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Moto G 16 GB Facing Network Issues due to Unregistered IMEI Numbers

Moto G has run into controversy once again. Earlier users complained about WiFi signal drop issues and defective back panels and now some users can’t use their SIM cards because the IMEI numbers of the new stock weren’t registered with carriers in India. In order to rectify the problem, Flipkart is offering the option for replacement and also full refund in case you don’t want to wait any longer.


Also, Flipkart is providing a wallet credit of Rs. 1,200 to pacify the disgruntled customers affected by this ordeal. You can use this to shop anything worth 1200 INR from Flipkart. The handsets facing this issue are 16 GB Moto G units sold recently. As per a mail sent by Motorola and Flipkart, the handsets shipped with IMEI numbers starting from 3533 are facing issues in connecting to the network. In case your SIM card is not working, you should contact Flipkart immediately and order a replacement.

IMEI numbers is a unique identification numbers assigned to each smartphones. Flipkart says that users of Moto G 16 GB variant can find out the IMEI number of their device from the retail box or back panel cover. It also assured that the process of registering them to the network is complex and hence, it could take a week’s time or few more days for the specific devices to work properly. Since some users have already made replacement and second phone has also turned out faulty, it will be really frustrating to wait for third replacement.

Moto G is a great device offering good value for money, but unfortunately has been plagued with one or other minor issue time and again. Thankfully,  Motorola and Flipkart have acknowledged the problems time and again and have acted promptly to solve these issues.

According to Flipkart – “It may take several days before your phone will connect to the network. You can find your IMEI number listed on the box or behind the back cover. At this stage, our understanding is that this only affects the 16GB version of Moto G.

We are working around the clock with our network partners to ensure your device is listed properly in their system. Because of the complex process to activate, your device could begin working as early as Tuesday or it may take a few days after that for your specific device to begin working properly.”


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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