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Smart NaMo Android Smartwatch Coming Soon

We expected 2014 to be the year of smartwatches but a domestic manufacturer launching its Smartphone compatible with its device has happened sooner than we had anticipated. Smart NaMo team has posted the pictures of the new upcoming Smart NaMo smartwatch which will be available for purchase on Snapdeal!!


Nothing much has been specified about the specification or functions of this smartwatch, but the caption to the pictures state that this Smartwatch will run on Android operating system and you will get a free handset with this Smartwatch.

The watch looks quite simple and squarish and features 3 buttons on left edge. The calling icon on the UI implies that you can use this watch for attending and making calls which would require inbuilt mic and speakers.

In recent times we saw various smartwatches surface on various corners of earth including Samsung Galaxy Gear, Sony Smartwatch 2, Qualcomm Toq and Nissan Nismo. Out of these Sony Smartwatch 2 and Samsung Galaxy gear are available for sale in India. A domestic SmartWatch which is expected to be available at competitive prices has got us quite excited!! Stay tuned for new updates. The picture below indicates the pricing of up coming Smart NaMo devices.


Source: Smart NaMo

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