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Nokia Devices to be Named Microsoft Mobile Soon after Acquisition

The acquisition of Nokia Devices and Services by Microsoft is believed in end later this month as the two firms have sent a joint email to the account holders of Nokia regarding the data transfer between the entities. Multiple sources having received this mail have confirmed that Nokia will be renamed as Microsoft Mobile Oy and that this name change will be effective from the end of April provided the transaction completes within the stipulated time.

microsoft mobiles

While the name of the division will be changes to Microsoft Mobile, the software giant will continue to use Nokia as the consumer brand and it has also licensed the same from the Finnish firm. The email reveals that the terms and conditions that the suppliers has with Nokia will be the same even after the acquisition.

Once the deal is complete, Nokia will retain its telecom equipment (NSN), location (HERE) and Advanced Technology businesses and the firm will have the right to maintain the Nokia brand expect for a specific period that is mentioned in the agreement.

Initially, a leaked letter to the suppliers suggested that the same and now, this email paves way for further confirmation. There seems to have not many consumer-facing changes after the sale and the email clearly reveals that the Redmond based firm will collect the personal data of its consumers in a similar manner as Nokia in order to use them to enhance the services.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar

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