with decent performance.

  46. As per your review UI lag a little bit,but if I use Nove/Apex launcher the problem would be solved or not ???

    And the major one – does the phone uninstall unwanted system apps (like NQ etc.) without root???

    • Nova launcher does reduce significant lag on the device once installed, you cannot uninstall Nq security without rooting this phone

  47. Hi Abhishek,
    I really liked the device as seen on the net but as i like to play new games with heavy graphics according to your suggestion I should not go with it but i just want to know that the legs could be fixed after sw update or its hardware’s problem and other then E6 what’s another option in the same range should i go with nexus 4??

    • We are not sure, whether the new update will fix the lags but still you can wait for it, we will tell you about it once its pushed out for this device.

        • you can go for anyone – as per which ever suits as per your requirements, if you have a trouble deciding lets us know what matters you the most and we can help you decide.

          • First of all i would like to Thank You 4 your support, Pls help me decide,
            I like to Play Music, Games, Browse the Internet And I want to have decant battery life.

          • You can select gionee elife e6 if you want full Hd – if you want better after sales support then go for Nexus 4 and you can also buy Samsung S3 if it is available.

  48. Hello,

    I read your reviews and noticed that this device have a lag in UI. Can you please be in detail about UI lag means? Does it really a negative factor to choose this device?

    Which color you would choose if you have a plan to buy this mobile?

    Karthik K

    • It means that you will notice some delay in animations and UI transitions on the home screem, app drawer and at other interfaces on the phone. But its not a deal breaker, to some extent it happens on almost any android phone.

      We recommend you black color for a more classy looks and it will not look dirty. If you want a premium look then go for the white version but it will be glossy finish at the back and will get the finger prints and scratches easily if you dont use the flip cover which comes with in the package.

  49. Hi Abhishek,
    Am unable to choose a phone between Gionee Elife E6, Micromax Canvas Turbo and Nexus 4.
    E6 and Turbo are having non-removable batteries which is causig a conceren, if anything goes wrong, end user has to rely on service centers.
    Which of the above phone do you suggest for Music, Browsing, Photography (not a gamer)


    • yes in any case if something goes wrong with the battery, you cannot remove the battery as it is non removable and you will need to visit the service center to get the same repaired but its unlikely to have things go wrong with the battery. But with prolonged usage the battery will degrade and after 1.5-2 years approx you will need to get the battery replaced from service center.

      Elife e6 has great build, nice colorful display, but slow UI.
      Canvas Turbo has great build, bright display and comparable fast UI then E6.

      We would suggest you Gionee Elife E6 then canvas turbo.

  50. sir i m gonna buy gionee e6 with in a couple of days
    but i m really confused between white & black colour variabts
    I personally like black but i have doubt about matte finish
    please help!!!
    Thank you

    • the matte finish on the black does not get the finger prints and scratches easily but the glossy finish of the white version will get pretty quickly over time, but the white looks more premium and black looks classy in terms of the colors.

  51. Dear Abhishek
    First of all I would like to say that I have never visited any other webpage where in each and every question is answered so precisely.Great Job you are doing out there.
    I have 2 questions

    A) Gionee E6 doesnt support Java, Where exactly it would affect me, and what is the alternative for it ? And I reckon flash is also not supported in many Android devices like google nexus 7 ? Again where does that affect us and what is the alternative ? Does E6 support Flash ?

    B) Shall I wait for Google Nexus 5 which is to be launched in last week of Nov, otherwise I am very much impressed with Gionee E6
    My priorities from a phone are surfing the net extensively, emailing and camera. I dont play games and I dont listen music as such from a phone ?

    Please Help
    Thanks and Regards

    • A) Both of these does not affect the day to day usage of the phone, most of the apps on these phones are not using any of these two technologies.

      B) E6 would be a great device for your usage needs, but nexus 5 will be a better performer however the camera may not be that good, but we cant say much before we have the hands on with the device.

  52. Hello Sir,
    I am about to buy Elife E6 in a month.I have doubts on the services available for gionee in india.
    Can you please explain me whether i could avail service incase if anything goes wrong with the device.

    • After sales service is better than other low cost brands, yes you can avail the service by visiting the service centers near by your place, make sure to check the service center before you buy the phone.

  53. Hello Sir,

    I heard that this phone has Gesture and Motion Sensing control. Can you please confirm if the following options are available in e6?

    Flip to turn off alaram
    Motion Sensing Dial & answer
    Gesture Sensing answer
    Gesture sensing album control
    Eyeball video play/stop control
    Gesture Video FWD/BWD control

    Also, what are the games and apps are pre-loaded on this device? It would be really helpful if I get all the list of games and apps that this device owned.

    Karthik K

    • all these gestures features are supported on this device, for pre loaded apps info you can see the full video review which covers this aspect.

  54. hi
    1)i want to know can i use ubuntu in E6 Elife?
    2)all are saying that it is failure model so that only i am thinking to get it realy
    is it a failure model?

    • 1. we have no idea on whether you can use ubuntu.
      2. there nothing much wrong about the phone apart from its average gaming performance

  55. Hi Abhishek,
    I am quite impress with Gionee Elife e6, and thanks to your detailed review.
    I am having one small question,
    This phone doesn’t have removable battery, but may be after one year I might have to change the battery cause of Usage, or any other reason, then what will be option for me, means can I change battery?

  56. I love the fact you reply to all comments and this was a great review

    please reply ASAP

    iam gonna buy this when I get your reply and guidance 😀

    1 about gaming – I’v seen a vid on Youtube that tells to root the phone and then use an app (forgot the name) to lower the resolution to 720p and the gaming will be a piece of cake then be it any bhaari se bhaari :p

    2 – I tend to be carelss with my phone..drop it alot..or whatever.i EARLIER had Xperia U ..which I might have dropped 50 times but it never got a problem except the light panel getting weird
    is this durable and strong…also..what if it gets wet or something..and I need to take out the u normally have to in necessary situations with noraml phones

    3-I dont know ho to root my phone and if it is necessary..can u suggest me a it really necessary and i hope it wont harm the device in any way

    4 – can I change the OS of the phone .. if I dont really liek it..

    5-the gestures work right..??

    6-is a skin really important to protect the pohne..and a screen guard..also I hope the white doesnt get dirty..i dont mind fingerprints should I get matte finish on white as well

    • 1. The youtube video you saw is created by me, we have also written about rooting this phone, you can search with site search.

      2. The build quality of the phone is good, so if you drop, you can expect it to survive and it will keep working after the drop, but again this includes accidental drops from waist or shoulder height.

      3. we have written about it, just search for it, if you dont find it I will help you with the link.

      4. There is no ROM available as if now, as per the info we have till this date.

      5. Yes, gestures work but again you just need to try them to know how they work and when they fail, again its not perfect.

      6. Its better that you have a case or screen gaurd, it wont get dirty if you handle it well, but finger prints you can easily see on the white version but black version is better as it wont get fingerprints due to matte finish.

      • thaank u for replying..

        so u mean..the games that do even lag a bit..can be sped up and be amde to work perfectly by just lowering the resol…

        what exactly does rooting the phone do ?? why is it necessary

        also..I dont understand how ROM is conencted to OS..but I wont be able tochange it..??

        and what aboyt using the phone memory ?? can I use that as well somehow ??

        • In short I can tell you that if you root the phone, you will have much better gaming experience, ROM is a version of OS interface you can install on your android phone, if this all confuse you more, then read more about rooting of android phone on wikipedia, then let me know your doubts.

          • and about the memory ?! can i transfer and use the remaining 8GB or so..and transfer apps there in case the 23 GB feels less..

            also iam confused about the color..what If i get white and get it Matte finished…cz it seems more premium like u said..or would it lose the aunthetication…I jst dont want it lookign dirty

      • lol its just above my comment..I sent u all my queries bro…cant wait to get it..oh and again question about the it trustwrothy…and if I dont like it..can i put in gingerbread or sm other..

        and about the memeory..I can use the rem 8 GB and transfer apps or games their..

        my rest of queries are ina comment just above it..check the last comments :)))

        • yes you can root the phone but you cannot install custom room as if now, as till now its not available but it might come soon.

  57. Dear Abhishek,

    I am not able to transfer data through (gionee elife e6) Wi-Fi direct with other brands phone.
    is it compatible with other brands?
    Please tell me solution for this problem

  58. Hy Abhishek Sir, I have seen almost all youtube videos for e6 nd all google reviews for e6, since u have used the device personally plz tell me Hows it the device plz answer all my quesitons thankss

    1) hows the device?? Many say it is very laggy nd many say its nt laggy at all but u said its laggy sometimes, Is it so much laggy that u wnt b able to use it??

    2) Is chinese firmware better or Indian firmware for e6? Cuz in my country i dnt hav GIonee OCmpany ( Nepal) So will it b better to buy it from china or india cuz next month m visiting china, nd i knw u hav used the chinese firmware too,

    3) i know the high end grapihcs game shows slight lag but normal games hows it??? Like Subway surfers, Frontline D-day nd etc….?????

    4) nd a final question is it worthbuying? Because i heard its performance is nt good at all but in ur review u said it has a decent performance ? Can u tell me ur personal experirence for its performance

    Hope to get answers of all my queries from u thanks!!!!

    • It does not support media high link, but yes it does have the option of wireless display but for that you will need to buy additional hardware for this – its called miracast

      • I want you to answer some of my queries sir……………
        1) hows the device?? Many say it is very laggy nd many say its nt laggy at all but u said its laggy sometimes, Is it so much laggy that u wnt b able to use it??

        2) Is chinese firmware better or Indian firmware for e6? Cuz in my country i dnt hav GIonee OCmpany ( Nepal) So will it b better to buy it from china or india cuz next month m visiting china, nd i knw u hav used the chinese firmware too,

        3) i know the high end grapihcs game shows slight lag but normal games hows it??? Like Subway surfers, Frontline D-day nd etc….?????

  59. Does this gionee elife e6 phone has hindi language in it….. i mean would i get square boxes when anybody sends me hindi message on whqtsapp?

  60. Hy Abhishek Sir, I have seen almost all youtube videos for e6 nd all google reviews for e6, since u have used the device personally plz tell me Hows it the device plz answer all my quesitons thankss

    1) hows the device?? Many say it is very laggy nd many say its nt laggy at all but u said its laggy sometimes, Is it so much laggy that u wnt b able to use it??

    2) Is chinese firmware better or Indian firmware for e6? Cuz in my country i dnt hav GIonee OCmpany ( Nepal) So will it b better to buy it from china or india cuz next month m visiting china, nd i knw u hav used the chinese firmware too,

    3) i know the high end grapihcs game shows slight lag but normal games hows it??? Like Subway surfers, Frontline D-day nd etc….?????

    4) nd a final question is it worthbuying? Because i heard its performance is nt good at all but in ur review u said it has a decent performance ? Can u tell me ur personal experirence for its performance

    Hope to get answers of all my queries from u thanks!!!!

  61. Hy Abhishek Sir, I have seen almost all youtube videos for e6 nd all google reviews for e6, since u have used the device personally plz tell me Hows it the device plz answer all my quesitons thankss

    1) hows the device?? Many say it is very laggy nd many say its nt laggy at all but u said its laggy sometimes, Is it so much laggy that u wnt b able to use it??

    2) Is chinese firmware better or Indian firmware for e6? Cuz in my country i dnt hav GIonee OCmpany ( Nepal) So will it b better to buy it from china or india cuz next month m visiting china, nd i knw u hav used the chinese firmware too,

    3) i know the high end grapihcs game shows slight lag but normal games hows it??? Like Subway surfers, Frontline D-day nd etc….?????

    4) nd a final question is it worthbuying? Because i heard its performance is nt good at all but in ur review u said it has a decent performance ? Can u tell me ur personal experirence for its performance

    Hope to get answers of all my queries from u thanks!!!!
    – See more at:

    • 1. its not very laggy that it cannot be used.

      2. The chineese firmware is good but stock android on this device will be much faster, but still you can install nova launcher.

      3. Normal or low graphic intensive games will run fine.

      4. yes it worth the buy.

  62. Hy Abhishek Sir, I have seen almost all youtube videos for e6 nd all google reviews for e6, since u have used the device personally plz tell me Hows it the device plz answer all my quesitons thankss

    1) hows the device?? Many say it is very laggy nd many say its nt laggy at all but u said its laggy sometimes, Is it so much laggy that u wnt b able to use it??

    2) Is chinese firmware better or Indian firmware for e6? Cuz in my country i dnt hav GIonee OCmpany ( Nepal) So will it b better to buy it from china or india cuz next month m visiting china, nd i knw u hav used the chinese firmware too,

    3) i know the high end grapihcs game shows slight lag but normal games hows it??? Like Subway surfers, Frontline D-day nd etc….?????

    4) how the sound quality nd the volume??

    5) nd a final question is it worthbuying? Because i heard its performance is nt good at all but in ur review u said it has a decent performance ? Can u tell me ur personal experirence for its performance

    Hope to get answers of all my queries from u thanks!!!!

  63. I wanted u to anwer sm of my queries
    1) hows the device?? Many say it is very laggy nd many say its nt laggy at all but u said its laggy sometimes, Is it so much laggy that u wnt b able to use it??
    2) Is chinese firmware better or Indian firmware for e6? Cuz in my country i dnt hav GIonee OCmpany ( Nepal) So will it b better to buy it from china or india cuz next month m visiting china, nd i knw u hav used the chinese firmware too,
    3) i know the high end grapihcs game shows slight lag but normal games hows it??? Like Subway surfers, Frontline D-day nd etc….?????

    • Chinese based firmware often does not have any google apps, as google is blocked in china so using it globally will be difficult and limited even the UI and options are in english.

  64. Hello abhiek bhai

    i wanna tell u l it was here I found the best and most honest review of the phone..and guess whatits been 3 days..i have bought the white one…

    the people aer IN AWE of it…altough they do inquire about the brand..

    what r ur thoughts on GIONEE ‘s future..iam thinking of investing in u know the min.amount i would require :p
    i missed investing in samsung when i had bought corby pro and i had a gut feeling samsung is gonna rise and rise..but i was just 18..and had no guidance

    the black looked aawsam when off from the front but the back it looks boring..white is much better, any case u will have to buy the there is no problem of glossy back..and its the best color…the silver button make it looks so beautifuland angelic


    – how to make the gestures work..NONE OF THEM WORK..its weird when i hold the phone from the back sometimes the gesture ‘hand’ symbol pops up but do not know how to use it…it says in swipe up in front os sensor or down to take a call or not take it..none of it has worked..alotugh I DID NOT TRY THEM SERIOUSLY..

    and I read gionee has voice recognition and u can use voice to open the phone and do stuff and has ‘intelligent voice instructions’ dunno how to use that

    – about the case..the phone without the case is the real perfectly light…but I fear dropping it..its so new and beautiful i dont want any ‘aanch’ on it..:’)
    so what type of cover should I buy so it doesnt get too heavy or even if it gets heavy the look is not compromised but if it does fall it stays safe..i am using right now the flipcase that came with the phone but it is very droppable when u fold it out and hold it to operate the phone

    – should I root the phone yet..?!! I want to play some badass games already…want to make full use of the resoltuion( i just held it without the covver…it FEEEELLSSS SOOOOOO GOOOOODDD IN THE HAANNDDD ) 😛

    – THE CAMERA..outdoor..i by mistake made a video of two bees having sex and i showed my friends..they ARE IN AWE OF THE PHONE S CAMERA..AND SO AM is amaaaziinngg


    indoors…or even sometimes outdoors..when i zoom 3x or more or even around that..the coors appear washed out and image bursts..u know that supposed to happen..or ios the camera actually not as good as a samsung12 MP or even 8MP…

    – i installed the paint appp inn the phone and eneded up makign a masterpiece with my finger/finger i would prefer a stylus..can i get a desi chinese one or some it safe ??

    – i mostly use the phone on the battery app mode..does that make a substantial diff in iam not yet playing games..jst movies fb etc..

    the battery back up is AAWESOME.///…2000mah lasts a day and a half

    – altough i dont need it right can i have acceess to the 9-10 gb remaining ..and use that or at least 8 gb of it

    – where can I get free apps..and games full versions of asphalt and other big games ??

    – can i lower the resol without rooting the phone nd play a it safe

    thats ALL FOR NOW :B

    • Its abhishek!

      1. You can watch the gestures videos we have done for this phone on the link below.

      2. You cann watch the full review and tips about E6 on our channel –

      3. It comes with a flip cover inside the package as well, so you can use the same to protect itself.

      4. Indoor performance of the rear camera is good but nothing exceptional.

  65. hi abhishek,

    can you review the camara quality.
    i found with HDR mode two images are saved in gallary.
    further the images are not stable and sharp.
    Also i want to know why there is another screen after when we unlock screen. can we suggest about the UI?
    I maied to gionee but there is no response yet.
    I am using this device since last two month but regarding camara quality i am disappointed,
    which can be improved lot.
    More suggestion we can give to improve.

    • For the camera, I would rather suggest you to use the camera without HDR it will work fine.

      You can get away with the UI, if you install a third party launcher.

  66. Hey hy Abhishek Sir………………………….

    I wanted you to answer my following queries…..

    1) I heard from many reviews that the e6 is very laggy? isit reallly so plz tell me ur personal experience??
    2) nd wat bout its sound??
    3) Now its price has been decreased is it worth buying at 19999???? Hows its true battery backup?
    4) nd wat bout the Gaming performance little games like Commando D-day , Subway surf , etc ???
    I used the samsung galaxy grand before nd it was a lagging crap phone , i dnt wanna such experience from e6?? How will it be?? plz tell me!!!!!!

    • 1. the default UI is definitely laggy, but if you install custom launcher you can a better UI experience and responsive UI.

      2. sound is not too loud but pretty crisp and clear.

      3. battery backup is good but around one day, at the decreased price its a decent phone with decent hardware.

      4. gaming performance is not that good, but if you root the phone and force the device to run at 720p gaming performance can get better.

      We would better recommend you Elife e5 than e6.

  67. Hello Abhishek,

    I’m using this phone since Nov’3rd. I really love it and my friends and colleagues are also loved it when they see the phone on hand.

    Could you please refer some best custom launcher and where I can get it?

    Karthik K

  68. Is the UI very laggy??? Or jus a little bit i.e noticeable laggy or not noticeable , i mean in terms of normal processing nt in the field of gaming………………………………………………… Sir, my expectations from a phone is that, I dnt want a laggy nd hanging phone, i want jus android apps, better camera, good design, good battery backup, good overall performance while using camera, nd good performance while browsing internet, calling nd messaging……………………..I jus want my device shud nt lagg while using android apps ( apps from playstore ) So, for this will e6 be better or any other device??? My budget is 20000 Rs……

  69. U might remb me from past comments
    The video player is not getting back to the standard player” its always MX PLAYER that plays and gestures don’t work on tht so how to get the default player back again also

    I tried the direct call from contact / message screen by putting to ear it did not work except once and I think that was ear that touched the call this number button
    CD this be becz of the screen guard applied on the screen although it is not on the sensor but near it

    And the video progress gesture does not work

  70. Hi, I have ordered Elite E6 but now i say so many reviews that the e6 is very laggy 🙁

    I am not advance user and not sure about rooting please suggest how to do that and share any good link for the same. Will be able to change the default UI and increase the phone performance with the help of rooting ?
    Also please suggest if i should get it replaced and order K900 ?

  71. Good Even Mr Alok,
    1. I have certain queries pertaining to this phone which are as follows.
    a). While speaking on the phone with someone, hows the sound? Is it low or high?
    b) Regarding the lag issue, is there a lag once you swipe to the next screen.

  72. Hi Abhishek,

    I am considering to buy the Gionee E6, and the reviews made me aware that the AMIGO UI which the Gionee E6 sports doesn’t have Widget support, except for some few inbuilt widgets (like weather & time widget etc). My only question is:
    If a third party launcher like Nova/Apex/Mobo Live etc, are installed on the Gionee E6 and are used INSTEAD of the default launcher, can all the widgets (coming pre-installed with the third party launcher / dedicated widgets available at the play store / those widgets coming with the different apps) be used on the HOMESCREEN of the Gionee E6, just like any other android phone?

    • With third party launchers you can only have widgets supported by these launchers on the home screen, there are no stock or default widgets which comes installed on these devices.

  73. hi Abhishek,

    i saw in youtube videos showing e6 been rooted, it shows that after rooting the device, the diplay was reduce from 1080p to 720p, and heavy graphic games run better and smooth, pls confirmed it.

  74. Good Even Mr Alok,
    1. I have certain queries pertaining to this
    phone which are as follows.
    a). While speaking on the phone with someone,
    hows the sound? Is it low or high?
    b) Regarding the lag issue, is there a lag once
    you swipe to the next screen.

  75. Good afternoon,

    I am a new user of gionee e6. Recently i rooted this device. I want to flash custom rom such as lawa or miui. Though there is no micro sd slot thn how can i flash custom rom.

    Thanks in advance

  76. boss,
    i would like to go a phone whose price around 20k so gionee e6 is my first choice .so i just need your valuable advice that on the other hand which phones are competivaly good as per e6.

  77. i have a elife e6 one time system update in mobile and ther are gn4.2.4 wich next version? wich version to last saport ?


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