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Why There is No Wireless Charging on HTC One M8 and How to Add It

HTC One M8 (Initial Hands on review) which was launched couple of weeks back flaunts an impressive body design with about 90 percent being metal. This very metal prevents it from having a feature which most other flagship devices are offering- Wireless charging.


How Wireless Charging works?

When you are a power user and carry several gadgets with you, all those cables can really get irritating. It is good to have a single wireless charger which works for all your devices and is cable free. Wireless charging works on the principle of induction and this means energy is transferred via electromagnetic field generated using a charging station or your wireless charger. One induction coil in charger creates electromagnetic wave and other coil inside your smartphone intercepts the electric field and a current is induced which helps with the charging.

Wireless Charging on HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 has a metallic back and front and the varying electric field generated by the wireless charger will induce currents in several metallic parts, which could lead to light shocks and damage to the internals of your smartphone.


This also leads to excessive heating which adversely affects the lithium ion battery. You battery will discharge rather than charging and might as well get damaged.

How to get Wireless Charging on HTC One M8

If wireless charging is a must for you, you can get wireless charging case for your HTC One M8 from Chinese markets. The wireless charging cases were soon available for HTC one and HTC one Max after their release and you can get the same for HTC One M8. Most of these however will be slightly slow and won’t come with a major brand label.

HTC One Max – Wireless Charging – Qi Receiver


If you don’t use many gadgets, you could do without a wireless charging case especially when HTC One M8 can charge to 80 percent in just one hour. The disadvantage with wireless charging is that you can’t play around with your device when it is charging and it’s slow. So absence of wireless charging won’t be a deal breaker on your HTC One M8.

7 thoughts on “Why There is No Wireless Charging on HTC One M8 and How to Add It”

  1. Mr. Singh you butchered Faradays law of induction! Metal doesn’t block a magnetic field either. So that’s not why it wasn’t included in the M8. HTC spends a lot of money on hardware. I suspect wireless charging is one of those things they chose to leave out because most folks don’t care.

  2. yes metal doesn’t block magnetic field, but magnetic field will induce current in metal back cover which can adversely affect other sensitive hardware.

  3. You’d need the changing magnetic flux to go through a loop, since the metal body is solid and doesn’t have a loop you’d never have an induced voltage there. There’s a chance the internals could see small amounts of induced emf in some of the circuits but I doubt it would hurt the phone as many phones have similar or same circuitry and it doesn’t hurt them. I’m going to buy a universal Qi receiver for my One. And I’ll let you know how it goes 😉

  4. Tom, which Qi receiver did you get that you could recommend? Since I assume you use it with a case, which case do you have that works well fitting the Qi receiver?

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