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Smart NaMo Manage, a Software tool to Manage your Smartphone

After Announcing a Series of Smart NaMo devices, in the past few months, Smart NaMo has now announced it foray into Smartphone Software arena by announcing, Smart NaMo Manage, a tool for Windows based PC’s which lets you manage your Android and iOS devices from your PC.


This cross platform tool will help you for easily switching your contacts and other data from one phone to another when you change from one device to another. It also helps you download Apps, Wallpaper and ringtones to you android through your Windows PC.


You can also download apps from NaMo market for free. It also allows you to receive and send SMS from your PC, something which is already available on Android platform through free apps like Mighty Text.

The company claims that its software will have easy to operate interface with separate tabs for music, pictures and Videos. It also provides drag and drop function for easy management.


To sum it up Smart NaMo manage will provide you with effective App download and Management, Management and backup for your call logs, contacts and messages, screen shot capture and smooth interface for multimedia management.

Smart NaMo will also launch its App store NaMo Market by the end of this month. Smart NaMo is already late with regards to the launch of Smart NaMo Saffron 1 and Smart NaMo Saffron 2 which are up for pre-order on snapdeal. This tool does seem quite handy but company has a lot of work to do but availability issues which has led many to cast aspersions on this brand.

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