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Top 5 Ways to Arrange, Sort and Manage Photos on Android Device

With the imaging units in the smartphones improving at the pace of lighting these days, you end up having a slew of pictures on your smartphones. But every time you want to go back to a certain picture to see it again or show it to someone or share it, you end up getting confused as to where the picture was. Today we have for you a list of 5 applications for you which help you arrange, sort and manage photos on your android device so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of going through all the pictures every time you want to see a specific picture.


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This is the cleanest, minimalistic yet exhaustive and one of the better picture organisers available for Android devices. The photo gallery EagleEye groups your photos automatically using dates and geographic locations. So you can easily browse through pictures that you took in a particular place/country, on a specific day, during the last 24 hours etc and these come across as some really functional features. It also allows you to add captions to your pictures. But the good part is the fact that it adds them in the meta data of your images and does not write on the pictures which is quite good in our opinion.

One of the coolest feature of the application is that it allows you to view your photos on a 3D world map, exactly placed where you took them. The position data of your photos is used for this. You can easily add geographical location information to photos that do not have a position and names of places and countries will be automatically determined by EagleEye. I use it too so can vouch for it. You can download it here.


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QuickPic is one of the most popular photo organisers on Android. It has been rated 4.7 in the Google Play store so that says quite a lot about the application. It can showcase all your pictures with the blink of an eye and will easily sort them on the basis of date or name. It also allows you to view the pictures in a slideshow. You can include or exclude some specified folders to account for more efficient scanning.

You get the ability to hide your photos and videos from the gallery apps by protecting them with a password. It offers you a slew of file management features too which are: sort, rename, create new folders, move and copy pictures. Editing features are also available courtesy of which you can rotate, shrink, crop pictures and set wallpaper with best quality. It can be downloaded here.

Mint Album:

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Every picture that we take marks a certain even or a certain period of time. Doesn’t it? Well, this application goes a step beyond of being just a photo manager and goes on to become an event manager for you too. It gives you Mint Album gives you four different categories for albums. You select the images to go into the album. The added feature is the reminders of dates. For instance, if you took a certain picture on let us say, your friend’s birthday and put it in the requisite folder, the app will remind you at your friend’s birthday next year. How about that? It comes across as a pretty functional app for events such as birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and other recurring events. Other album options are baby, travel and basic. All are useful for sorting your images into more searchable folders. You can download it here.

Fish Bowl

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Fish Bowl comes across as a highly customisable and a feature rich photo organiser. It gets the regular features regarding sorting of the applications which are available in almost all the applications but the difference is in the fact that the application allows you to pin certain albums as your favourites on the top of the application. That gives you the ease of access of viewing certain pictures right away as per your preference.

Pictures similar to each other can be put in a single folder and pinned to the top of the album if you are into showcasing or viewing certain pictures time and again. You can also set your favourite pictures as cover pictures for the albums which is again something we appreciate a lot. You can download the application here.


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Flavyr, pronounced as Flavour is quite an app for organising your pictures if you are among the photography buffs. The application organises your pictures into a slew of “flavyrs” on the basis of when were the pictures taken. This groups various pictures according to events in various albums and the other pictures are shown between two such albums. For instance, you clicked a slew of pictures on your birthday, then hardly took any for a while and then clicked a lot more on your anniversary. So the pictures which were not related to any event will be shown between the two “flavyrs”. It creates a slideshow of the images as well. And with a single click, you can share your album across your social media network. You can download it here. 


Having an app to organise and sort your pictures is surely something that makes life easier. All the above mentioned applications help you in doing that on the basis of what you seek. There are other apps available too such as the Photo Gallery, Image Gallery and Photo Organizer which are widely acclaimed too and offer a good management of pictures on your Android device.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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