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ASUS Announced 5,000 INR Exchange Offer on Chromebox

Earlier this year ASUS launched ChromeBox in India starting 21,000 INR and now the company is offering a discount of 5,000 INR on the same in exchange for your old laptop. The Chromebox is a small box which can easily fit behind your monitor or your HD TV and allows you to convert into a Chromebook.


Asus Chromebox is available with Intel Celeron, Core i3 or Core i7 processor. All models come with full Google App packages that get automatically updated. Buyers will get 100 GB of free Drive storage for up to 2 years. Thanks to the cloud based platform, you can also sync all your files, chrome settings, passwords across any device anywhere.


Chromebox also supports Bluetooth which allows you to effectively connect Bluetooth enabled keyboard and mouse with any LCD screen. Other features include Wi-Fi, 4 USB 3.0 ports, SD Card reader, HDMI, DisplayPort, Gigabit Ethernet, and a 3.5mm headset port.

For local storage, Asus is offering 16 GB NGFF SSDs. The base model has 2 GB RAM and is powered by Intel Celeron CPU. The Core i3 variant with 4 GB RAM costs 36,500 INR and the Core i7 model which is well suited for Office and Business use will cost you 58,000 INR. Under exchange offer, Asus is offering 5000 INR off on each.

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