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Moto G 2nd Gen Questions Answers FAQ – Doubts Cleared

Motorola has refreshed its product lineup recently and now the New Moto G is selling for even lesser price tag with several enhancements. We recently got our review unit and this post is meant to answer some initial queries aspiring Moto G customers might have.


Moto G 2014 Quick Specs

  • Display Size: 5 Inch HD IPS LCD, 1280 x 720 resolution, 294 PPI, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz Quad Core Snapdragon 400 processor with Adreno 305 GPU
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Software Version: Android 4.4.4 KitKat, Upgrade gauranteed
  • Camera: 8 MP camera,720p video recording
  • Secondary Camera: 2 MP
  • Internal Storage:  16 GB
  • External Storage: MicroSD support up to 32 GB
  • Battery: 2070 mAh
  • Connectivity:  HSPA+, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, aGPS, GLONASS,  Micro USB 2.0

Question – Does Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen have Corning Gorilla Glass Protection?

Answer- Yes the smartphone comes with Gorilla Glass 3, the display seems very durable.

Question – What comes inside the Box?

Answer- You will get headphones, 1A wall charger with USB Cable, Warranty card

Question –What size SIM card is supported?

Answer – Moto G 2nd Gen accepts two Micro SIM card slots.

Question – Does it have LED notification?

Answer – Yes, It does have LED notification light

Question – How much is Free Storage?

Answer – Out of 16 GB about 11.56 GB is available at user end. You can also use up to 32 GB MicroSD card as well.

Question – Can Apps be transferred to SD Card

Answers – Storage is like Moto E, Mostly App data can be transferred to MicroSD card slot. Some apps can be moved to SD card, but not all.

Question – Does it support USB OTG?

Answer – Yes, Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen also supports USB OTG. You will not get notification when you connect flash drive, but you can access it via file manager.

Question – How is the Display of Moto G 2nd Gen?

Answer – The new Moto G too has a 720p HD display and everything looks crisp and clear. Colors are also very good. The touch is very smooth and responsive.

Question – How is the Build Quality?

Answer – Build quality is the highlight of Moto G. Curved dimpled back and the dual frontal speaker, all adds to its appeal. The handset seems quite sturdy.

Question – How is the Camera Quality?

Answer – The 8 MP camera is an improvement over original Moto G, but the camera quality hasn’t changed significantly. We managed to take some good shots in day light conditions, but performance was average in low lighting.

New Moto G 2nd Generation Camera Review, Photo Quality and Video Samples From Front and Rear Camera [Video]

Question – How much RAM is available on first boot?

Answer – Around 450 MB RAM is free on first boot.

Question – How is the Gaming Performance?

Answer – Gaming performance is smooth, we didn’t face any issues with any game that we have played so far.

New Moto G 2nd Gen Hardware Benchmark, Gaming Review with MC4, Blood and Glory, Frontline Commando D [Video]

Question – How is GPS Locking?

Answer – GPS locking was instantaneous. We got GPS locked in no time.

Question – How Loud is Loudspeaker on Moto G 2nd Gen?

Answer – Loudspeaker is good. The dual frontal speakers in Moto G leave nothing to complain about

Question – Can Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen play Full HD 1080p Videos?

Answer – Yes, it can smoothly play full HD and HD videos.

Question – Can Moto G be connected to Bluetooth headsets?

Answer – Yes, you can connect it to Bluetooth headset

Questions – How is the Battery backup?

Answer – Battery backup is around 1 day with moderate usage. Battery backup was the highlight of last year’s Moto G-the best in its class, but the same cannot be said for the refreshed variant. The battery still seems above average.

New Moto G 2nd Gen Unboxing, Review, Camera, Price, Software, Gaming and Overview HD [Video]


Overall, Motorola Moto G is still steel for the asking price. The nicely crafted devices adds up to smooth user experience and decent performance. This time the Moto G is flanked by phones like Zenfone 5 and Xiaomi Mi3 and thus won’t be an undisputed champion in its league. We will update this post with more questions as we continue to use the New Moto G over the next few days.

53 thoughts on “Moto G 2nd Gen Questions Answers FAQ – Doubts Cleared”

  1. how to install and view apk file on this device?
    i am facing problem
    theres nothing in the document app
    pls help

  2. I am facing battery drainage issue in motog 2nd generation.Its not long lasting atleast 1 full day and takes a lot of time to full charge.I am just quite frustated with the same.
    Please suggest something on this.

  3. Thanks for your reply.
    It takes around 2 and half an hour to full charge the device with data pack off.after full charge after around 8 hours it get discharged.since two days i am also facing issue that my battery was 46% charged in the night around at 10:45 and in the morning at 7:00 my mobile was completely switched off with data pack in off mode.Please let me know whether it is serious concern.

  4. yes this is not normal. It might be an app which is draining your resources. The rdrop in standby condition can be corrected. to begin with you can either put your phone in safe mode (press power key, long press power off tab, it will prompt you to restart in safe mode) and/or download DS Battery saver app and set it’s profile to gentle. If things improve drastically, this means your phone is fine and there is a rogue app overworking your CPU and battery.

  5. Hi.. I am using MOTO g 2nd gen. What ever files/Movies i download it is saving on Internal Memory. How do i set it as default saving option as Memory Card.

  6. Sharatchandra Vasant Sabnis

    I have recently purchased Moto G 2 Gen, on line, which screen is black and not colored. Is it normal?. Is SIM necessary to complete set up when Wi Fi is existing?.

  7. how to transfer files pc to moto g. when i connect usb its synchronized but it shows files not played in you are mobile.i am trying to copy with card reaider but same error occurred please help me

  8. Kiran Kumar Seggam

    Bought moto g 2n gen. Menu background is changed to white color suddenly. Dont know how it happened. Earlier it was transparent. How to change the menu background to transparent.

  9. Sir,
    I bought moto g 2 gen online. Now face a problem of music sharing via Bluetooth to my friends. Vedeos and pictures shares well. No options to share a music file to other smart phones of my friends. How I will get it? Device is not showing options to share a music file.

  10. i have moto g2 and problem is when I play music and audio with headphone mobile speaker also leak the sound of play how can I get it

  11. Arvind Agrahari

    I got moto g 2nd gen from flipkart in india. But it has pre-installed lollipop this used/refaburised or new one. Please reply soon

  12. You will need to install the some third party application to share application via Bluetooth
    One application that you can install is – APK Extractor

    Step 1) Just Launch Google Play. Search for an app called “APK Extractor.” and install the application

    Step 2) Once the application is installed, Launch APK Extractor and Select the application you want to share

    Step 3) Select “Send APK” from the list of options, Choose “Bluetooth” from the list of available share options.

    Step 4) it will ask you to turn ON Bluetooth and then will wait for the receiving device to accept the Bluetooth transfer.
    Once the receiving device accepts, your job is done

    The other app you can use is is Bluetooth App Sender –>

  13. Sir how do use share it, zapy etc.
    Zapya data does’t show in es file explorer
    How I transfer my data zapya to file manager
    Because data show in zapya history only

  14. Sir how do use share it, zapy etc.
    Zapya data does’t show in es file explorer
    How I transfer my data zapya to file manager
    Because data show in zapya history only.

  15. Nope. My mobile is fully charged and percentage nearly 82. During call only i saw very tiny dot near to Earpiece. Why it came.?

  16. I have moto g2 with lolipop I want to purchase otg pendrive I want to know will my moto g2 work on USB 3.0 or not.

  17. Hi,
    I have a problem with my set moto g2, in one month 3 times I have visited customer care, but still problem not solved, battery not charging. Please help me to come over this.


  19. I’m using moto g2, for past today I have an issue, while texting words I’m getting vibration even if I turned off all vibrating option, how to resolve it, I have checked all setting but I can’t.

  20. i am finding it difficulties in fixating my messages format to original format. how to reset messages format

  21. iam having motog2 generation mobile after update of android 6.0 version iam not able to use otg pendrive pls help me how to transfer files from files from phone to otg pendrive

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