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Vanilla Android ROM for Nokia X Surfaces Online

Recently Nokia has came up with it’s very first Android Model, the Nokia X which has generated some buzz among Android circles. The excitement was more due to Nokia’s unexpected departure from the Windows platform then it was for the device itself. Nonetheless, the device launch was accompanied by pre-launch rumors and post-launch debates which all resulted in some desired and much needed exposure for the manufacturer.


However, Android users have brooded over the fact that the interface of this Android device rather than resembling its close brothers – other Android devices – bears more hallmarks of its supposedly distant cousin – the Windows 8 interface. Prospective buyers can get turned off due to this similarity, specifically those who prefer a stock Android experience on their devices. This issue can now be resolved due to the ingenuity of some very creative android developers.


A Code Aurora based Vanilla Android 4.1.2 ROM has been launched for Nokia X and is available for users on XDA here. Based on Code Aurora branch jb_rel_2.0, it provides all Qualcomm specific enhancements and optimizations and can provide the user with the stock Android experience. The ROM is equipped with all general functionalities including Phone Calls (Audio issues fixed), Bluetooth, Camera, CamCorder, FM, GPS, MultiSim, Media playback, MTP, sensors (proximity, rotation, brightness, etc), and the developer also provides links to working Google Apps for this particular build.

One very interesting characteristic of this ROM is that the user can choose to download an accompanying Navigation Bar for the interface. The developer has reasoned that due to the presence of merely a single ‘Back’ button, navigation might be difficult for some users and this Navigation bar can offer users a better navigation option.

While this build has been verified as stable by users there are some ongoing issues over incoming voice calls, but as the developer is working on new builds and updates these issues are expected to be resolved very soon. Accompanying this article are some screenshots of this build and they clearly show that this ROM will enable a very ‘stock Android’ experience for the user.


In related news, CyanogenMod 10 for the Nokia X has also been released here and users who prefer a CM10 experience can try and test it out. With the development of these two ROMs it is likely that more ROMs based on the Stock Vanilla Android and CM10 platforms will start turning up for the Nokia X.

Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar

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