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National Instruments launches Virtual Bench for Business and Engineers

National instruments has just launched Virtual bench, an in with no reservations one instrument that incorporates a blended mixed signal oscilloscope, function generator, digital multimeter, programmable DC power supply and computerized I/O. Clients collaborate with Virtualbench through programming provisions that run on personal computers or iPads. The gadget gives the most well-known usefulness reasonably and opens up new potential outcomes for how specialists and academicians can utilize benchtop instruments.

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Virtual bench as a tool  takes up insignificant space on a desktop or benchtop and  simplifies instrument arrangement through reliable and easy to use interfaces. It offers new competence and accommodation with a combined perspective of numerous instruments, visualization on bigger screens and quick functionality to save information and screenshots. It also integrates flawlessly with LabVIEW system design software which is another popular offering from National Instruments.

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Joel Shapiro, Leader of Emerging Markets Marketing at NI, at the launc said, “Many entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists don’t always have easy access to the instruments they need. Due to the excellent functionality, affordability and portability of VirtualBench, every engineer can immediately be equipped with the tools they require to bring their ideas to life and take it to market.”

You can visit and learn more about it. It has been priced at $1,999 globally and at Rs 1,38,000 for India. The iPad application will  go online later this summer. The company has been in the business of creating tools that that accelerate productivity, innovation and discovery for a long time now and the Virtual bench as a tool is no exception either.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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