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Exclusive: Micromax Canvas 2.2 Explodes in India, Victim Injured

Update on 28th Jan 2014: We have just confirmed from the Victim that the phone was on charging with the original Micromax charger, He was talking on the phone and after some voltage fluctuation in current from power port, this happened and phone busted in his hands and caused injuries to his hand and face.

Reports of exploding iPhones, BlackBerry and Samsung Galaxy S4s are not unheard of on the Internet, and today we came across India’s number 2 selling smartphone brand Micromax’s Phone burst into flame in New Delhi, India. The issue is concerning because the particular owner of Micromax Canvas 2.2 A114 who user was injured.


The Phone in question is Micromax Canvas 2.2 A114, which houses the low cost MT6582 quad core processor clocked at 1.3 GHz. The images reveal the charred shell and whatever was left of it after the incident. We confirmed the reports from the retailer named Teerat Telecom, in Rohini West Delhi. The phone burst in to flames which lead to some burn injuries on Victims hand and face.


Micromax may not be at fault as there could be various possible reasons for the incident which we are looking into as of now. The exploding could be due use of faulty third party local charger while making phone calls also. It is always advice to not charge your phones while attending phone calls.


Smartphones are among our most intimate companions and the exploding of one is quite scary.Whatever the reason might be, it makes us seriously ponder on the safety issues and testing standard of the Domestic brands. It is the first incident concerned with a domestic brand, which has come to light and should be thoroughly investigated so that such incidents don’t repeat themselves in the future.

Thanks to our anonymous Tipster

15 thoughts on “Exclusive: Micromax Canvas 2.2 Explodes in India, Victim Injured”

  1. hell with these chineese rebranded stuff!!! pic shws a poor guy with burned casualities !!!deep inspection shd be made n dze phnes whether dey cmply wth safety stndrdz r nt!!!!

  2. looks really scary to see that victim. Wish him All the best to recover as soon as possible. One should learn a lesson not to use their phones while charging

  3. OMG!!!!!
    Am a bit scared now,am an owner of canvas magnus a117 model….
    My default charger provided by MMX makes some kind of sound while charging,IS that a serious issue sir????
    And thanks alot for providing these kind of info’s,a part from reviews of mobiles.these info’s make public aware of such major problems…..

  4. Problem is with Micromax rebranding from China without Quality Control, better stick to Nokia

  5. When i was going to buy my sis’s phone i was confused between this and nokia lumia 525. I bought the 525 just because it was nokia… that pic of the vic…. i have goosebumps now ;'( god save that vic

  6. A post on Facebook on this profile
    has gone viral claiming:
    “a boy died in Mumbai,Bcoz of attending a call while his mobile was at charge. That time he had sudden vibration 2 his heart & fingers were burnt. So pls don’t attend calls while charging ur cel. Pls pas this 2 al whom u care.
    When phone’s battery is low to last bar, don’t answer the phone, bcos the radiation is 1000 times stronger.”

    The post uses the said images from here, and people are believing it. The interesting part is, there is no watermark on the pictures. So I’m wondering where did this user get the original images from?
    If this news originated here on, why does the photo on that FB profile does not have any watermark?

  7. Fake..
    Any electronics engineer out there?
    Minor burst at back cover can caused badly injured??

  8. Looks like fake news. They posted this news on 27th Jan 2014, but I had seen these image’s long back (in 2013). Some people’s are trying to ruin reputation of micromax.

  9. Abdul Mannan Zafar

    Fake total fake i thought this site was reputed but i was all wrong thts not the real canvas 2.2 and this news and the pics were virally spreading on the web and it started in the mid 2013 while this phone was releases in december 2013 and those pics of the phone r also fake i use a canvas 2.2
    The back cover has a metal symbol of mmx not just a print as in the above pics and above the speaker there is a mmx print which is also not present in the fake pics above i didnt expect this from this site u have brought down all ur reputation gadgethouse by posting this fake news. And peaple out there donot get scared its just fake news.

  10. samsung galaxy s3,iphone 5…explodes more than micromax phones. its a truth…..
    dont crucify micromax…..

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