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Xolo A500L and Xolo A500S IPS now available at Rs. 5,612 and Rs. 6,596

Along with Xolo 800 X-Edition, Two variants of popular budget android phone, Xolo A500S, namely Xolo A500L and Xolo A500S IPS got listed on various online retail sites. Xolo has also launched phones like Xolo Q900 and Xolo Q700i, with minor variation in last few weeks to cash in on its popular last generation smartphones.


The Xolo A500L sports a 4 Inch WVGA display similar to Xolo A500S which gives you a pixel density of 233 ppi which is pretty usable display and the most you can expect at this price range. This phone runs on Android 4.2 and comes with XOLO Secure app that backs up call logs, messages and even tracks the phone’s location remotely.

The phone is powered by a MT6572 chipset which has 2 cores clocked at 1.3 GHz. The RAM capacity is same at 512 MB and the internal storage also remains same at 4 GB. It can be further extended to 32 GB using MicroSD support.

The battery capacity has been increased to 1500 mAh and will provide you with talk time of 13 hours on 2 G and standby time of 681 hours on 2G, which makes this an attractive option. Connectivity features include Bluetooth 4.0, HSPA+, 3G, WiFi, and GPS with AGPS support.


Xolo A500S IPS comes with an IPS display which will provide you with better viewing angles and enhanced brightness. This phone is soon expected to replace Xolo A500S and is available at Rs. 6,596. Xolo A500L is equipped with a slightly weaker camera but if you can deal with it you get to have a better back up at a lower price of Rs. 5612. Xolo is perhaps planning on replacing the old smartphones with slightly enhanced variants and make some money while at it. It remains to be seen how the market will react.

Xolo A500L – Key Specs

Model Xolo A500L
Display 4 Inch WVGA
Processor 1.3 GHz Dual core
Internal Storage 4 GB, MicroSD support
RAM 512 MB
OS Android 4.2
Cameras 3 MP/ VGA
Battery 1500 mAh
Price Rs. 5612

Xolo A500S IPS- Key Specs

Model Xolo A500S IPS
Display 4 Inch WVGA
Processor 1.3 GHz Dual core
Internal Storage 4 GB, MicroSD support
RAM 512 MB
OS Android 4.2
Cameras 5 MP/ VGA
Battery 1400 mAh
Price Rs. 6596

15 thoughts on “Xolo A500L and Xolo A500S IPS now available at Rs. 5,612 and Rs. 6,596”

  1. Need your help, can you please specify how can I update my micromax A85 from android 2.3 to android 4 or above.

    the hardware of Micromax A85 is similar to LG Optimus 2X.


  2. You can only update it, if the new version of android gets pushed form the micromax to this device over the air on wifi or in the form of some upgrade package which you can install and update the device under recovery mode.

  3. Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for your response..

    well I did updated the phone from android 2.2 to 2.3.. but now looking to give it shot so it can survive few more months… (Micromax did not provide any update to the phone)

    The best thing about the phone is its GPU Nvidia Tegra 2….

    Please do let me know if you got any more info on this phone

  4. Dont expect future updates on this phone, else if its working fine you can keep using it – if you want to use the latest version of android then you will need to replace it with a new phone.

  5. plzz suggest me better handset in the range of 6-7 k.. i am planning to buy xolo a500s.. and whats the differnce between xolo a500s and xolo a500s ips?

  6. the older xolo has TFT display but the new version has IPS display which is better and will give you much viewing angles and color reproduction.

  7. Thanks for ur valuable info… plss suggest me better handset in that price range.. i am confussed between mmx canvas a63 and xolo a500s? which one is better according to u? bt mmx a63 has only 2 mp camera.. if u hve onother handset, so let me tell about that..

  8. Xolo a500s will be a better choice, camera performance is not that great on xolo a500s but in day to day usage it will give you slightly better performance as per our test we did during our reviews.

  9. Apart from display, I don’t reckon there are any major spec differences. They probably sell at the same price. More or less.

  10. Xolo A500s Red and Blue are stylish phone. Xolo A500s IPS should be good at display.
    If you can handle with care, Xolo A500s is best at its price.
    Talk with salesman , that you will test the phone for Call Test, Mic, Speaker and wifi.
    If there is problem, you will select another pack piece. if the seller refuses just walk away.

    For me the seller has open two pack piece, as earlier both had some problem, the first one had screen guard issue and second one has buggy microphone.

    If you are from mumbai, buy it from TechZone Raghuleela Mall, Kandivali. It seems they are direct Xolo partner retailer and will not hesitate to open another pack piece, if there is any problem.


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