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HTC One M8 scores poor on reparability in tear down

HTC One M8 impressed everyone with its metallic body design and looks but the phone might not be easily repairable. Folks at ifixit did a complete tear down of the HTC One M8 and gave it a 2 out of 10 reparability score which means you will have to take good care of your new HTC One.


Similar to HTC One 2013, the new HTC One has battery buried beneath the mother board, which implies you will have to remove the motherboard in case you want to replace it. The battery is also glued to the display, which is still worse. The same goes for the display. You will have to completely dismantle your phone to get the display replaced.


The phone has loads of glue in the wrong places and copper shielding on several components is also difficult to remove. Folks at Ifixit who except at gadget surgeries, cut the digitizer cable by mistake and that in itself tells you how difficult it is to repair the new HTC One.


Luckily HTC will provide 6 months replacement if you accidentally crack your smartphone display and its quite sturdy on the outside as well. HTC doesn’t expect users to repair their device themselves, but the fact that you have to dismantle motherboard for something as trivial as battery replacement makes us wonder if it will be one of those smartphones which routinely visits the repair shop once broken. Better take good care of HTC One M8.

Source: iFixit


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