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Top 5 Apps to Add Shortcuts, Quick Settings in Android Notification Panel

The Android Notification panel is a great achievement on the part of the Google team, and one of the best features of the Android OS. It serves the very important dual function of alerting the users of any alerts he may have received including mails, messages, calls etc. and allows users to quickly access certain settings and options using toggles in the available panel.

The popularity of this notification panel can be judged by the fact that Windows itself has included a notification panel, called the ‘Action Center’, in its new Windows Phone 8.1 OS. But as much as the Android OS is known for the variety of features it provides, it’s actual USP lies in it’s ability to provide the user with options to modify every nook and corner of the OS. The notification panel is no different, and certain third party apps allow you to modify and add items to the panel. Let us have a look at few such apps.

Power Toggles

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Power Toggles is a very popular free app which allows users to add custom toggles on the notification panel. Users can add two rows filled with up to eight custom toggles each to the panel.

pt2 pt3

These toggles can be customized to include from amongst a around 50 available options. Users can also include shortcuts to apps, smartphone OS activities, contacts, Google Maps directions etc. to the new customizable toggle bars.

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Each toggle itself is customizable – the toggle icon and brightness can be changed. The toggle bars can also have different Button colors, background styles, background fills. button dividers etc.

Custom Notification

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The Custom Notification app allows you to add a custom panel to your notification window. There is a fixed space available on this custom panel, and users can add Widgets, app shortcuts, or other shortcuts including activities on this panel as per their requirement. These would then be available on the top of your notifications, just below your original notification toggles.


When the custom panel has been made active, the app will show a status icon on the notification bar. Using the app settings, users can choose to show titles under the toggles, choose a different status icon or remove it altogether, or choose to have a smaller custom panel then the default one.

Notification Toggle


The Notification Toggle app adds two rows of custom toggles on the notification panel, and users can add a large number of toggles to these rows.

t2 t3

Users can either select from amongst the present custom toggles, or add their own apps and shortcuts to add onto the custom toggle bars.

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Users also get options to extensively edit icons and colors, and download alternative icons for their toggles. The can change the order in which the toggles are displayed as well.

Other Apps

There are some other apps available on the Play Store that can add apps, toggles etc. to the notification panel. These apps include Notification Launcher, Drawer Launcher free etc. Other than these, specific apps such as GSam Battery Monitor, WiFi Notification etc can be used to add specific toggles to the Notification panel.


Recent versions of the Android OS have included options to make small changes to the Notification toggles. Some manufacturers also provide options on their modified ROMs. Thus it can be expected that further development of the Notification Window and panel will lead to addition of more flexibility, with inclusion of better features to personalize the panel.

Nonetheless, till the time the related development occurs, users can enjoy the benefit of the apps mentioned above to customize toggles on the notification panel. These additions will not only help them to navigate and open apps and perform functions faster, but also help them in enhancing the entire look of the notification panel.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar, a known technology blogger & YouTuber from India. A Software Engineer by qualification, now he works as the editor-In-Chief, Webmaster, & Managing Director at Gadgets To Use. He runs a number of other technology websites as well.