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Top 5 Apps to Know Weather on Android Smartphones

With the weather changes getting more erratic than ever, you never really know what the day has in store for you. You may go out on a sunny day but the same might not hold true for a long while. So having an application that helps you know the weather beforehand surely comes in handy. Today we have a list of top 5 weather applications for your Android device.


AccuWeather - screenshot thumbnail

AccuWeather is the most popular weather application out there. It offers hourly, daily and 15-day weather forecasts and gets updated every 15 minutes too. The application can be integrated well with your calendar and it offers you a support for almost every location globally. It offers information about additional things such as precipitation, dew, humidity, sunrise, sunset and wind speed in addition t forecasts. It showcases the data for the next 5 days too and you can place a nice widget too. By all means, it is actually the best weather application on offer.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel - screenshot thumbnail

This is probably one of the most sophisticated weather applications up for grabs. It is simple and functional at the same time. They claim they have the most accurate forecast ability and the application surely backs that claim pretty well. You can plan your next hour, day and weeks courtesy of the 10 day forecast functionality it brings with it. You can set your favourite places and the application will offer you management according to that as well. And to top it off, it has videos too relating to climate change.

Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo Weather - screenshot thumbnailYahoo Weather - screenshot thumbnailYahoo Weather - screenshot thumbnail

Yahoo may have lost the search engine battle in majority parts of the world but it surely doesn’t disappoint in the weather application regard. It integrates Flickr photos to match your location, time of day and current conditions. It gives you some nice little animations for sunrise and sunset. You can setup your favourite cities and track their weather too. Yahoo Weather integrates the prowess of its search engine services to make this one of the better looking and functional applications.


WeatherBug - screenshot thumbnail

Weather Bug is quite a functional weather application too. It provides you with a lot of information using GPS and comes with a decent amount of social media integration too. It features quite interactive maps and you get some really good pictures too courtesy of the live cameras it uses but that is across a selected number of locations. A nice touch is the the Cold & Flu section which provides you with constant health alerts and there’s a separate section for user-submitted pictures too.


swackett - screenshot thumbnailswackett - screenshot thumbnailswackett - screenshot thumbnail

Swackett is one of the most innovative weather applications to be launched off late by a decent margin. Instead of showing you the regular forecasts through pictures, it makes use of some really cool infographics. Showcasing the weather for you are “Peeps” who are dressed according to the weather. It comes shod with lifestyle forecasting ability too and tells you how the weather may affect other activities in the regular lifestyles.

Other Apps

Some of the other noteworthy weather applications available are BBC Weather, Weatherzone and Go Weather Forecast. These application are functional as the ones mentioned above and will serve you just as well.


Having an application that serves you as a personal assistant for the weather forecast surely comes in quite handy. With more and more applications getting launched, developers are working constantly to differentiate their weather application from that of the other. The winner, as a result is the consumer.