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LG Sound Plate Review, Features, Sound Quality and Verdict

LG SoundPlate LAP340 which is projected as replacement for your home theater and its also targeted for those who don’t like big speaker installations at their places. It features slim 4.1-channel under-TV speaker; Dual built-in subwoofers; Built-in Bluetooth; Optical digital input; Cinema Sound mode.


The best feature of Sound Plate is that, it sits discreetly below your TV and delivers 4.1-channel sound without adding any much clutter to your room. It can provide great sound even with minimal space. It will appeal to those put off by multiple speakers and excessive cabling. It’s a hostile environment though, with a large number of manufacturers recently launching soundbases of their own.

Design and Build Quality

In terms of design it is one of the best you can get it looks slim and on the other hand it has a great build quality as well with metal being used. he black and grey finish is both understated and tasteful, the curved edges make for an attractive design and the moulding gives the chassis an interesting texture.


Sound and Performance

LAP340 is that despite its slim proportions, it is capable of delivering a surprisingly big sound. This is no doubt due to the four drivers and two subwoofers crammed into that sleek chassis, along with 120 watts of total power. As a result the SoundPlate can produce a very wide front soundstage, with good stereo separation and a decent amount of immersion. The side firing speakers certainly help here but the LAP340 doesn’t lose focus and is still capable of making the sound felt strongly.

LG LAP340 Picture Gallery



The LG LAP340 SoundPlate is an attractively designed and well built but slightly heavy on price as it is available at  30,099 INR approx. There are two subwoofers and four drivers crammed into its sleek proportions, with a total of 120 watts of power. As a result the LAP340 can deliver a discrete and can be termed as effective solution to the problem of poor sound on TV.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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