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Samsung Galaxy S5 available at 45,400 INR but Samsung Denies Price Cut

Samsung Galaxy S5 invoked mixed feelings after its official launch, but Samsung is still claiming big numbers world wide. In India Samsung has launched the Exynos variant instead of the best in business 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801, and it does seem slightly overpriced at 51,500 INR. The Galaxy S5 is retailing at lesser values across several retailers including Flipkart but Samsung has denied any price cut from official end.


You must have observed that on EBay and on Flipkart Samsung Galaxy S5 is already available at the price of 45,600 INR and 48,600 INR. Now usually this price fall takes place when the demand in the market starts to fade and this is the only measure left to shoot-up the sales of the product but Samsung won’t agree to this strategy. We have observed the same trend in several other Galaxy Series devices, but Samsung has denied any such case for its latest flagship Galaxy S5.

Then how come Flipkart and EBay are selling the same product with the discount of around 5,000 INR. It seems that Samsung won’t agree that their Galaxy Flagship device sales are declining as it will further demotivate the potential customers or the loyal customers of their device.

Few experts are also saying that this price fall has taken place in order to compete with the new flagship device by HTC, which is HTC One M8 and will be launching at the price mark of 48,500 INR. Well, in the end all these are just the stipulation but the good part is that customers are getting Samsung galaxy S5 at much cheaper prices and that too when it has been recently launched. Stay tuned, we will keep you updated with the price change in Samsung Galaxy S5.

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