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Top 5 Things We are Eager to Witness at MWC 2014

Next week will be fully loaded with Mobile World Congress fervor and we will be present on the ground in Barcelona to witness and report it firsthand. All major players will bring their bag of goodies to MWC and their will be loads of Action that we get to experience. Here are a few things we are excited about before our departure.

LG G Pro 2


Over the years LG has mastered the art of beautiful True HD IPS LCD displays and this time it will present some extra large piece of this perfection with 6 inch Full HD LG G Pro 2. We were impressed with LG Optimus Pro and LG G2 last year, (which was quite snappy even with all that cluttered software) and now we are eager to meet LG G Pro 2, the colossal Sibling.

The LG G pro 2 is already being sold in South Korea and will feature Snaprdragon 800 Chipset, 3 GB RAM, Knock Code, Android KitKat and a 13 MP primary camera with OIS+. For full hardware details you can read our LG G Pro 2 Quick Review. LG will also bring L III series phones and LG G2 Mini to MWC 2014.


Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung is the most successful Android vendor out there and the latest flagship phone from Samsung is expected to be fully loaded with all the punch it deserves to beat Apple’s iPhone 5s. Samsung is notorious for posting cheeky videos comparing its devices to Apple’s offering and we can expect it to pack all its might in the next flagship phone.

Samsung has already rolled out invites for its “unpacked 5” event on 24th February. Rumors suggest everything from Iris Scanner, Finger print Scanner to Google Now like interface. It will reportedly feature a 5.2 Inch Quad HD display amounting to 560 pixel per inches, powered by Exynos Chipset with 3 GB RAM. The primary camera will carry a 20 MP sensor. Moreover, Samsung will reportedly refrain from an inflated price tag. We will know for sure soon enough.

Nokia X


Nokia X is Nokia’s Android phone which has been leaked more than a dysfunctional  MCD water tap in last couple of months. The phone is a budget android phone and the only android advantage you will get from this forked version is more apps compared to Asha platform.

The phone features budget phone hardware and is expected to be priced around 7,000 INR. The phone has the potential to be a best seller in this price range. The Android whiff attached to Nokia X will help with marketing in emerging markets like India. We are excited to see what Nokia X really is.




It was predicted last year that 2014 will be the year of wearable tech and smart watches. The MWC 2014 will be packed with a wide gamut of Smart watches from some of the major players. HTC is expected to present more than one wearable at MWC and Samsung might launch several models of its new Galaxy Gear Smartwatch which might feature Tizen OS this time. ZTE has also listed its ZTE Grand Watch based on Android 2.3 in its MWC Arsenal. The smartwatch technology is still in its early stages and it’s thrilling beyond words to witness all that innovation, major players will exercise at MWC 2014.

Exynos Infinity


Exynos Infinity which Samsung has teased ahead of its MWC launch might be a 64 Bit answer to Apple’s A7. Samsung might finally join the brigade by ditching the age old ARMv7 architecture for the new and power efficient ARMv8. Android is still a 32 bit operating system and if Exynos Infinity is truly a 64 bit chipset, it will be interesting to see the upheaval and transition in the tech world.

Samsung did mention that it is working on a 64 bit chipset after the launch of iPhone 5s and it’s about time we get to see what it has to offer. We are intrigued and eager to know the details of what’s on board with Exynos Infinity.

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