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LG G3 Quick Review and Comparison

LG G3 is finally official. Though hardware specifications were leaked prior to the launch event, there is much more to meticulously crafted G3 than raw specifications, or so LG wants us to believe. Like Samsung Galaxy S5, LG has focused on simplistic user experience. In fact the Moto of LG G3 is “Simple is the New Smart”. What this actually means is, LG wants you to find everything in the right place without having to work for it. Let’s take a look at LG G2.


Camera and Internal Storage

The primary camera has a 13 MP sensor and can record 4K videos. We like that fact that LG is not running after higher Megapixel count and has rather focused on improving user experience. The standout feature of this camera is the laser autofocus, which according to LG can focus in the same time it takes to blink your eye-lid.


The camera is also equipped with OIS+ (it supports image stabilization along z Axis as well) similar to LG G Pro 2. Surprisingly, LG hasn’t talked about refocus or bokeh effect feature in LG G3 but it’s too early to rule it out. LG has also focused on 2.1 MP front camera with f2.0 aperture capable of full HD video recording and has added several gesture controls to seamlessly trigger selfies.

The internal storage is 16 GB and 32 GB depending on the variant you choose, but this time LG has provided with MicroSD card support up to 128 GB, which is kind of mandatory if you plan on recording  4K videos.

Processor and Battery

The processor used is 2.5 GHz Snapdragon Quad core processor, which is most likely Snapdragon 801, backed by 2 GB/ 3GB LPDDR3 RAM. The chipset has proven its metal time and again and is present in most flagship phones of present generation.

The battery used is rated at 3000 mAh similar to LG G2 but it will be taxed with twice as many pixels and a significantly larger display size. How does LG G3 deals with this issue? LG says it has used adaptive frame rate, adaptive clocking and adaptive timing control to reduce battery consumption.

LG assured us that the battery life would be magnificent similar to G3 but it’s a tall claim and we will have to wait till its verified. The good thing is,that this time the battery is removable! the battery also supports wireless charging.

Display and Other Features

The display is another highlight of LG G3. LG talked a lot about how the higher PPI count was discernible by human eyes and how it matters. The 2560 x 1440 pixels on 5.5 Inch True HD IPS LCD display means the pixel size has been reduced by 44 percent compared to full HD display.


Bezels are very narrow and 73 percent of the front is display. This is the same design language which we saw in LG G2 and we did like it a lot.

LG has kept the UI simple this time. It has incorporated features like Smart Keyboard which can be re-sized and has better predictive inputs. Other software tweaks include Smart Notice, which provides suggestions and recommendations based on user behavior, phone usage patterns and location to offer user information when it’s needed the most. LG has also introduced several security features including Knock code, but nothing unheard off.


LG G3 will compete with latest flagship phones like Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z2, OPPO Find 7 and its own LG G Pro 2. The phone is the first one among global brands to feature Quad HD display.

What we Like

  • Quad HD Display
  • Laser Auto Focus
  • Removable Battery

Key Specs

Model LG G3
Display 5.5 Inch , Quad HD, 2K
Processor 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 Quad Core
RAM 2 GB/ 3 GB
Internal Storage 16 GB/ 32  GB, Expandable
OS Android 4.4 KitKat
Camera 13 MP/ 2,1 MP
Battery 3000 mAh
Price To be Announced



The LG G3 with brushed metallic back is feature loaded like all other present generation flagships. We are excited to test Laser autofocus and Quad HD display in LG G3 which make it stand apart from the crowd. LG’s approach to LG G3 is much appreciated as the company has been attentively listening to feedback from LG G2. We really like what we saw at the launch event and are eager to test it ourselves.

Deepak Singh

Deepak Singh

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