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OnePlus One India Future Updates and Support Under Question

Shortly after Cyanogen declared its exclusive partnership with Micromax, OnePlus has announced that OnePlus One in India won’t be running on CyanogenMod! Cyanogen has backstabbed OnePlus at the last minute and this will lead to several complications for OnePlus and those planning to buy OnePlus at the launch.


At the December 2 Launch, OnePlus One will ship with global build of CyanogenMod. OnePlus says that they have been working on a community build for OnePlus one and this is what will be passed on to Indian variant when this is perfected. Beta version of this ROM will be available by December and will be available for all users to flash on their smartphones. The final production build will be up and running by February. OnePlus build will be based on Android 5.0 Lollipop and will be free from bloatware. Unfortunately, users will have to flash this new build on their OnePlus One using OnePlus assistance.

“When our system reaches a production-grade build, we will identify where larger clusters of our users are, and set up stations where we’ll meet you face to face and help you flash your existing OnePlus One to the new system. Of course, we will also offer online instructions for those who prefer to flash their devices from the comfort of their homes.”

This is extremely bad news for OnePlus as they now can’t hold there promise to Indian fans who have been patiently waiting for CyanogenMod running OnePlus One over the past year.

“We can’t explain Cyanogen’s decision because we don’t fully understand it ourselves. But we can explain exactly how we’ll continue offering our fans in India an amazing user experience and support for this device.”

With these changes, OnePlus One won’t be getting any more updates from Cyanogen. If you don’t want the hazel to flash the final build yourself, you will have to wait at least till Feburary when the OnePlus One starts shipping with final Lollipop build. Head on to the source link to read full emotional letter from Carl Pei, the face of OnePlus.


Deepak Singh

Deepak Singh

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